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  1. I see you're a Feeder fan!!, nice one!! xxx

  2. hahaha Badly Drawn Girl. Just one question, were you Born In The U.K.?

  3. happy birthday, have a wonderful day :) haven't seen you around like in ages, i hope everything's fine there charlie. :hug:

  4. Doubt - 5/10 :S I didn't like it at all really...
  5. They were so damn cool! I couldn't see Simon Pegg from where I was sitting though! I have already booked my tix for next year at Wembley Arena. :) I was singing Viva la Vida all the way home yesterday...
  6. Yes your hymn comment. Deeply offensive to a Catholic atheist like myself. Oh no wait, it isn't, my mistake!
  7. *slaps David* This is insane, people have their priorities entirely wrong. I worry about the human race and only hope that the warming of the globe wipes everyone out. :smug:
  8. *Thread bump* What is the most recent album like then? I never got around to buying it. Oops.
  9. Well it's a Coldplay forum so I would be surprised if they didn't get the majority of the vote. My vote went to Radiohead; there is no way on Earth that Coldplay could record an album like OK Computer, it's too mindblowing. I do like Coldplay too, I just don't think they reach the heights of Radiohead both with lyrics and music.
  10. I'm not sure what it is; maybe it has something to do with my dislike of The White Stripes. Exceedingly boring in my opinion.
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