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  1. Ah, ok just checking. I'm on holiday in Ireland right now so I won't have very good wifi access for a few days. I should be back home on the 25th so I'll talk to you then :)

  2. Hi, were you still thinking of meeting up at some point when you're in Birmingham? Will you be able to use the internet when you are there?

  3. omg hi sorry it's been so long, how are you? :cheesy:

  4. OK cool. Wait for a few more before you send them to me. Actually I'll let you know when I need you to send them :)

  5. I've just got back from Reading so I'll write a summary of my adventures tomorrow if you want :) I didn't take any pictures but my dad did, and he's going to send me the best ones, so it might be a while before I can show you any of them. (If you even want to see them that is :P)

  6. My Reading festival ticket has arrived I'm so excited :wacky:

  7. I haven't planned on seeing World War Z... but apparently they use Muse's The 2nd Law: Isolated System in it, so I might watch it just to see how they use it! Yes, my birthday was great! I didn't really do anything in particular to celebrate it, but I have a few trips with friends planned over the summer so I'll basically be celebrating then instead :D

  8. Yes, I eventually managed to see it! :lol: I thought it was really good! I really liked Zachary Quinto and Benedict Cumberbatch (but I don't like the actor who plays Kirk much :blank:) What did you think of it?

  9. I'm alive.... just. I just posted my review in the Muse thread if you want to read it!

  10. I haven't really listened to Keane or Kasabian much, but I have heard a few of their songs (thanks to last.fm) and I kinda liked them. On another subject: In a Q&A session yesterday Biffy Clyro said they wanted to play all of their albums in full as well as b-sides :awesome: They already played their first 3 albums in full in 2005 but how amazing would it be if they played Opposites in full as well as all it's b-sides?! :o 2 days!!!

  11. Sort of... I don't know anything about the stage design (except it's apparently awesome and there is a b-stage in the crowd where they play a few songs) and I don't know the actual setlist, but I've seen some details I'd rather not have seen about some songs which were played in Coventry :\ (the setlist might be different in Manchester though so I'm not too upset about that) Apparently there are lots of surprises and they have brought back some rare songs so I'm excited to see what they are :awesome: I am going to try and stand by the b-stage so I can get really close to the band when they go there :wacky: Edit: Oh yeah and I have a strong suspicion that they will play Dead Star :o

  12. OMG It's only 4 days I can't believe it!!! :bomb:

  13. Awww, it sucks that you couldn't listen to Watch or Fingerhut, they are amazing! I would also recommend Little Soldiers and Hope for an Angel, hopefully you can listen to those ones! And yeah I'm obsessed with Opposites at the moment, I can't stop listening to it! :wideeyed:

  14. Wow, that sounds like a great job! It's good that you're helping those animals find new homes too :D I've mainly been listening to Biffy's more recent b-sides because they just have so many! I would recommend you listen to The Rain, Milky, Watch, Fingerhut and City of Dreadful Night. They have loads of great old b-sides too but I haven't listened to those enough yet to make a list. That Doctor Who finale was crazy! I liked it a lot, but I'm sad that I now have to wait 6 months for the next episode :(

  15. That's great that you finally got a real job! What job is it? I really wish I had one. I'm trying so hard to make my Muse concert as surprising as possible. I think people have already found out what songs Muse have been rehearsing, and what the stadium stage looks like... it's really annoying not being able to join in the discussions. :laugh3: Also the first stadium gig is in two days, so it'll be even harder to avoid spoilers :embarrassed: Funny that you mentioned White Lies, because they have a new album coming out this summer! :dance: I haven't listened to them in ages but I'm seeing them at Reading so I will probably start listening to them again now! I've recently been really obsessed with Biffy Clyro. I've finally listened to all their albums and I think they're absolutely superb. Have you heard many of their b-sides? I've been listening to their recent b-sides and they are amazing! :stunned: Also, did you see the season finale of Doctor Who!? :o

  16. Apparently the victim was a 60-year old man :cry: I think he was found late last night after being attacked at a cash machine or something... it's terrible. I don't know what's happening to this town, there have also been loads of racist comments and threats made about a new Muslim prayer centre that's being built :stunned:

  17. Unfortunately I didn't get to see Star Trek today because when I got to the cinema it was closed because someone was murdered there :cry: The whole place was full of police and forensic people... It's so weird because this is usually such a nice crime-free town :(

  18. OMG it's exactly two weeks :bomb: Between now and then I have an exam and a family weekend that might suck... I don't even think I will be able to concentrate on anything as I will be too excited :laugh3: By the way, have you seen the new Star Trek movie? I am going to see it tomorrow :dance:

  19. I definitely prefer U2's older stuff from the 80s but I think most of their songs are good, even the recent ones. My favourite song from NLOTH is probably Magnificent. I also really like Unknown Caller and Moment of Surrender. I think their new album is supposed to be out in September/October of this year :) They've been pushing back the release date for about 3 years now, so don't take that to mean it will definitely be out this year :laugh3: It is apparently nearly finished though, so there is a good chance it will be out soon.

  20. They played Cut a Hole at your concert? :o That's awesome, I think they've only ever played that song twice! Speaking of new albums, apparently U2's new album will be out later this year! I'm pretty excited about it, even though they seem to be a bit of a guilty pleasure nowadays :laugh3:

  21. Hmmm, I doubt Radiohead would do an album like OK Computer again (and OK Computer is definitely my favourite album ever). But I think based on the new stuff I've heard on youtube, the new album could end up being like a mix of all their albums. So maybe there will be some OKC-esque elements in it :)

  22. My favourite Doctor is probably the 10th Doctor (David Tennant) although I do really like Matt Smith. I liked Christopher Eccleston too, but I don't think he was in the show long enough for me to get attached to him. I was so sad when David Tennant left the show :cry: I haven't watched any of the old series though, I will probably try to watch them one day. Our cat doesn't really have a name at the moment, I've just been calling her "Cat" or "Kitty" mostly :laugh3: Sometimes I accidentally call her by the name of our old cat though :embarrassed: I don't really know much about Radiohead's next album, has there been some news about it? :wideeyed: I have heard the new songs that they played live last year though and they sound awesome! I also really hope that Follow Me Around (a song that has been unreleased for ages) will finally be released on this album but I think it's unlikely. :(

  23. Hell yeah I like Doctor Who! It's pretty much the only thing I watch nowadays :D I'm quite liking the new series so far. There are a few things that annoy me about it though, mainly how they seem to keep changing the rules of how time works every episode. :laugh3: I don't watch Sherlock though. I kind of want to, but I get put off by all the insane fangirly stuff I see on the internet... :uhoh: There is now less than a month until I see Muse... :bomb: Apparently they are already in Coventry setting up the stage for rehearsals so I will have to be careful to avoid spoilers! :o Also, I have a new cat! :nice: She's the most purry and friendly cat I've ever seen and she loves to curl up on my lap and have me stroke her tummy :cheesy:

  24. Yeah, I would probably die if they played Dead Star, Micro Cuts, Muscle Museum, Blackout or any other rare song :lol: I'm glad that you've started watching Heroes! :awesome: I knew that if you liked Lost then you would like Heroes. Who are your favourite characters at the moment?

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