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  1. IT'S about time someone made this thread. Good job
  2. I'm getting plastic surgery soon. I'll post pics of my new and improved face after the swelling goes down. I'm also getting chest implants to look buff.
  3. Did not see the twist at the end coming. Now I'm excited for the next season.
  4. I backed a ton of files using the amazon cloud and it won't let me download all them at once. I have to individually select each one...for thousands.
  5. I can't wait I can't wait I can't wait I can't wait I can't wait I can't wait Trace^ I saw a few minute clip where people asked them questions. It was funny.
  6. I heard he spent all the city's budged on crack.
  7. In two weeks and two days we'll lose touch and head our separate ways. After what's about to happen, we'll both be happy to see the other go.
  8. Yeah, but if you can change your IP, and they have a ton of members always joining, how do they know unless he does something?
  9. Isn't the Canadian dollar almost equal to the US dollar now? But yeah, it's still very high.
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