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  1. I once ran naked through a cornfield. It was painful.
  2. Nobody is on or I was given a fake room...GREG YOU BASTARD
  3. I missed a naked guy running on tc? wtf
  4. Chris Martin wasn't alive in 1996. He wasn't hatched until 1998.
  5. Wanna wax my chest? I'll flex my pecs for you after.
  6. And that's why you guys lost the revolutionary war.
  7. Oi, You don't know about the Boxer Rebellion and you call yourself British?! It's a rebellion that took place in China between 1899 and 1901. Some Chinese nationalist rebelled against foreign influence (British Imperialism) and religion.
  8. When is the second Boxer Rebellion going to start?
  9. I tried but it pecked me and tried to fly away.
  10. It's always out. Right now it's roaming the backyard pecking at bugs to eat.
  11. That's why my mom says I can't hangout with you guys anymore. Nothing but filth.
  12. Don't worry, Rishi already has your address and bank account number.
  13. I'll leave something beautiful behind, that will be my way of saying goodbye.
  14. I posted this on tumblr already but since it has to do with Coldplay. When she's fussy if I put on Parachutes or A Rush of Blood to the Head and walk around and sing she's calm and then falls asleep. I've tried other music, but early Coldplay works the best for her.
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