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  1. Coldplay for 55%, James Morrison for 25% of, other bands or singers for 20% (Travis, Arctic Monkeys, All Time Low...) actually Coldplay wasn't the first band I heard, but when I do know them such as music, stories, interviews,or what they really want to do,... you know, I just want to feel the song what it really means. and most of time, I like to be here and get the newest information of Coldplay. :)
  2. hello everyone, I'm Yu-tong. Love Coldplay :) (I am a little new, maybe LOL)
  3. I gave ten. I love the whole song. (I am not good at rating.) months ago, I thought Coldplay's songs were all strange. after I watched the live concert(through the internet), I was touched by them. everything is gonna be different. and I have a new view to feel.
  4. Yesterday I dream of Guy Berryman. it's the quite special experience you know :) In my dream, Guy is one of my brothers, and he is very kind. Someday he needs to go to a place by motorcycle, and I ask if I can go with him. Guy just gives me a big smile and says "of course you can come with me." At that time I thought if I am his fan, I must be luckiest one in the world. (in reality Yes, I am a fan and your smile is killing me!) So we together arrive somewhere, and during this proceeding, people on the road can't stop staring Guy. Oh, I put my hand on Guy's waist. And my br
  5. I forgot that I don't go to school today because of Moon Festival. ok, I can't wait for 14:50. :lol:
  6. Jonny Happy Birthday! you are the best :guitarist: in the world! :crown::escaping::escaping2::vuvuzela:
  7. today I went to boorstore and found this overdue magazine. this is the first music magazine I bought, and it costs around £2.1 Coldplay :dance::dance: I must dream of them when I am sleeping today. :happy2:
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