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  1. Thank you. :) Yeah I'm very looking forward to it. And I hope the weather can be warmer. Happy New Year! :nice:

  2. Thank you. :kiss: Sorry for replying late. I have too many things to do recently. :bomb: What do you do during the Christmas? I'm curious. :rolleyes: Okay. :laugh3: People say the first year of college is always busy. After you get used to it, you will be lazy, skip classes, hang out with friends in wrong time. But I think I'm not that kind of person because I will feel guilty for it. :P How have you been recently? I listened Look Back in Anger last Friday. Ben is such a crazy man in it. :lol: The Hour s2 is awesome. I got very excited after it publishes weekly. :awesome:

  3. Thank you. :lol: And I've been addicted to Ben Whishaw for four months. Before it, I didn't notice he acts as Grenouille in Perfume. :awesome: He's such a brilliant actor. My blog is full of him. haha :P

  4. Thank you. :nice: I think we didn't met before. My name is Yu-tong or Pam. taameen**sparks** asked me question before. :lol:

  5. Thank you. And Happy new year! :nice:

  6. Thank you. I will remember it. :) If I start to watch, which season should I watch? :rolleyes: I should join Deviantart someday because I have pictures and drawings. There is a friend of mine use it. It's quite less. :o Most friends use Tumblr. I like to find good pictures there, but I can't find reasons why I should join it. I don't know.:thinking: Can I add you as a friend in Facebook?

  7. Thanks a million! :nice: Uh, I'm kind of frightened by you last sentence. Sorry. :|

  8. Thanks a million! :nice:

  9. Thanks for advice. :P Besides what you mention, I also do an illegal thing about Einstein and Eddington. It seems interesting. And I also can't wait he read How to Train Your Dragon and On Her Majesty's Secret Service for me. Good luck for your exams! My final exams is on 14-18 January. Chinese New Year is on February. I will have a short break at that time. (I can't wait summer vacation. Well, it's too early to talk about it now. :laugh3:)

  10. Thanks for asking me. Not too bad. :nice: The weather is getting cold. I hate cool stream. It makes me want to sleep more. I should get up at 7 or 8 a.m. but in fact, I may get up at 9 or 10 a.m. I'd love to use the time well in the morning, but I can't. :laugh3: I am a freshman in college. It's evening school. And I study in English. (Most of it is literature.) What about you? :)

  11. Thanks for explaining! :) Besides Doctor Who, do you have other suggestions about his work or I should just watch it right away? :laugh3: The most crazy thing I do recently is that I watch/listen The Hollow Crown and read Shakespeare's work at the same time although the books I borrowed from the library are old. :lol:

  12. Thanks for telling me. :) But I have liked Ok Computer since I heard Karma Police. :lol:

  13. Thanks for telling me. :)

  14. Thanks for the explanation. :) Oh, did I do that? :O

  15. Thanks for your words. It's very helpful! I promise I will tell you! :D I think I may take a long time to listen to them all because I need to study for exams. It's quite annoying. And until 29 July I can get free. :\ The place I live is so hot. I almost sweat at any time. Thanks again really! :lol: Have a nice weekend! :)

  16. Thanks. :) Would you mind I ask how was your holiday? :lol: I still have to prepare exams(something like that) until 29 July. It's quite annoying to me. :\

  17. Thanks. I am great. :) But school days will begin tomorrow.

  18. Thanks.:nice: It starts at 6:20 p.m. to 9:55 p.m. (four lessons. Each recess is 5 minutes.) Wow, you can use many languages! Swedish would be cool. I love actors form Sweden. :lol:

  19. The artworks will be awesome. I can imagine that. :awesome:

  20. The card is amazing. Maybe you will join it next time. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! :nice: I wish I lived in London as well. :laugh3: Thank you Cecilia. :kiss: When I was in the surgery, the doctor said it seems good. I found some people said the end of The Hour series 2 is very suffering. I haven't watched them all so I don't know that. Oh :\ Would you mind I ask who's your avatar now? :)

  21. The end of Sherlock Season 1 is scary. Jim Moriarty is evil. He can pretend a good gay.:sneaky: I will start watching S2 this Sunday. I want to know what happened. I am very looking forward for it. :lol: I don't have Tumblr. :( But I have a blog, www.wretch.cc/blog/a891692005 I don't renew it frequently because I have an important exam on May 20. Youtube: a891692005 Facebook: you can search Yu-Tong Kuo My profile picture is Charlie Brown. Twitter: Yu-tong It is weird to pronounce my name because if you pronounce 郭昱彤, you will find so differently between them. LOL You can use google translate a word by a word (Chinese [traditional] Well, do you use MSN?

  22. The exam is finally ended today. So my holiday starts today.(OH, it's too late.:\) I have to wait for 11 days and then I can get the result of the exam. I will look for some part-time jobs maybe. Your vacation seems will be great. :) When you are in Spain, would you still be in CPing? :wideeyed: I have the driving licence, but it's for scooter. I got it last year. Teenagers after 18 in Taiwan almost have it because it's easy to get everywhere by scooter. In France, they all drive or take the train/bus?

  23. The following errors occurred with your submission: The text that you have entered is too long (2335 characters). Please shorten it to 1000 characters long. That's interesting. :laugh3::shocked2::o Part 1: If you were a junior or senior high school student in Taiwan/Japan/China/South Korea, you might have a thought to jump out from the high building every day. Because schoolwork, exams, pressure will drive you crazy. :rolleyes: No, but I have sent my first resume, so it's soon maybe, my first job. :lol: In the bank, be an assistant or something? In Taiwan, the pay is very bad. The reason is that products cost more money year by year, but the pay never change. I hate the government actually. I can't understand they ignore that serious problem. :o You might hear bubble tea soon if it gets famous in France or you can try it in a tea/drink shop. Remember don't drink it too many cups, because calorie will be very very very high. :laugh3:

  24. The gif you made is great! Andrew Scott. <33333 I'd like to watch Blackout because of him. What is it about? I have no ideas about Christopher Eccleston. Is he famous? In Blackout, he looks like Danie Craig. :lol: Season 2 may publish in next year? I'm watching episode 1 now. :lol: What you said is so interesting. Do you listen to German music? Chinese is different as well. Totally different. :laugh3: If you learn it, you can recognize words in Japanese. Because a lot of words Japanese use are taken from Chinese. History is so complicated. :rolleyes: I learned Japanese in high school for one year before, but I didn't interest in it. OMG my English in my silly videos was so bad in 2010. :\ We don't have chance practicing speaking English in school all time time. It's just a subject for school eduction. You can travel in Taiwan some day. It's a great place really. If Coldplay come to Taiwan, they must say the food in Taiwan is more impressive than in Japan. :laugh3::laugh3:

  25. The Hour seems cool. But I haven't started watching it. :lol: I'm fine. If I can earn more money, I'll be very fine. :laugh3: You're high school or college student? I'm a freshman this year. I study in foreign languages and literature. (Most of them is English.) I need to read and absorb many stuff. :S Will you go to watch the new 007 movie? (I will watch it in second run theater, so I need to wait.:P) Do you know Ben plays Q? It will be cool. Watch actors I love on the big screen. I only know little about Q. I like Daniel Craig by the way. :dazzled: Yes, I live in Taiwan. That's cool. Why your parents visited Taiwan? For business? People in Taiwan are really friendly, and so am I. :lol: If you get a chance to go to Taiwan, you will love this little island. Although some people are not good at speaking English, they're still trying to communicate with you. :nice: Hope you have a wonderful weekend. :lol:

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