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  1. Part 3: Italian seems cool. Did you go vacation there before? I wish English can be my second language in the future. :rolleyes: No, I learned Japanese for one year two years ago, it was a subject in school. So, I forget them all. Now, I can only say thanks, sorry, and introduce myself by simple words. haha I'm not interested in learning Japanese, though I like cartoons and comic books. In college we can choose to learn second foreign language, such as Japanese, Spanish, French(ignore this:lol:), and German. I have no idea about it because I want to learn them except Japanese. I know it's not possible for me to do it. :laugh3: Sorry this is so long. :thinking: May I have your FB? :$

  2. Part one: Nervous about finding a job? I thought it was easy to work at the bank if people study accounting. :surprised: For me, maybe I can find a job about teaching other country people Chinese. But I have to get the some kind of certification. I'm not sure anyway. :dizzy2: Have you ever thought about "working holiday", "Community Service Volunteers", or "WWOOF"? That seems cool. But I have to earn more money first. :lol: (I have no idea Ben played Perfume: The Story of a Murderer. I'm very surprised about it. When I was 13 or 14, I watched Perfume DVD and had lunch at the same time. :P) Cecilia you must watch Casino Royale (2006). It's awesome ever. And James Bond is really hot. :dazzled: But when I recall my memory, I feel sad. I can't tell you the plot, right? :laugh3: I think Quantum of Solace (2008) is so so because Casino Royale is too perfect. :lol:

  3. Part two: Chris Cornell - You Know My Name. <--- I love this song so much. After watching Casino Royale, you can search that song on youtube. CD version or Live version are good. :) Well, the first play of Skyfall is on 2 Nov in Taiwan. Due to it's very famous, I think I can watch second-run in two month. I need to save money as much as possible. Okay, I see. :) I update an article about The Hollow Crown at my blog www.wretch.cc/blog/a891692005/34937502 . But I think it's too complicated for me to explain the whole plot. :laugh3:

  4. Peep Show is good to watch? I'll watch it maybe. (I have a lot of TV series to watch. ) I have tired of watching CSI LV, CSI Miami, and CSI NY. I used to love it. :uhoh: But I still remember they gave me a good time. :nice: I like House M.D. , The Hour, Doctor Who, Sherlock, True Blood, etc. Not too much. Maybe you can introduce more to me. And I can dig more. I'd love to devote my time watching TV series. :lol: Hope you have a goooooooooooood Christmas break! :nice:

  5. Please let me know if you get the letter. :nice: Have a nice day! :P

  6. please look at #52 of The Coldplayer Project - Video to Coldplay! thread Please tell me it's successful or not. Thank you. :)

  7. Skinny Love is the most impressive song for me. And actually, I don't know much about them. :P Umm, or can you chat with me here? I would ask some questions. And they might be strange. Thank you. :lol:

  8. so after 2 years, you will become a freshman right? If Taiwan is in Europe, we people must learn more languages instead of one(Chinese) or two(Chinese and English) languages. But Taiwan is an island. :lol:

  9. So, your college begins at December? Would you mind to tell me what's you're major? YEAHHHHHH :blush: Today I watched Richard II. I felt a little sad for him. :| By the way, the whole play is almost the same with Shakespeare's work. :rolleyes:

  10. Some people are really excellent. But I think I am not the one of them. Do you meet or know any Taiwanese? :P

  11. Sorry for replying late. :"( Would you mind I ask "how are you"? :lol:

  12. Sorry for replying late. (I don't know why I have no time to do this. :\) My favourites are Sherlock, House, The Hour, etc. CSI isn't interesting at any more. I used to love watching it. Actually if the show is starring by my favorite actors, I usually love the film/TV series. :lol: OMG when did you change the profile pic? Ben Whishaw is awesome. :dazzled: My blog is full of him. :P How are you? :)

  13. Sorry, , my English is poor. :lol: So, you start a new semester of college? I start it next week too. I hope the class I chose the teacher is good. I mean I hope I can understand what the teacher said. :P Yeah, that's really good. Today Henry part 2 I watched. Not finished yet. [IMG] I love your black background and pink line. :nice: I should change mine. lol

  14. Sufjan Stevens has so many albums. Can you recommend some songs or albums from him? Annie Clark looks great. :) So, St. Vincent is created by her, right? Only one? She has three albums, Marry Me, Actor, and Strange Mercy. If I want to listen to them, which one will be a good start? And the last, (Can I take pictures from coldplay_is_louve's post? They are hot.:lol:) I've listened to it. But I didn't have specific one to like. (Sorry if my English is bad.) What songs you like? Recommend some for me, please. Thank you. :)

  15. Sure, the link and thank you! :nice:

  16. Thank you again! :lol: I like Elephant Gun and Santa Fe. :P

  17. Thank you but I don't have any big plans, reading novels, covering songs by guitar, watching many TV series, playing with cats, and hanging out watching movies with friends. I'm really bad at singing. lol After you go home, you will have to read many Coldplay news! :rolleyes: I get what you mean. :) So, will you do summer jobs in the future? In Taiwan, some restaurants(such as Mcdonalds) have home delivery service by scooter. :laugh3: Have you ever tried bubble tea? :rolleyes: When cousins and I traveled in Japan (now all I remember is walk and eat. :lol:), we found bubble tea there. But it tasted terrible and it was expensive. haha Would you mind I ask what will you major in college? Will you take courses learning foreign languages, which one you would like to learn? Hope your trip is great! :)

  18. Thank you Céline! I will try my best.(Well, I have to.) Woo, Your user name sounds pretty cool for me now. And I learn a word "ceour" in French! :lol: Do you like any good French band as much as Coldplay? But I think Coldplay surely is the best one. I want to know and hear some French bands/singers. I like Kyo - Dernière Danse so much although I don't get what they sing. haha But the feeling is good for me. Any suggestion? :)

  19. Thank you for the explanation! :D If I want to listen to his music, which one is the good start or which one is must-listened? He has so many works, but I think I can't listen them all. Have a good day! :lol:

  20. Thank you Trisha. It's okay. :nice: Wow, your work is amazing! You should try to draw more. :awesome:

  21. Thank you! :) I will get the result on Aug 9. I'm a little bit nervous of it. :lol: I'm going to the library to borrow some novels of Sherlock Holmes. The books of them are thick. :rolleyes:

  22. Thank you! :nice: Would it be better if I read Shakespeare's work first? I'm afraid that I don't know what they act. :stunned: I decide to borrow them from the library tomorrow. :lol: I'm a fresher in this year, and major in English. So, I think I can't escape from Shakespeare. :laugh3: After reading them, I can finally see Tom Hiddleston in it! Oh, but it may take two weeks at least. :nod: How are you? :rolleyes:

  23. Thank you! I can't wait to watch all of them. :P Besides Coldplay, what bands and singers do you prefer?

  24. Thank you! What's your favorite song of Beirut? If I want to listen to them, any suggestions? :)

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