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  1. Go into sleep mode in the middle of it.
  2. I plan on googling "how to have sex" for my first time. I'll get on my phone while we're doing it.
  3. It's usually Greg showering and everyone else being awkward.
  4. It's like a cool prison gang from the early 1900s
  5. 2013: I made really good grades and am almost finished with school. In every other area I fucked up. It was a boring year.
  6. He had to have been another member on here. Everyone thought it was Josh for a while.
  7. I said my goodbyes long ago, but I was waiting for the music to stop. But it'll never stop, I'll just tune it out and go. I'm getting too old for this hope. My dear, it'll be alright. Gypsies like us should be stamped in solidarity.
  8. Je n'ai pas d'espoir I can't go until I write what is perfect.
  9. I think a few thousand, maybe like 2,000. I gotta find out for sure. Or we could hitchhike our way there? Except having to take the trans-siberian fort that part of Russia and well probably most of Mongolia?
  10. I've been tame lately. I'm just going to NYC tomorrow and not doing anything crazy. I want to save up and go from London to Beijing by train someday. We should do that? I want to do something adventurous but can't think of anything on such a small budget right now. I've done most of the cheap stuff (couchsurfing, hitchhiking, biking)
  11. I always forget that word is censored. so silly
  12. What about Coldplay dipped in chocolate?
  13. What colours go well with hunter green? I have this sweater in that colour. http://www1.macys.com/shop/product/ralph-lauren-kids-sweater-boys-crew-neck-long-sleeve-cable-knit-sweater?ID=1117674&CategoryID=25325&LinkType=&swatchColor=Hunter%20Green#fn=BRAND%3DRalph%20Lauren%26KIDS_APPAREL_TYPE%3DSweaters%26sp%3D1%26spc%3D33%26ruleId%3D71%26slotId%3D2
  14. I was going to say "That's too far away!" then I realized it's almost December.
  15. Get a career that can pay for doing the things you love in life.
  16. Hmmm. We could make one and sell it for 15 dollars.
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