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  1. yummy yummy yummy yummy fruit salad :"DDDDDDD
  2. Happy New Year everyone!!!!!!!! :lol:
  3. HAPPY NEW YEAR! :")

  4. I LOVE THE VIEDO! :kiss: (ohhhhh I regret I didn't have time to participate it. :/ )
  5. Thanks. We had a Christmas party at school on Friday, watching people perform. At home, no. But I can feel Christmas from the whole world, including here! That's good enough for me. :) After 21 days, I will face a biggest test, and it will decide which college I can enter. (During these days, I study as much as I can.) And after 21+4 days, that day is the lunar Chinese New Year's eve, the most important moment for Chinese(Taiwanese and some Asian countries' people). All family will get together and have dinner. 1/1/2012 0:00(London time) and 0:00(NY time) I will open TV and watch CNN, th
  6. Merry Christmas to every coldplayer! ^All is looking great! :) (That is made by paper and it is in the school library. Our classmates and I have to clean that place.) Yu-tong :P
  7. May I ask a question? Will this be on live stream? I can wake up at 2:30 am, and now I have to go to sleep.(7:50pm now)
  8. ^all your sharings are amazing! I finished it today! (It's not bad.) And I love it so much! :dance: :dance: :dance: full size :P
  9. Thank you so much! :) If I make enough money after I grow up, I will go to see! :cool: Recently, I listen to Swallowed In The Sea every day. I think it's quiet and peaceful.:sunny:
  10. Hello.XDDDD BTW, I am Taiwanese. It's sad because Coldplay never come to Taiwan and perform. Going to the Coldplay's concert is one of my dream. The nearest one is in Japan. :lol:
  11. hello coldplayers, uh.. in fact, I am afraid of putting covers here because I saw many people are awesome. And also English is not my first language.(I don't have confidence of using it.:\) I am not good at singing or playing, but I love Coldplay. [ame]www.youtube.com/watch?v=LZIYZVVQyxM[/ame] Thanks for your watching! :)
  12. This is an assignment of art class at school. I will carve the thick paper and use it to spray on the inside of school bag. But I am not sure that I will success on it because I am not very good at using the cutter. I'm afraid that I may fail. :rolleyes: Our art teacher asked us to write something inspiring and then when you open the school bag, you will feel energetic and have the power to face difficulty. this is my work. full size So, if you were me(as a coldplayer), what will you design and spray paint? :) thanks for your reading! :lol:
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