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  1. No, I don't think you are. You must hate me.

  2. Do you still have a tumblr?

  3. tinychat.com/kmvs4 the new old coldplaying

  4. I'll ask Ian first. Just so you don't have to do all that work. Thanks.

  5. Yes, in many ways.

  6. Damn there's not delete user function and it deletes all their stuff?

  7. Can you delete every post I've ever made?

  8. Thanks! Well if you feel like it, they're probably on spotify.

  9. This might be a band you like. [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jtcstapHLbw"]IO Echo - Tiananmen Square - YouTube[/ame]

  10. I used to have them when I was fat. But they kept turning me when i was naked, I had to lose weight.

  11. I'm seeing Daughter soon.

  12. Of course, I'll spare no expense.

  13. We should get a room or something

  14. Hold on a minute, you don't like my new one?!

  15. I'm keeping with the superhero trend

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