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  1. hahaha YES. :P [IMG]

  2. I see. :) Not bad. But when I am working, I want to die or hide. It's my first part-time job, and many details in it. :bomb: Why Tom Hiddleston is so charming? I can't help but think of him. And his smile is killing me. :lol: :dazzled:

  3. I understand. And thank you for explaining them all. :nod: Chinese is more difficult than Japanese. :lol: I'd like to learn German in college first. Then Spanish. And French. (Learning French books in the library is less. :() Today is my first day to work. 4 hours a day. When someone teaches me, I'm so afraid that he says "I've told you." to me. :sick: I want to make sure I'm doing right. Why I can't ask you? :\ While no work to do, like this moment, I'm allowed to use the computer(replying you & reading Coldplay stuff :laugh3:). I want to watch more British series because I love their way speaking English. I'm crush on Tom Hiddleston recently. BBC has a series called The Hollow Crown. So, I plan to read Shakespeare's works and then watch the series. (Adaptations of Shakespeare's History Plays.) Do you wear glasses? I admire who aren't nearsighted. How are Coldplay members? I find Guy and Will wearing glasses in some pictures. But maybe it's just decoration?

  4. Using google translate is fine! :lol: It's better using and learning Chinese(traditional). This language is totally different to you. I prefer Martin and Andrew Scott. :laugh3: But I guess Andrew won't show up at any more. :\

  5. Thank you! :nice: Would it be better if I read Shakespeare's work first? I'm afraid that I don't know what they act. :stunned: I decide to borrow them from the library tomorrow. :lol: I'm a fresher in this year, and major in English. So, I think I can't escape from Shakespeare. :laugh3: After reading them, I can finally see Tom Hiddleston in it! Oh, but it may take two weeks at least. :nod: How are you? :rolleyes:

  6. Hello, I'm Yu-tong. You know Chinese! That's cool. When did you learn it if you don't mind I ask? Oh, I love Sherlock. You're profile picture is awesome. :dazzled:

  7. [IMG] Hello, I'm Yu-tong. This pic is awesome. :dazzled: Would you like to tell me the story about it? Thanks! :nice:

  8. Sure, the link and thank you! :nice:

  9. Hi, I think being in Coldplaying and meet coldplayers is really a good thing. Isn't it? :lol:

  10. Tom Hiddleston! I have already liked him since watching The Avengers and Thor. Any other good films or tv series from him? If you can introduce them for me, I will really appreciate you. Sorry for my bad English. :laugh3: Your profile pic is awesome! :dazzled:

  11. Would you mind I ask what person you use as the profile pic? Thank you. :)

  12. Okay. In high school, we had student council as well. I joined it for one year. When we made new rules or something different, school didn't take it. Student council is like the air. :stunned: I enjoyed playing UNO with my classmates. :lol:

  13. I haven't discovered the group yet in CPing. And I have no idea about it. :lol:

  14. I see. Did you join any club in school? When I was in high school, I joined Guitar Club. But I didn't learn a lot of things from it. :laugh3:

  15. Thank you again! :lol: I like Elephant Gun and Santa Fe. :P

  16. Okay I get what you mean. :) Do you play any instrument?

  17. Actually I don't get this. Go Bolt! 0 . 0

  18. so after 2 years, you will become a freshman right? If Taiwan is in Europe, we people must learn more languages instead of one(Chinese) or two(Chinese and English) languages. But Taiwan is an island. :lol:

  19. My hair is Little naturally wavy, but it's hard to see with short hair. :lol: Do you like Japanese cartoons? Of course One Piece is awesome. :dance:

  20. Your post #690 at Sherlock thread is awesome! :D I'm addicted to Hugh Laurie recently. :dance: To the ends of the earth has Eng subs! That's great. It's easy to understand what they talk. I'm going to watch it. Thank you for sharing it. :lol: After watching Blackout, I probably know what it is about. What's the story behind this pic? OMG Andrew Scott's smile is killing me. :dazzled: [IMG]

  21. Thanks.:nice: It starts at 6:20 p.m. to 9:55 p.m. (four lessons. Each recess is 5 minutes.) Wow, you can use many languages! Swedish would be cool. I love actors form Sweden. :lol:

  22. haha well, nice to meet you. :nice:

  23. I think it is not bad. After I watched, I only understood 60% of the plot. So.. :lol: A holiday job? Would you mind I ask what kind of it? I am a college student now! I got the message three hours ago. c: I will go to college at night(for five years), and work at day. Most people take day college not night college. In the future, if you can take course of learning one or two foreign language in college, what will you take, Japanese, Spanish, French, or German? I major in Foreign Language and Literatures. So I might pick one to learn, but I don't have idea of it. :lol:

  24. Thank you! What's your favorite song of Beirut? If I want to listen to them, any suggestions? :)

  25. What? "It said"? :lol: :lol: :lol: I'd love to have a long hair, but it would kill me. It's not easy to wash long hair and dry it. :laugh3:

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