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  1. Yep. :laugh3::laugh3::D:lol: Did you watch Blackout? I have already watched 2 episodes today. Now going to watch episode 3. :rolleyes:

  2. Not at all. But some old books could smell terrible if we put them in dirty places for a long time. :lol:

  3. The gif you made is great! Andrew Scott. <33333 I'd like to watch Blackout because of him. What is it about? I have no ideas about Christopher Eccleston. Is he famous? In Blackout, he looks like Danie Craig. :lol: Season 2 may publish in next year? I'm watching episode 1 now. :lol: What you said is so interesting. Do you listen to German music? Chinese is different as well. Totally different. :laugh3: If you learn it, you can recognize words in Japanese. Because a lot of words Japanese use are taken from Chinese. History is so complicated. :rolleyes: I learned Japanese in high school for one year before, but I didn't interest in it. OMG my English in my silly videos was so bad in 2010. :\ We don't have chance practicing speaking English in school all time time. It's just a subject for school eduction. You can travel in Taiwan some day. It's a great place really. If Coldplay come to Taiwan, they must say the food in Taiwan is more impressive than in Japan. :laugh3::laugh3:

  4. Haha never mind. A female actually. You can watch my cover of Fix You w w w.youtube.com/watch?v=XgxOCy2Epro to hear my voice. Mmm but I guess it can't prove anything. :lol: Does my profile pic confuse you? :D Why you think I'm a male? Just a feeling? I'm curious. :rolleyes: People, the strangers the clerks... etc. , always think I'm a little boy. :laugh3::laugh3::laugh3: Two weeks ago, when I was walking on the street, an old lady came and asked me, "Are you a girl?" I said "Yes. " Maybe she had a question in her mind in seconds and wanted to know the answer instantly. I was so surprised anyway. :cool:

  5. Thanks a million! :nice:

  6. Would you mind I ask who's he in your picture profile? Thank you! :nice:

  7. The following errors occurred with your submission: The text that you have entered is too long (2335 characters). Please shorten it to 1000 characters long. That's interesting. :laugh3::shocked2::o Part 1: If you were a junior or senior high school student in Taiwan/Japan/China/South Korea, you might have a thought to jump out from the high building every day. Because schoolwork, exams, pressure will drive you crazy. :rolleyes: No, but I have sent my first resume, so it's soon maybe, my first job. :lol: In the bank, be an assistant or something? In Taiwan, the pay is very bad. The reason is that products cost more money year by year, but the pay never change. I hate the government actually. I can't understand they ignore that serious problem. :o You might hear bubble tea soon if it gets famous in France or you can try it in a tea/drink shop. Remember don't drink it too many cups, because calorie will be very very very high. :laugh3:

  8. Part 2: We traveled in Tokyo, many places in it. And Hakone-machi, it's famous for its hot springs. And the dessert from there is yummy. But sometimes it is too sweet. :P Also, we visited the museum of Miyazaki Hayao. At there, we can see many amazing cartoon work by his company/studio. It's all hand-drawing. Taiwan was the Japanese colony before(1895-1945). So now in Taiwan, when we watched cartoons in TV, they are almost from Japan. And little by disney and cartoon network. Umm a school inside the university is high school?:confused: I have to study for four or five years to get the university degree. How many % you talk in French and in English in your daily life? Mine are 70% Chinese and 30% English(20% website I use is English and 10% is singing/read in English or talk to myself. :lol:). Actually we talk in English less because it's just a subject in school. So most people abandon it after school. :shocked2:

  9. Part 3: Italian seems cool. Did you go vacation there before? I wish English can be my second language in the future. :rolleyes: No, I learned Japanese for one year two years ago, it was a subject in school. So, I forget them all. Now, I can only say thanks, sorry, and introduce myself by simple words. haha I'm not interested in learning Japanese, though I like cartoons and comic books. In college we can choose to learn second foreign language, such as Japanese, Spanish, French(ignore this:lol:), and German. I have no idea about it because I want to learn them except Japanese. I know it's not possible for me to do it. :laugh3: Sorry this is so long. :thinking: May I have your FB? :$

  10. haha you're right. That's true. :nice:

  11. What a nice new profile pic! :nice: Make studies? It sounds cool. :cool: So you will get a master's degree? In fact I don't know "What to you want to make after school ?" means. :\ What do I do at home or something?

  12. But it's worth doing it, right? :nice: If you can take course of learning one or two foreign language in college, what will you take, Japanese, Spanish, French, or German? And why? :)

  13. [IMG] Do you have the large one about right side and give me it? Chris is so charming! :)

  14. [IMG] This is amazing!!!!!!! :)

  15. Thank you but I don't have any big plans, reading novels, covering songs by guitar, watching many TV series, playing with cats, and hanging out watching movies with friends. I'm really bad at singing. lol After you go home, you will have to read many Coldplay news! :rolleyes: I get what you mean. :) So, will you do summer jobs in the future? In Taiwan, some restaurants(such as Mcdonalds) have home delivery service by scooter. :laugh3: Have you ever tried bubble tea? :rolleyes: When cousins and I traveled in Japan (now all I remember is walk and eat. :lol:), we found bubble tea there. But it tasted terrible and it was expensive. haha Would you mind I ask what will you major in college? Will you take courses learning foreign languages, which one you would like to learn? Hope your trip is great! :)

  16. You are welcome! :) If you can take course of learning one or two foreign language in college, what will you take, Japanese, Spanish, French(haha ignore this:D), or German? ^I totally have no idea. They are all great. :rolleyes: Uh, German is third language to you? In September, I will be a college student. What about you?:cool:

  17. How have you been recently? :)

  18. Thank you! :) I will get the result on Aug 9. I'm a little bit nervous of it. :lol: I'm going to the library to borrow some novels of Sherlock Holmes. The books of them are thick. :rolleyes:

  19. OH I MISS your birthday. :worried2: It's too late to say Happy Birthday to you? :lol: :vuvuzela: I found you have FB, may I add you? :rolleyes: Besides English, French, what else do you speak? :)

  20. The exam is finally ended today. So my holiday starts today.(OH, it's too late.:\) I have to wait for 11 days and then I can get the result of the exam. I will look for some part-time jobs maybe. Your vacation seems will be great. :) When you are in Spain, would you still be in CPing? :wideeyed: I have the driving licence, but it's for scooter. I got it last year. Teenagers after 18 in Taiwan almost have it because it's easy to get everywhere by scooter. In France, they all drive or take the train/bus?

  21. Hey thanks for inviting! I can't understand people always put Thailand and Taiwan together. It's totally different. :lol: Have a good day! Yu-tong xx

  22. Will you do the part-time job or something to improve yourself? If you do the part-time job, what you want to do? :) Have a nice weekend! :D

  23. Skinny Love is the most impressive song for me. And actually, I don't know much about them. :P Umm, or can you chat with me here? I would ask some questions. And they might be strange. Thank you. :lol:

  24. Hi, thanks for adding me. We can chat if you want. :lol: I need chances to practice English, but I don't know how to start. :D

  25. It did help for me. Thanks! :D

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