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  1. Reilly! What's up!!

  2. :( Google the error message.

  3. That's great :) Good luck with it! And keep at it!

  4. True. They are strange smilies.

  5. I never understood why there is a face inside the heart smiley

  6. Uh, that's good?

  7. Lol don't sad face at that. That's easy! You'll be praying to do that in a few years time.

  8. Medical physics. Yours?

  9. Doing an essay.

  10. Hi what's up

  11. It means to heaven Are you learning arabic? :)

  12. baw8cc? or your email?

  13. You should stop loving apple so much you give them too much money. You should aim with me sometime

  14. wazzee upppp

  15. Hahahaha i love the sounds Jezz makes

  16. :dazzled: I got your username's back.

  17. that smiley is fucking gross lol

  18. "Sessy has not made any friends yet" كيف مألوفة

  19. allahu akbar

  20. lol ur a genius u speek arabik now

  21. how'd you know!?!?!!

  22. Yeah ELS flaunts her name though. My name? Is Kiame. Lolz.

  23. bahgsy ch ch mahfukduk

  24. emmaemmaemma

  25. Just telling you the plane ride was safe and sound and actually kind of fun and I am back home now. xx

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