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  1. If I want to learn French from BBC website. Does it work for a person who don't understand French at all? Have a good day! :)

  2. In fact, when I saw your message, I was so happy! :) But I have to study and prepare exams for entering college, it takes a lot of time. So, I can't reply you fast. And until 29 July, I can be free. :\ Celine your English name or? And what is Coeurli meaning, your French name? Please don't mind if I ask an weird question. Have a nice week! :lol:

  3. It did help for me. Thanks! :D

  4. It's okay anyway. Do you have any favorite movies? :)

  5. Law? It sounds pretty difficult. I think the lectures I have is easy. I mean, if you do read articles the teachers told so again and again and handle schoolwork in time, it won't be a problem for me. :lol: Umm, I play the guitar. I bought an uke last week. It's a lovely instrument. There's no Christmas break here. So the final exam of this semester is on Jan. (It's coming. NO :uhoh: ) And Chinese New Year break is on Feb. Hope you have a good Christmas break. :nice:

  6. LOL :laugh3: :laugh3: :laugh3:

  7. Maybe you can join it next year? Don't be too sad.

  8. Merry Christmas and happy new year! :nice:

  9. Merry Christmas! :nice: Not too bad. I'm kind of busy. :( What about you? I'm preparing for the final exam. The exam is during Jan 14-18. Yep. There's no Christmas break here. But we have Chinese New Year break on Feb.

  10. My hair is Little naturally wavy, but it's hard to see with short hair. :lol: Do you like Japanese cartoons? Of course One Piece is awesome. :dance:

  11. Not at all. But some old books could smell terrible if we put them in dirty places for a long time. :lol:

  12. Not too bad, but I have to study on many subjects. I have a exam on 5/20. You are quiet young. :D

  13. Not too bad. If I don't need to read and prepare for studying, it would be better. :laugh3: I am a college student. If the teacher asks us to read many stuff at home, is that called "homework" or something else? I don't have any concept about it. :|

  14. OH I MISS your birthday. :worried2: It's too late to say Happy Birthday to you? :lol: :vuvuzela: I found you have FB, may I add you? :rolleyes: Besides English, French, what else do you speak? :)

  15. Oh, I see. :) If I have an chance to teach Chinese, I'd like to go to UK or USA. Because at least we can communicate through English. I'd like to learn German next when I become a sophomore in college. I don't like Spanish though I love Real Madrid. (a football team) :nice: Besides English, do you learn or use another language in your daily life? :cool: Ben in Perfume is almost like he is in The Hour. (The feeling is a little the same.) I'm really addicted to Ben Whishaw now. :lol: (I also update it in my blog as well.) The Hour is awesome!!!!!!! Hope you have a good week. :)

  16. Ohhh we have something in common. :lol: Not too bad thank you :) My final exam is on 14-18 January. Then Chinese New Year comes at February. Three weeks maybe. Good luck for your exams! I can't agree with you more. :dazzled: Ben is really good at acting. You should try to watch Criminal Justice. It's great. But it's heavy. Or listen to Cock by Ben and Andrew Scott. :awesome: I'd really love to visit UK (in the future). It's the dream place for me. :P

  17. Okay I get what you mean. :) Do you play any instrument?

  18. Okay I will try if I have time to download them. :P I get it. And I've already had War Horse in my computer. I really want to ask my cousin to watch it with me. :laugh3: They love to watch Japanese cartoons, by the way. :confused: Do you have a list of your favorite tv shows? I'd like to see it. :blush: Now I finished watching House season 1. It's really worth watching. I hope I have a lot of time to watch them all. :) Did you watch The Hour before? It's awesome although no Tom Hiddleston and Benedict Cumberbatch. But there are Ben Whishaw and Andrew Scott. :dazzled: Recently I may watch Return to Cranford. I hope I can totally understand the plot because I didn't watch Cranford. Yeah I just want to watch Tom Hiddleston. :blush:

  19. Okay, thank you. I get it. :)

  20. Okay. In high school, we had student council as well. I joined it for one year. When we made new rules or something different, school didn't take it. Student council is like the air. :stunned: I enjoyed playing UNO with my classmates. :lol:

  21. Okay. Thanks. :nice:

  22. OMG You described my channel. Thanks. Your videos are awesome. I like the dance! :lol: You should do more videos. :P I wish I could play the piano. Have a nice weekend! :)

  23. Part 1: Yep, maybe. "idiot"? Cool. I only know something like "bastard" in Japanese. :laugh3: Okay, I see. I watched some Taiwanese movies sometimes. Such as Jump Ashin! or Hear me(聽說, Ting shuo). Both of them are good. Actually, I don't like the plot is always about fight or old stories. It's really boring. And some films are really suck. :lol: Criminal Justice is indeed worth to watch! It's awesome. You will realize something you don't know before. (Did you watch CSI before? It's totally different.) This time Ben is the defendant. And did he really kill someone? What is the right thing to do in the house of detention? How to survival? By the way, there are many injustice things in Criminal Justice. This is an ironic series definitely. (including a lot of prejudice) You should spend an afternoon to watch all of them or watch an episode a day. (You may really want to know what happened. :P) Watching this kind of series is the first time for me. So, it shocked me a lot.

  24. Part 2: We traveled in Tokyo, many places in it. And Hakone-machi, it's famous for its hot springs. And the dessert from there is yummy. But sometimes it is too sweet. :P Also, we visited the museum of Miyazaki Hayao. At there, we can see many amazing cartoon work by his company/studio. It's all hand-drawing. Taiwan was the Japanese colony before(1895-1945). So now in Taiwan, when we watched cartoons in TV, they are almost from Japan. And little by disney and cartoon network. Umm a school inside the university is high school?:confused: I have to study for four or five years to get the university degree. How many % you talk in French and in English in your daily life? Mine are 70% Chinese and 30% English(20% website I use is English and 10% is singing/read in English or talk to myself. :lol:). Actually we talk in English less because it's just a subject in school. So most people abandon it after school. :shocked2:

  25. Part 2: "Which class is it for?" You mean all courses I take? Social Psychology, Weight Management Program, Freshman English, Chinese, English Composition (I), Approaches to Literature, English Oral Training (I), and Language Lab. Workshop (I). Thank you. I'll do my best. :nice: I don't know why some people don't care what they study. All their fear is to flunk. (I don't want to flunk.) I will get anxious if I don't finish all assignments. The phenomenon of me is abnormal or normal? I may be lazy after two or there years. :lol:

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