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  1. Hi, I'm Yu-Tong. Thank you for following me on twitter. I think I'm too shy or something because I talked less with others. :lol: Actually I admire you so much. I can see you in almost every post in Coldplay forum. Would you chat with me back if I chat with you or ask some questions? What I can't ask besides private life? Well, I like to make friends here. There are so many people love Coldplay. That's great! haha Sorry if my English is bad. :laugh3: Have a nice night! :)

  2. Hi, thanks for adding me. We can chat if you want. :lol: I need chances to practice English, but I don't know how to start. :D

  3. Hope you have a fantastic Christmas break! :lol: Recently, I like the word "fantastic". Maybe it's because Doctor said it too many times. :nice: I'm going to watch series two. :) When my cousin and I watch Christmas Invasion, she thinks the new doctor's acting is too exaggerated. How do I convince her he is not? :P Oh, by the way, when I saw this, I think of you right away. :lol: [IMG] I'm going to preparing exams. :smart:

  4. Hope you have a fantastic Christmas break! :nice: I received it today! Thank you Frank. There are so many stuff in the little package! :kiss: I will start to draw as soon as possible. My final exam is on Jan. And Chinese New Year break is Feb. So I may draw it in February. :)

  5. Hope you have a good Christmas break. :nice: I haven't watched Skyfall yet because I'm waiting the second run theater. It needs time I think. I might watch it again and again at that time. And my family will think I'm crazy. :laugh3:

  6. How have you been recently? :)

  7. I am busy, too. I have to study, study, and study. And recently, I feel so tired. As a high school student in Taiwan, I have to wake up at 6 am, and then arrive at school at 7 am. The end of school is 5 pm. Be home is about 5:45 pm. If I finish studying at home, I will go to bed around 11 pm to 1 am. I have an important exam on May 20. If I get good grades, I can enter the college I want. On weekends, I will go to the library and study from 8 am to 5pm. I only have 53 days to prepare. :o

  8. I don't know why I'm busy too. :sick: You change the profile pic! Who's he? :lol: I've already finished watching The Hollow Crown. Why Henry died so fast? I know in the history he died when he was young. By the way, I found the British history book in the library. The book is written in English not Chinese. I will borrow it one day. :laugh3: I hope this year will end with high speed because I want to quit this job and find another job in next summer. (We don't have Christmas holiday. :sick:)

  9. I found an interesting thread "Coldplaying penpals?" in The Lounge. So, would you like to be my pen pal? :lol: Have a nice week! :)

  10. I got the letter today! Thank you! It looks awesome! :nice: I will find an awesome postcard for you soon! You really make my day. :)

  11. I have a question, Celien. Allons-y is french, right? But do people use "Allons-y" in casual conversation? :)

  12. I have watched s2e1 about 30 minutes which the part of Irene Adler without dressing. I can't find any thoughts from Sherlock. He will like her, won't he?:rolleyes: !!!!!!!! I found Martin Freeman showed up in some movies, which Simon Pegg starred. I love Simon Pegg so much. I plan to watch them again. :lol: Besides Tumblr and Twitter, what else do you use? :cool: Sherlock and John, which one do you like, or both? Have a good day! :)

  13. I haven't discovered the group yet in CPing. And I have no idea about it. :lol:

  14. I like people who say French. I can only speak Japanese to introduce myself.:lol: I want to learn German and Spanish in the future because I love footballs. :cool:

  15. I like Sherlock Holmes, too. We went to theater to watch Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows with cheap tickets three weeks ago. It was second-run. The end was lovely still although I felt sad at first. :) Most of time, I like to watch movies by actors who I like. Such as Brad Pitt, Daniel Craig, Anthony Hopkins, and Simon Pegg. But I love to watch all kinds of movies. My favorite film is probably to be Fight Club because I still remember many good quotes from it. And they're useful for me. :)

  16. I like Tom Hardy in Inception. (Well, it was the first time I noticed him. :P) I don't know James McAvoy and Tom Hiddleston's work. And I only know Benedict Cumberbatch and Andrew Scott in Sherlock. :/ Any good films of them? Maybe I can watch it next time. :) Fight Club is not bad. :P

  17. I must have memory loss or something. :|

  18. I never heard about almost bands you said except Muse. They all have good music, right? x_x I like James Morrison, Keane, Travis, The Script, Parachutes, Parachute, and Tenth Avenue North. I like to find more good bands. :) Have you ever watched the film Scott Pilgrim vs. the World? It is wired, but it's not bad. I love the feeling of this song. http://youtu.be/fhGu2CDqQqo lol I always remember these two soundtracks. Although sounds sad, they're great. :) http://youtu.be/ouhBPmoRiSc http://youtu.be/sUVk5TJ_k5U Will BBC release Sherlock season 3? ^Maybe I shouldn't ask that. * I just finish watching 203. The end is a little sad. Poor Watson. :\ How Sherlock cheated all of us? :thinking:

  19. I see. :) Not bad. But when I am working, I want to die or hide. It's my first part-time job, and many details in it. :bomb: Why Tom Hiddleston is so charming? I can't help but think of him. And his smile is killing me. :lol: :dazzled:

  20. I see. Did you join any club in school? When I was in high school, I joined Guitar Club. But I didn't learn a lot of things from it. :laugh3:

  21. I think it is not bad. After I watched, I only understood 60% of the plot. So.. :lol: A holiday job? Would you mind I ask what kind of it? I am a college student now! I got the message three hours ago. c: I will go to college at night(for five years), and work at day. Most people take day college not night college. In the future, if you can take course of learning one or two foreign language in college, what will you take, Japanese, Spanish, French, or German? I major in Foreign Language and Literatures. So I might pick one to learn, but I don't have idea of it. :lol:

  22. I totally agree what you said. :nice: Okay,.. I have no idea what I have to type now.. Did you join secret santa project?

  23. I understand. And thank you for explaining them all. :nod: Chinese is more difficult than Japanese. :lol: I'd like to learn German in college first. Then Spanish. And French. (Learning French books in the library is less. :() Today is my first day to work. 4 hours a day. When someone teaches me, I'm so afraid that he says "I've told you." to me. :sick: I want to make sure I'm doing right. Why I can't ask you? :\ While no work to do, like this moment, I'm allowed to use the computer(replying you & reading Coldplay stuff :laugh3:). I want to watch more British series because I love their way speaking English. I'm crush on Tom Hiddleston recently. BBC has a series called The Hollow Crown. So, I plan to read Shakespeare's works and then watch the series. (Adaptations of Shakespeare's History Plays.) Do you wear glasses? I admire who aren't nearsighted. How are Coldplay members? I find Guy and Will wearing glasses in some pictures. But maybe it's just decoration?

  24. I'm a high school student. And after six months, I will become a college student. I think all ages of people can love Coldplay's music. Fall in love with Coldplay. :)

  25. I've listened Cock. And Sea Wall is awesome though it's sad. Okay. Would you mind I ask what else do you watch? Take care. :nice:

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