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  1. Hi there! Hope you could send me the link too Thanks!

  2. love the songs of the new album. its upbeat character and psychedelic tunes is just so unique and fresh in contrast to the other albums. that's the good thing about Coldplay. every album has its own character and style ^^

  3. I always thought Glass of Water is the twin song of Don't Let it Break Your Heart. They have the same beat and energy ^^, Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall makes me jump too! And it always makes my day :)

  4. I agree... Rainy Day is great and its so unique. ^^ "I love it when you come over to my house "^^

  5. my b-sides are: Crest of Waves, Gravity, and Life in Technicolor ii .. ^^ they are all amazing isn't it? even the b-sides could be albums.

  6. sorry about that. I just realized how foolish it was to ask that question because its really (really, really) hard to pick one ^^. Anyway, I have my top 3 favorites in all their albums: Parachutes- Yellow/Everything's Not Lost/Shiver AROBTTH- The Scientist, In My Place, Amsterdam X&Y- Fix You, X&Y, Swallowed In The Sea VLVODAAHF- Strawberry Swing, Lovers In Japan, Viva la Vida MX- Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall, Don't Let it Break Your Heart, UFO

  7. yeah. I always dream about it^^ , by the way, what's your fave Coldplay song?

  8. well no sadly :((( but I would really love to go, maybe someday hopefully^^

  9. tnx for the friend request^^

  10. Hey, your favorite Coldplay member is Will Champion! He's my favorite too^^ Drummer on the roll^^ love that kickdrum beat in ETIAW!

  11. so good to know that.. no, I haven't see them live but I'm a big fan since 2007. Swallowed in the sea is cool. It's relaxing. ^^

  12. happy new year too^^

  13. HI, tnx for adding me ^^

  14. it's tough to pick the top 5 but i'll try my best^^ 1.Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall 2.Fix You 3.Everything's Not Lost 4.The Scientist 5.Strawberry Swing these are my favorite for each album

  15. hey tnx for accepting my friend request^^

  16. Q1: well.. um, I'm from the Philippines Q2: 19^^ Q3: since the day when i heard the song yellow ^^ Q4: ETIAW, DLIBYH, CB & UFO

  17. hello^^ tnx for accepting my friend request^^^

  18. hi!!! I'm Erwin^^ nice to meet you here!!

  19. hi, tnx for accepting me^^ yeah, I'm from the Philippines... I live at somewhere in Pampanga Merry X-mas to u^^

  20. tnx for the adding me here^^

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