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  1. jeez, only ten songs? :( most 'best of' albums i have seen have a lot more than ten songs on them! :laugh3: but if i had to choose 10 it would go something like this: 1. Don't Panic 2. Lovers in Japan 3. Politik 4. Violet Hill 5. The Scientist 6. Life in Technicolor ii 7. In My Place 8. Fix You 9. Viva La Vida 10. Yellow Though believe me, if I could make it 20 songs I would :)
  2. wow, thanks! if you hadn't pointed this out I would never have known about it! :laugh3:
  3. Actually, they have done this before. Both Shiver and Yellow were released before Parachutes.
  4. By the looks of it you accidentally deleted it while removing Talk. The two songs were right next to each other so it was an easy mistake to make :laugh3:
  5. just to draw attention to something: back on page 57 of this thread, the song "42" had 39 points, then in the next post it is gone. go look if you don't believe me :P I sense foul play as this is not the only case of songs "going missing" on this thread :laugh3:
  6. A Message 32 Cemeteries Of London 41 Daylight 33 Don't Panic 65 Death And All His Friends 36 Fix You 48 Gravity 2 High Speed 38 In My Place 24 I Ran Away 30 Life in Technicolor 20 Lost! 36 Lovers In Japan 53 Ladder To The Sun 24 Moses 31 Politik 52 The Scientist 51 Shiver 57 Strawberry Swing 24 Swallowed In The Sea 33 Sparks 33 Trouble 54 Viva La Vida 32 Violet Hill 39 Yellow 17
  7. WOW that's a lot of stuff! :shocked2: Some of it looks too small to read, but these are the bits that stand out to me: "On every street On every surface" (top left) could be lyrics? 7:5:08 (the mystery numbers, anyone have any more ideas what they mean?) Something written in large green letters, underneath where it says "whatever you do don't let go" (only the tops of the letters are visible) Bottom right hand corner, above what looks like a scribbled out "under 1 roof" there's some more green text, anyone have any idea what this says?
  8. Also, underneath this, tilt your head to the right and you can see the 'Under 1 roof' again. I wonder what it means :confused:
  9. I know this is a pretty old thread, but here's my top 5: Murder Things I Don't Understand Proof How You See the World The Goldrush (although every other b-side would come joint 6th) :laugh3:
  10. Tyderian, thank you so much! I have been looking for many of these songs in sheet music and MIDIs for a while now, it's great to see them all in one place like this :D
  11. I've been a Coldplay fan for about a year and a half now. My first introduction to the band was through X&Y, which my dad let me borrow so I could get some new tracks on the iPod he had recently bought me. I had heard a few of their songs before, but never really paid much attention to them until then. After hearing amazing songs like Fix You, Talk, Speed of Sound and the Hardest Part, I wanted to hear more so I went and looked up some other Coldplay albums and came across AROBTTH and Parachutes, which pretty much blew my mind and ensured that from then on I had a new favourite band! :D C
  12. Happy birthday Politik!:thumbsup: Let me tell you the story of how I fell in love with this song... I can hardly believe it now, but I had never even heard of this song until 2010! I wasn't even a fan of the band until I was introduced to them by borrowing my dad's copy of X&Y last year. After listening to it I was happily surprised by what I heard, and decided I would try out some of their earlier material. So, I went to the iTunes store to listen to some of the 30 second previews from AROBTTH. Of course I had already heard of The Scientist and Clocks (who hasn't???) but what was this so
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