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  1. High contrast + low exposure of background
  2. I couldn't find where people put up their own sites on here so I'm sorry for who might redirect this post.. I've worked quite a lot and am really happy with this, please have a listen! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lbrdi_EY6lg Mobile Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lbrdi_EY6lg
  3. coldplay uploading all their album songs on youtube related to LP7? it was meant to be a summation and a completing of a story of course
  4. [video=youtube;RKfcl4fwchc] what about the first part of this video?
  5. midnight will be tough for chris..
  6. the piano sounds like it came from the piano part chris used to play in between LIJ and the scientist in late mx-era
  7. I've never been a fan of EDM, house music or whatever. i fell in love with coldplay for their mellow, yet gigantic atmospheric anthems more. when i heard this, i was initially disappointed. but i remembered that chris said that this is who he is and he can't change that. this is what chris likes, this is coldplay! anything music that is made with that honesty can never be looked down at just because it sounds like something else. if you open your mind theres coldplay written all over it, and it fits in with the album really well, breaking free of all the intimacy that precedes it
  8. from about 3:30 on most versions of ASFOS, I believe O Part 2 (Reprise?) begins...quite sure same key, and very similar sound to the beginning of Always in my head.
  9. actually, yes, the key is off by a semi-tone, i used my ears, and i guess it was a bit off but it still could be because they change the key of DLIBYH live and also on the instagram video you can see its set to CSAW, this could be before the final key was decided or simply just played in another key
  10. i saw a lot of links, can someone please give me a link that will work for sure? thank you :) also, i think, yellow was dropped because it reminds chris too much of GP
  11. if we can get a significant number of coldplaying members to ask the same question over the course of one day , then we will know if she chooses to ignore them or if she gives an intentionally ambiguous reply!
  12. Imagine the voice in Another's Arms is a warped version of Gwy's!
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