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  1. Thank you for the explanation! :D If I want to listen to his music, which one is the good start or which one is must-listened? He has so many works, but I think I can't listen them all. Have a good day! :lol:

  2. Hey! I'm Yu-tong. Would you mind I ask who is in your profile picture ? He looks charming. :)

  3. BB Brunes's music sounds like Arctic Monkeys. I don't know why. :thinking: I like Cœur de pirate. :) How many days of your summer vacation? We often have 2 months. But if people are college students, it will be longer. (Are you a college student now?) Do you like sitting in the sun? :cool: Have a nice Sunday! :rolleyes:

  4. What's your favorite song of Bon Iver? :lol: And... I'm looking for pan pal. Would you like to be mine? If you say ok, William you might be the second person of my pan pals. But actually, I don't know how to start it. Could you teach me? I live in Taiwan. :thinking: Have a nice weekend! :) (Sorry if my English is bad. I don't have much confidence of it. :()

  5. Wow, you must be Joel. Have a good day! :lol: (It is 10:00 a.m. here.)

  6. Hi Caroline. I want the xyloband! How to pay the shipping? Please teach me. :) I live in Taiwan. Thank you!

  7. Actually I have to study and prepare exams for entering college until 29 July. haha Well, hope your holiday is great! :D

  8. Thank you Céline! I will try my best.(Well, I have to.) Woo, Your user name sounds pretty cool for me now. And I learn a word "ceour" in French! :lol: Do you like any good French band as much as Coldplay? But I think Coldplay surely is the best one. I want to know and hear some French bands/singers. I like Kyo - Dernière Danse so much although I don't get what they sing. haha But the feeling is good for me. Any suggestion? :)

  9. Hi, I'm Yu-Tong. I want to ask a question. Your profile picture is Bon Iver? I love his music, by the way. :) Have a good night! :lol:

  10. I found an interesting thread "Coldplaying penpals?" in The Lounge. So, would you like to be my pen pal? :lol: Have a nice week! :)

  11. In fact, when I saw your message, I was so happy! :) But I have to study and prepare exams for entering college, it takes a lot of time. So, I can't reply you fast. And until 29 July, I can be free. :\ Celine your English name or? And what is Coeurli meaning, your French name? Please don't mind if I ask an weird question. Have a nice week! :lol:

  12. woooo what does your profile picture mean? :rolleyes: I have to study and until on 29 July, the test day comes. It's so annoying. :( Is your summer vacation coming? Have a nice week! :lol:

  13. Thanks for your words. It's very helpful! I promise I will tell you! :D I think I may take a long time to listen to them all because I need to study for exams. It's quite annoying. And until 29 July I can get free. :\ The place I live is so hot. I almost sweat at any time. Thanks again really! :lol: Have a nice weekend! :)

  14. Thanks. :) Would you mind I ask how was your holiday? :lol: I still have to prepare exams(something like that) until 29 July. It's quite annoying to me. :\

  15. Hi, I'm Yu-Tong. Thank you for following me on twitter. I think I'm too shy or something because I talked less with others. :lol: Actually I admire you so much. I can see you in almost every post in Coldplay forum. Would you chat with me back if I chat with you or ask some questions? What I can't ask besides private life? Well, I like to make friends here. There are so many people love Coldplay. That's great! haha Sorry if my English is bad. :laugh3: Have a nice night! :)

  16. You're welcome. :) [IMG] There's a photo I took in Japan. Sorry for this is too large. And one day when I searched some pics of Coldplay from lastfm, I found this with happy mood. [IMG] I think this is the same place. haha :lol: unless they photoed in the studio. :\ Anyway, I convinced myself that they had stood there. :laugh3: ^That's the point. :P

  17. We totally have 5 members. I'm the youngest one. They are all my cousins. Only one can speak Japanese, like ordering meals and have a little conversation. Others can speak English, but it didn't work when we went to countrysides. And it seemed that Japanese is afraid of people who ask for help by English. They want to run away actually. We lost our way once and spent a lot of time asking people for help. :lol: In Japan, many words are original from old China. (It's a little difficult to explain history. Oh, please forget this part. :lol: ), so they didn't change a lot. They still keep the same shape(the meaning is the same), so we can read them easily. :P I can speak some Japanese because I learned it at school. But the teacher only taught 3 months. And the course was stopped. So, I can only introduce myself by Japanese. And say "hello", "sorry", "thank you", and "it tastes good" in Japanese. :lol: I still have things to say, but I have to go to sleep now. Goooood night!

  18. Sufjan Stevens has so many albums. Can you recommend some songs or albums from him? Annie Clark looks great. :) So, St. Vincent is created by her, right? Only one? She has three albums, Marry Me, Actor, and Strange Mercy. If I want to listen to them, which one will be a good start? And the last, (Can I take pictures from coldplay_is_louve's post? They are hot.:lol:) I've listened to it. But I didn't have specific one to like. (Sorry if my English is bad.) What songs you like? Recommend some for me, please. Thank you. :)

  19. After reading what you said, I feel better. Thank you. And thank you that you will help me! :) Sherlock, they almost talk at high speed! I am also glad that I have Chinese subtitles. I bought DVD this week. And I received it today. :lol: [IMG] I start loving Benedict! (But I still prefer love Martin Freeman. :lol:) Which actor you like the most? My class: 43 people. Oh, I have no time to reply you fully. :stunned: :\

  20. After 56 hours, I will sit in the place and have five kinds of subjects to test. OHHHHHHH A little bit nervous. :\ Do you like DOMO? Why? I watch it dancing or something during the break time of TV. Cute and sometimes I don't get what it is doing. :lol: [IMG] (BTW, that's my phone. That Domo was a gift by one of my classmates. :) ) Almost 2/3 classmates in class of mine use smart phones. <- Games are interesting to play, really. If I ask you what kind of mobile phone you have, will it be too personal? (You can answer me! :P) Have a good day!

  21. Wow, that link helps me a lot. Thank you! :) But I feel panic about that because my English is not good, especially about the hearing part. So, I am not sure that I have ability to understand every sentence they say. :cry: In Taiwan, we, as a normal person, speak Mandarin for most of time. (It's about 96%) English is only used in class, English class. (It's about 4%) And we don't have much time to practice speaking it. English is always for test in high school. :dozey: My part maybe be 85% for Mabdarin and 15% for English. <-- I feel that my English grammar is also bad because I don't know how to use it correct. The time I use English is that when I listen to music, sing, and read articles from everything I love. Of course it includes here. :P Well, I don't know what to say next. haha it's kinda sad, isn't it? :laugh3: I have an important exam on 20 May. I feel so nervous. :stunned:

  22. Hi, I'm Yu-tong. May I ask you a question? Your signature attracts me a lot. Can you tell me who they are? Especially the man on the left. He looks great. :bomb: Thank you if you can tell me. :D Have a nice day! :)

  23. Thank you. I will remember it. :) If I start to watch, which season should I watch? :rolleyes: I should join Deviantart someday because I have pictures and drawings. There is a friend of mine use it. It's quite less. :o Most friends use Tumblr. I like to find good pictures there, but I can't find reasons why I should join it. I don't know.:thinking: Can I add you as a friend in Facebook?

  24. You are welcome! :) Can you give me your deviantArt link because I only find your FB link in contact information.:cool: I know Doctor Who, but I didn't watch it. I only watch a few TV series. :(

  25. Hi, I am Yu-tong. I read the thread "Show us your art!" Your works are all amazing and I love them so much! Sherlock and Coldplay wow :thumbsup::blush:

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