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  1. Hahaha you're right. Kelly Jones (lead singer of Stereophonics) called Thom Yorke a "miserable ****" a few years ago and I don't think Thom was too happy about that :lol: I actually only found out about the other day too. They are from Wales, and extremely under-rated if you ask me. They have 7 albums out, but only a couple of big hits. If you want to check them out, I'd recommend the songs Dakota, Maybe Tomorrow, Just Looking, Have a Nice Day, Local Boy in the Photograph and Pick a Part That's New to begin with. I almost died earlier, because I thought I had an email saying I had won tickets to see Muse at BBC Radio 2 In Concert, but it turned out it was just to confirm my email address :laugh3: :( I still hope that I win the tickets though! :awesome:

  2. Oh, not much at all. There's probably something I should be doing, but it can wait right? :lol:

  3. Hello! I'm fine thanks!

  4. Yes I have seen it! I like it, but I wish they hadn't basically made it an advert for the comic. Couldn't they have just released a separate trailer for the comics? :\

  5. That's so awesome that you will get to see Muse next year! :D The only festival I've ever been to is a local annual folk festival which is a lot more 'civilised' than most festivals :lol: Everyone's polite and there's never any puking or pushing or throwing things... I expect I'll be shocked when I go to Reading then :laugh3: I'm also quite excited at the moment because another band that I like, Stereophonics, are releasing a new album soon and probably touring next year! Have you heard of them?

  6. Yeah, I saw that news about Muse's North American tour dates! That's pretty exciting! I've been thinking about how awesome it would be if Blur did a bunch of festivals next year... they're headlining Rock Werchter in July so I wouldn't be surprised if they announced more festival dates at some point. They did Glastonbury in 2009 so I don't think they'll do it next year, but I'd love it if they did Reading/Leeds because I'm planning on going to Reading to celebrate my 18th :D Of course I'll enjoy it whatever bands are there, but if Blur headline then that would be an amazing first festival experience for me! Have you been to any music festivals before?

  7. Sorry, I left before you posted that link :( When is the next game night happening?

  8. Hey! I've just heard the brilliant news that Blur are doing a tour next year! They're apparently going to visit countries they haven't been to in years. I think there's a good chance they'll go to America, because the last time they played there was in 2003! Maybe you will get a chance to see them? :wacky:

  9. You do type a lot! :lol: Even though I'm not going to any Muse gig this tour, I honestly can't wait until the start of the proper tour because I'm so interested to see what old songs (if any) they bring back! Also I really want to hear live versions of Explorers. Liquid State, Big Freeze Unsustainable :wacky: I will definitely have to check out those Pink Floyd albums. One of my best friends is always talking about how how great Pink Floyd are every time I see him, so I kinda feel like I'm missing out! Oh yeah, I've heard about that Dark Side of the Rainbow thing... creepy!

  10. It's ok! I just sent you one back!

  11. Wooo! I love Animals, Supremacy and Panic Station too :) I also quite like Big Freeze, what do you think of that one? I think Save Me is beautiful (it reminds me a little of Let Down by Radiohead) and Liquid State is cool. Explorers is a bit too long, but otherwise it's great!

  12. Hahaha... you read all the lyrics before you even heard the album?! :lol: So, what do you think of the lyrics? :P (Ahhh, how long is it until 7:00 where you are? I'm rubbish with time zones...)

  13. Have fun listening to The 2nd Law today :awesome: :dance:

  14. I've bought my 2nd Law CD today! :awesome: It's still a bit early for me to decide yet, but I'd say it's probably better than I expected. I won't lie, there are some disappointments, but the good stuff more than makes up for it. And there's definitely more good stuff on this album than on The Resistance! How many of the new songs have you already heard?

  15. Hahaha no not quite, I am still just about alive :laugh3: I've only listened to the album a couple of times, as I don't want to get tired of it before I even have it! It's only a couple more days, so your wait will soon be over. I'm pretty sure you will enjoy it, there are some truly amazing songs on there.

  16. It hasn't leaked exactly, but there is an official stream of it available on muse's sound cloud (http://soundcloud.com/muse/sets/the-2nd-law-1/s-OnKj0 if you want to listen to it :)) I'm not sure what to make of it yet... it has some of their best songs and some of their worst songs too. I think it's better than The Resistance though. (And I hate Undisclosed Desires, but each to their own :P) Yes, Parklife is probably Blur's masterpiece. I really love Modern Life Is Rubbish though, it's when they really started to get good. :wacky: Did Damon really say that? When? Where? :surprised: I'd love it if they continued touring, even if it is in America :P And my name's James. :)

  17. Have you listened to the new Muse album? :surprised:

  18. Wow. It seems like The 2nd Law leaked! Have you heard it yet? I'm waiting until the official web stream of the album, which is in one hour for me :dance: edit: I am listening to it right now :dead:

  19. My avi is the symbol of the Superintendent, a character from the Halo video game franchise :)

  20. Actually there's high quality videos of all the new songs available now :D:D:D:D Supremacy is effing amazing!

  21. I'm so happy right now. Animals sounds like Sunburn, Megalomania, Screenager and MK Ultra all in one... Panic Station sounds so much better than I imagined... Follow Me sounds like it could be the new Starlight or something... Supremacy is apparently amazing but the only clip of it is really poor quality :( There seems to be so much more awesome guitar stuff in these songs that on The Resistance too! And all this based on just a few minutes of live footage :lol:

  22. My thoughts? This album is already looking to be about 10x better than The Resistance... and I haven't even heard Supremacy yet - supposedly the best song on the album! :D

  23. I'm sorry, words can't even describe how I'm feeling right now. :bomb: http://www.coldplaying.com/forum/showpost.php?p=5420793&postcount=26738

  24. Apparently Uno leaked. Is that true?

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