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  1. come on yeah Oh oh yeah Come on yeah everythinh's not lost~ it's really soft. :)
  2. Violet Hill!!!!!!!!!!!!!! if you love me, won't you letttttt me know? :")
  3. thank all of you that I can watch the performance in Taiwan. haha I have to sleep now and get up early. btw, I LOVE T IN THE PARK and CAN'T WAIT TO SEE COLDPLAY. :")
  4. I wish I could get up at 5:30 a.m. and be able to watch Coldplay's live online. This feeling is as good as watching a football game. :)
  5. hey, I am yu-tong, and I come from Taiwan. I'm so expected Coldplay could come to Taiwan for having a concert or something. but you know, this dream never come true. I really hope someday it can be real. Recently, I am totally addicted to Coldplay. Although I have heard them before, I never had an interest to dig more information. Now, I have great passion on them, never get bored. And I found they are really at pains to all things, that's what I feel. I DO LOVE THEIR ATTITUDE. :cool: I'm happy to be here and find more Coldplay. :rolleyes: ah... Coldplay, everything is awesome, great
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