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  1. i've already heard the album coz it was leaked by someone called BriBerY.. but don't worry, i'll still buy the album. btw, the album is brilliant !!! i love the concept. tnx coldplay^^
  2. honestly speaking, Mylo Xyloto is probably one of the greatest albums they have recorded. Thank you COLDPLAY for your stunning music!!!
  3. Hi^^ it's nice to meet coldplay fans.. how r u doing?? btw, i love the new album.. can't wait to get one.

  4. ETIAW and PARADISE wow!!! MYLO XYLOTO will be a great album. (and probably their best):wink3:
  5. ETIAW ... 10/10 ^^ I love the song!!! It's gonna be in the album definitely. They won't drop such a nice relentless upbeat song.
  6. yes, I like the old Coldplay music but also love the new ones... Their music is evolving and that's what old fans failed to see. I just can't wait for the new album. Sure, playing it is like 42 minutes in Paradise ^^
  7. hey, i saw paradise on God's ipod playlist
  8. The Graffiti is awesome!!!
  9. I LOVE BOTH OF THEM !!! ^^ ETIAW-"And all the kids they dance, all the kids all night Until monday morning feels another life I turn the music up I'm on a roll this this time and heaven is in sight.." PARADISE- "Life goes on, it gets so heavy The wheel breaks the butterfly Every tear a waterfall In a night, the stormy night she closed her eyes In a night, the stormy night away she flies Dream of para para paradise .."
  10. ^^ yeah. the song is fantastic. i love it as much as i love ETIAW. yeah i love ETIAW!!
  11. yeah, i love their new style right now. their music is really evolving into something spectacular. personally, i'm disappointed by old coldplay fans' comments. they should give credits for the band who gave music a much different meaning and style. COLDPLAYISH!!! i love coldplay^^
  12. i love ETIAW and i'll be loving the new album for sure!!!
  13. This is a brand new style from Coldplay!!! I really love it ^^, . The vibrant and artistic style of the video complements the song very well. Exceptional!!! Coldplay is the best band ever to walk on Earth.:D:cool:
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