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  1. Yes. Um, my parents don't care or they don't have time to watch what I did on the internet, so I did. It will be an interesting thing. (I am a good kid for 100%. :lol:) And I'm already a college student. I earn money and make the decision by my own. (But sometimes the applications still need my parents say yes. ) Maybe you can ask your friends for help. Use their address. Of course you have to explain all things to your friend first. (I know this is probably a bad idea. :P) Oh I saw you posted your question in Secret Santa 2012 thread. :shocked2:

  2. You are welcome! :) If you can take course of learning one or two foreign language in college, what will you take, Japanese, Spanish, French(haha ignore this:D), or German? ^I totally have no idea. They are all great. :rolleyes: Uh, German is third language to you? In September, I will be a college student. What about you?:cool:

  3. You are welcome! :) Can you give me your deviantArt link because I only find your FB link in contact information.:cool: I know Doctor Who, but I didn't watch it. I only watch a few TV series. :(

  4. You are welcome. :) May I send the request to your FB?:rolleyes:

  5. You need to wait because I have been busy recently. Sorry for it.:\ I don't know why I'm busy, schoolwork, work, etc :angry: I also only read books I bought or I borrowed from the library. I got some PDF (books), but I haven't started reading them. If I have time, I will do it. Okay I will take your advice. Thank you. :kiss: When does your holiday begin and end by which day? <- I feel my English is bad again. :embarrassed: Have a nice weekend! :nice:

  6. You're welcome. :) [IMG] There's a photo I took in Japan. Sorry for this is too large. And one day when I searched some pics of Coldplay from lastfm, I found this with happy mood. [IMG] I think this is the same place. haha :lol: unless they photoed in the studio. :\ Anyway, I convinced myself that they had stood there. :laugh3: ^That's the point. :P

  7. You're welcome. I'm glad that you like it. :nice: Have a nice day!

  8. Your post #690 at Sherlock thread is awesome! :D I'm addicted to Hugh Laurie recently. :dance: To the ends of the earth has Eng subs! That's great. It's easy to understand what they talk. I'm going to watch it. Thank you for sharing it. :lol: After watching Blackout, I probably know what it is about. What's the story behind this pic? OMG Andrew Scott's smile is killing me. :dazzled: [IMG]

  9. Your profile picture is Richard II? Is he good as an actor? :awesome: Hello, I'm Yu-tong. :nice:

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