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  1. On 8/1/2016 at 2:48 PM, James. said:

    I can't believe they're finally playing Let Down again... wish I could see them 😞

    Lol I haven't been here in 5 years but I decided to pop my head back in for some nostalgia. Seems like this was my last post so here's an update... I finally saw Radiohead live in Manchester in 2017 and it was amazing. They opened with Let Down which was obviously a brilliant surprise. Still one of the best gigs I've ever been to (and I've been to a fair few 😛 )

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  2. That was a blast! I was so happy to hear Lovers in Japan, even though nobody around me seemed to know it... Don't Panic was also great to hear, including Jonny's singing part :D I would have liked something a bit more obscure as the request (I was gonna request AROBTTH but didn't get round to making a video :( ) but to be honest In My Place is a song that I feel they should always play so I'd have been disappointed if they hadn't played it. They played SYS though which made up for the not-so-obscure request song.

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  3. My list is something like this:


    OK Computer

    In Rainbows

    Hail to the Thief

    A Moon Shaped Pool

    Kid A

    The Bends


    The King of Limbs

    Pablo Honey


    It shifts all the time (especially AMSP at the moment obviously) but the top 2 and bottom 3 are pretty much set in stone. I'd say the top 6 are all 'great albums' though.

  4. Hi guys! Yep, I remember the good old chatbox days... Is that gone now? I can't see it :(


    I'm still looking forward to the shows (especially Manchester) despite not being a huge fan of the most recent couple of albums, as I know they put on a great show. I'm sure my inner fanboy will emerge when I actually see them :P

  5. Love the new album. I just wish I was seeing them live this year :( Hopefully they'll come back and do a proper tour next year with tickets that don't sell out in less than a second.

  6. This is going to be my first time seeing Coldplay live thanks to my awesome girlfriend getting us tickets to this :awesome:


    I'm expecting an average setlist of just the hits but I can't complain about a free festival now can I? The lineup isn't exactly amazing, but I'm looking forward to seeing Coldplay and Biffy Clyro (as long as they don't clash, which would be typical...)

  7. Been a Coldplay fan since 2011 (well, on and off) but never got around to seeing them before. I missed out on tickets for this tour when they first went on sale, but my girlfriend who lives in Exeter got us both tickets for Big Weekend. Now I couldn't be satisfied with just seeing a (probably) short and predictable festival set so I maintained hope that I could grab a ticket for one of the stadium shows... and finally I managed to snag one for this date!


    Not as big a fan as I used to be, but they've been on my 'to see' list for a while so I'm glad to finally be able to tick them off. Hopefully some of the oldies from the recent gigs (A Message, AROBTTH, See You Soon etc) will stick around too, but I'll probably end up enjoying it anyway. :D

  8. I'm not new here but I haven't posted in like 2 years and this place looks completely different to how I remember it, and most of you here probably don't know me (unless any of the old folks from like 2012 are still on here) so.... hi! I'm James (as you probably guessed) and I'm not really a huge Coldplay fan anymore. But I had some fun times here and now I'm finally getting the chance to see Coldplay live (in Exeter and Manchester) so I thought I'd come back and post here for old time's sake! :escaping2:

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  9. I don't know how this song is in any territory of good, let alone decent. :inquisitive:


    The lyricism is pretentious, dumbed down, and straight up laughable for any band to endeavor. Yes, it's political purposes are an important discussion but it's not "risky" when it all it does is talk down rather than raise awareness. There's too many holes within its "Milgram experiment" logic. And whether or not the message implies the military or society, it's nastily exaggerated and one-track minded.


    I care less for the production or instrumentation though, bunch of cocky rock with a cringing chorus and cheesy as hell sergeant melodrama sequence. Hopefully this is the only song to be this piss awful, cause I'd argue this is their most underdeveloped song in a while :angry:


    Your opinion of the song seems to be pretty much the opposite of mine, lol. I really don't care about the cheesy lyrics, I stopped caring about Muse lyrics when they released Survival. The thing I look for in Muse is their ability to make good rock music and awesome riffs, which this song demonstrates very well. Id say it was one of their best songs in quite a while.


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  10. It kinda sounds like this thread is assuming that everybody's favourite band on this forum is Coldplay :P

    Not that I don't like Coldplay, they just don't come anywhere near my favourite bands at the moment. Anyway, I don't think I could choose between these:





    Biffy Clyro

    Arcane Roots

    And So I Watch You From Afar


  11. It's happening to me right now with a bunch of different bands.


    Most of the bands I'm into at the moment released their last album before I became a fan, so I'm yet to really experience an album release I've been properly hyped for. Muse and Coldplay have both released albums since I became a fan but all of those (Mylo Xyloto, The 2nd Law and Ghost Stories) were a bit underwhelming. I've somewhat given up on Coldplay now (or at least I've lowered my expectations a bit) but Muse's next album is their first I've been properly optimistic about. Being a fan of Blur and Radiohead I've been anticipating/hoping for a new album for what feels like forever.


    Frank Turner's new album is one of the first albums for which I've experienced pretty much the whole anticipation experience so far. I became a fan a few months after his last album (Tape Deck Heart) came out and since then I've been following the new songs he's played live, watched some of them evolve through different versions and developed favourites that I can't wait to properly hear. I'm also going through a similar, though not quite as involved, process with Arcane Roots' second album, Mike Vennart's (Oceansize) solo debut, ASIWYFA's and Deftones' new albums, to name a few.

  12. This is very intriguing :surprised: This reminds me of when I first heard about lucid dreaming, that was on here too I think. (Thanks guys for introducing me to such interesting things :nice: ) Similarly to the lucid dreaming thing, it's not really something I've really thought about before. If I have experienced it then I obviously didn't know it was a thing so I just forgot about it. With lucid dreaming, once I knew it was a thing I started to notice it a bit more so maybe the same will happen with this. I'll investigate further and then report back my findings :awesome:

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