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  1. The last one is lovely! :blush: Maybe that gif is too big or title is not good? :awesome:

  2. This. "how can i please you now?" Because I don't know how to reply to you. :embarrassed:

  3. Today I watched the part that Sherlock finally admitted that John is the only friend he got. It's quiet touching, isn't it? I can't believe that Sherlock feared that hound. And John is in danger now. :confused: (I don't like Harry's looking in Sherlock. I prefer he act as George in Being Human. :laugh3: ) How are you recently? :)

  4. Tom Hiddleston! I have already liked him since watching The Avengers and Thor. Any other good films or tv series from him? If you can introduce them for me, I will really appreciate you. Sorry for my bad English. :laugh3: Your profile pic is awesome! :dazzled:

  5. Using google translate is fine! :lol: It's better using and learning Chinese(traditional). This language is totally different to you. I prefer Martin and Andrew Scott. :laugh3: But I guess Andrew won't show up at any more. :\

  6. We totally have 5 members. I'm the youngest one. They are all my cousins. Only one can speak Japanese, like ordering meals and have a little conversation. Others can speak English, but it didn't work when we went to countrysides. And it seemed that Japanese is afraid of people who ask for help by English. They want to run away actually. We lost our way once and spent a lot of time asking people for help. :lol: In Japan, many words are original from old China. (It's a little difficult to explain history. Oh, please forget this part. :lol: ), so they didn't change a lot. They still keep the same shape(the meaning is the same), so we can read them easily. :P I can speak some Japanese because I learned it at school. But the teacher only taught 3 months. And the course was stopped. So, I can only introduce myself by Japanese. And say "hello", "sorry", "thank you", and "it tastes good" in Japanese. :lol: I still have things to say, but I have to go to sleep now. Goooood night!

  7. Well, it's hard to explain. A very illegal thing and complex to say. I can PM you or something. (It includes you have to log in a website, use someone's account, and download something you want. Someone share its account with many stuff.) About those books, you still can do some illegal thing for it. OMG I am a bad teenager but I buy albums, books. (I still feel guilty sometimes.) Would you mind take a picture of what you see, I mean the snow? It sounds amazing. I seldom have chances to see the snow unless I climb up the top of mountains in Taiwan. :lol: I just watched Doctor Who 1x01. Plastic something terrified me. (It makes me remember the first time I watched X-files.) And I really want to see David Tennant in it. When did he appear in it for the first time? I kind of want to skip s1. But if you recommend it, I will watch it. :lol:

  8. Well, nothing I guess. :| I don't know how to describe the college life in proper way. So you get confused. Sorry. Planning what I should do is hard for me. I can't image what I become after 4 years. I feel lost. [IMG] Andrew Scott is brilliant, and so is Ben Whishaw. :dazzled:

  9. What a nice new profile pic! :nice: Make studies? It sounds cool. :cool: So you will get a master's degree? In fact I don't know "What to you want to make after school ?" means. :\ What do I do at home or something?

  10. What? "It said"? :lol: :lol: :lol: I'd love to have a long hair, but it would kill me. It's not easy to wash long hair and dry it. :laugh3:

  11. What's personality they have? Sorry that I only know Thom Yorke. x . x

  12. What's your favorite song of Bon Iver? :lol: And... I'm looking for pan pal. Would you like to be mine? If you say ok, William you might be the second person of my pan pals. But actually, I don't know how to start it. Could you teach me? I live in Taiwan. :thinking: Have a nice weekend! :) (Sorry if my English is bad. I don't have much confidence of it. :()

  13. When I was in high school, Japanese was only one I could choose (an course for one year). But I wasn't interested in it. So I returned all my learning to the teacher except I can introduce myself in Japanese. :laugh3: So, you are the Overseas Chinese? That's cool. haha I can't speak Cantonese. :P By the way, I like Ip Man. Donnie Yen is good. But I love Jet Li better. :blush: Did you listen to Cock before? It's quiet amazing and sad. The reason why I listened to it is because Ben Whishaw and Andrew Scott. They are so talent of being gay. Perfect performance. :dazzled: This week I'm gonna finish watching Criminal Justice, 5 episodes. I have already watched 1x01. I felt so sad. (And Ben is amazing! OMG :wacky: I need to wait for a long time to watch Skyfall. And college midterm is coming. :bomb: Do you have FB or Twitter? Would you like to give me yours? :)

  14. Will you do the part-time job or something to improve yourself? If you do the part-time job, what you want to do? :) Have a nice weekend! :D

  15. woooo what does your profile picture mean? :rolleyes: I have to study and until on 29 July, the test day comes. It's so annoying. :( Is your summer vacation coming? Have a nice week! :lol:

  16. Work... it's not bad. But I need to remember all details. :| 1. In the office. I have to pick up the phone, solve the problem that he or she ask me, or dial other numbers for him or her. Open the classroom for students. When they all leave, I have to close it and turn off all equipments. Make sure the professor have enough whiteboard markers. Key some stuff into the computer.. etc. 2. In little library with computers (students borrow DVD and watch it in the library or books which prove your English. They can't carry it out.). Be a librarian. Sometimes, I just hope the time, when I am working, the time runs faster. If I was there at 8 a.m., I wish next second, the time could be 12 p.m. Okay, I know it's impossible. :sick: I love Sherlock. :laugh3: What is Luther about? :) Now the series I watch list: CSI NY, House, and The Hollow Crown. I love some cooking tv show, such as Jamie Oliver. Thanks for your explanations! :D

  17. Would you allow me say everywhere? Of course I'd like to visit to London. It seems there are a lot of chances to bump into actors I like. :lol: I want to sit in the theater and watch Ben Whishaw/Tom Hiddleston/Andrew Scott play on stage if I have money to buy tickets. :dazzled: I have a plan: After I graduate from college and earn enough money, I want to apply CSV. I'm sure I will know more about UK at that time. :awesome: Hope you have a fantastic Christmas break! :nice: (my final exams are coming. :smart:

  18. Would you do me a favor? Please see the thread about What's Your Latest School Timetable? I guess everyone can see the pictures now. :sick: Thank you!

  19. Would you mind I ask what person you use as the profile pic? Thank you. :)

  20. Would you mind I ask who's he in your picture profile? Thank you! :nice:

  21. Wow, that link helps me a lot. Thank you! :) But I feel panic about that because my English is not good, especially about the hearing part. So, I am not sure that I have ability to understand every sentence they say. :cry: In Taiwan, we, as a normal person, speak Mandarin for most of time. (It's about 96%) English is only used in class, English class. (It's about 4%) And we don't have much time to practice speaking it. English is always for test in high school. :dozey: My part maybe be 85% for Mabdarin and 15% for English. <-- I feel that my English grammar is also bad because I don't know how to use it correct. The time I use English is that when I listen to music, sing, and read articles from everything I love. Of course it includes here. :P Well, I don't know what to say next. haha it's kinda sad, isn't it? :laugh3: I have an important exam on 20 May. I feel so nervous. :stunned:

  22. Wow, you must be Joel. Have a good day! :lol: (It is 10:00 a.m. here.)

  23. Yeah I know. And I'd love to try. :)

  24. Yep. :laugh3::laugh3::D:lol: Did you watch Blackout? I have already watched 2 episodes today. Now going to watch episode 3. :rolleyes:

  25. Yes, I take a part-time job at school. Through this week, all process was working successfully. But next week, the new semester begins. So, maybe there are a lot of students will appear suddenly and may ask many questions at the same time. :( I get it. :nod: And, sorry for replying late. :sick:

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