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  1. Do you know that Coldplay's song "Princess of China" features Takk in the intro, and that Chris said when they asked Sigur R贸s about using their song, 3 of them were ok with that, but one of them was "not happy" about it?

    Holy crap you're right. Wow...how the heck did I miss that haha. God that is freaking amazing!!!

    And well, I sure hope J贸nsi was one of the 3 who was okay with it lol

    and did you know that according to chris, his first child was born to sigur ros' music?

    Well that's the only proper way to be born!

  2. He has mentioned Sigur R贸s quite a few times actually :)

    I know there's at least 1 audio interview, but I can't remember which one :S

    Edit: I think I found it, it was during a 2005 radio takeover on 99X by Chris where he tells a story where they were buying 5 copies of the new Sigur R贸s album. I just can't find it in Multimedia

    Oh that's awesome, I'll try to search around and see if I can find it lol

    Chris also mentioned Sigur Ros in today's Zane Lowe interview, how they released an album at the same time as Parachutes and how they thought "wow, they make better music than we do".

    Oh holy crap no way?? Is there any links to that interview? I can't find anything right now.

  3. I was thinking about how much I love Coldplay. And then I was thinking to myself how much I love Sigur R贸s.

    Then I thought to myself, man I'd love for the two of them to do something together, that would be a magic of unspeakable beauty.

    But then I brought myself back to reality lol, and though, hmm I wonder if Sigur R贸s, its members, have mentioned Coldplay in any interview or something, but I couldn't find anything like that.

    So then I thought the reverse: Maybe Coldplay, or Chris has mentioned Sigur R贸s, or J贸nsi in an interview...

    And I found this article!: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/culture/music/3553700/Chris-Martin-Coldplay-will-never-be-cool.html

    I then scrolled down and saw this supposed quote from Chris:

    "I always thought that if you were a 16-year-old and liked Coldplay you'd keep it quiet. We aren't cool and never will be. But I hope after this album, 16-year-olds will feel proud to like Coldplay. The best gig I've ever been to was by John Williams, who wrote the music for Jaws and Star Wars. I also love Stevie Wonder and Christy Moore. Are they cool? The best bands in the world today are probably Arcade Fire and Sigur R贸s. I think Coldplay is only the seventh best in the world."

    Is this..real? Can someone confirm? And was this a recorded interview, audio or video-doesn't matter to me which one, or was this just in the written format by this Brian Boyd person who wrote the article?

    I'm kind of just freaking out right now lol, Chris mentioning/knowing of Sigur R贸s makes me happier than anything on this earth, because that means he/the band has probably heard "Hopp铆polla", which I think every single person of this planet should hear at least once in their lives, regardless of whether they like it or not. (If you're reading this right now and haven't heard it before, go fix that! -- http://bit.ly/1NfwZtO)

    So please someone tell me this is legit! And is there any other times Chris, or any members of Coldplay have mentioned Sigur R贸s, or J贸nsi in any way??

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  4. I never once said they were a "weird obscure acoustic slow band". You can't honestly tell me that anything on Viva is even close to the ASFOS sound. And honestly, no, they haven't always been a radio-ready band, save for a Clocks or a Viva La Vida. What I get from them now is that they're trying to hard to be a radio-ready band. I humbly apologize if this comes off as "whining"

    I'm not trying to single you out or anything, I just get tired of people who do whine, because the same thing happens every single time any band releases new music. No matter what, there is always a portion of fans who despise the new music and say things like "I want the old [insert artist name here] back", and it just gets aggravating to me.

    Speaking to what you said though about their singles and being radio-ready: Ehhh, not entirely. I mean Yellow was pretty much their first hit, and it was played a bunch on the radio back when that came out, and can easily be considered a "pop" song. Same with In My Place, Clocks obviously as you said, Speed Of Sound, Talk..all these singles from all their earlier albums were played a bunch on the radio, and can be considered "pop rock".

    Also, I wouldn't say they're "trying hard to be a radio-ready band". They're trying new things, and evolving their sound, and the new things they're trying happen to be more closely related to the types of songs that are popular on the radio now. That in itself doesn't mean they're any better or worse than they've ever been, nor that their songs are. Chris has said in countless interviews now that he likes plenty of pop and electronic music. They're legitimately playing what they like. Sure, I guess it's possible they're lying and trying to just grab money by playing what's popular, but I highly doubt that's the case.

    And let me just leave you with this: Ultimately, if a song is a good song [to you]鈥搃t's a good song. And if a song is a bad song [to you]鈥搃t's a bad song. Genre, it being a "radio song", a "pop song", etc., etc. all comes later. What matters the most is that you listen to a piece of music, a piece of art, with no preconceptions.. at least as well as you can, and try to truly and deeply intake the sound as wholesomely as you can. And if, by the end of the experience, you do like the song, then you do like the song. And if you don't, you don't, and that's okay too. At least that's the philosophy I take when listening to new music, no matter the artist(s). Don't try to think about genre, nor about whether it's "cool", or "uncool" to like a genre (or a musical artist/group).

    Edit: I realized I haven't even given my opinion of the song in this thread yet lol. It is GROWING on me man! And I mean growing in a way of me liking it better and better, from already having liked it when I first heard it! Holy crap is it good!

  5. I'm honestly very tired of people who call others who don't love the song, "Oldplayers" or that the "animosity" and "negativity" here is horrible and bringing the whole community down. Since when was the only opinion that mattered, the positive one? I'm sorry, I don't like the song. The group has embraced this very produced, radio sound that was never around several albums ago and that's what I long for again; 4 guys just playing instruments. I miss the rock band side. Adventure of a Lifetime is one of my favorite songs of theirs in quite a long time and I've played it countless times consecutively, so I'm not some "Oldplayer" who "hate-listens" and complains about every single song. I am extremely excited for the album and am pleasantly encouraged by what new direction they're going, from the snippets. If I wasn't a huge fan of theirs I wouldn't be on here. So please, those of you who think you're a "real" Coldplay fan and know better than fans who have loved them since Parachutes, stop misinterpreting reservations about the songs for hate.

    Let me specifically talk about this part of your comment first: "The group has embraced this very produced, radio sound that was never around several albums ago"

    ...what? Their music has ALWAYS been very radio-ready lol. They're a POP rock band, that's never not been the case. If you don't like their more upbeat, fast-paced, "produced" songs, that's fine. But let's not act like they've always somehow been this weird obscure acoustic slow band. It's not the case. They've always had both types of songs on their albums.

    They're an evolving and growing band, and just as they change as human beings, their music is going to change.

    What I'm really tired of hearing people whining about (and this isn't just with Coldplay) is pop music in general. A 'produced' song doesn't somehow automatically = a bad song.

    And further, a song that someone writes, and then someone else plays, and someone else produces doesn't magically = a bad song either. Obviously this isn't really the case with Coldplay, but there's nothing wrong with singing something someone else wrote, which definitely can be the case with some pop music. That doesn't make you somehow "less" than any other musician.

    With music, my philosophy at least, is that if it sounds good, it sounds good, and it's good. That's all it needs to be.

  6. Some people in this forum are so close minded about pop music and electronic sounds that it makes me scary.

    Anyways....about the song, I dare to say Everglow is one of their best ballads since X&Y. It's way better than Amazing Day, which I thought was very average.

    I totally agree. I love how Chris repeatedly says in interviews how much he enjoys pop and electronic music though, it makes me feel better!

    People need to open their minds more!

  7. Hey guys!

    Well with a new album comes new images and wallpapers, and all sorts of other visual goodness!

    Here's an Imgur link to some resources and stuff that I've found/extracted from Coldplay's website:


    Or, if you want original quality, non-Imgur-downscaled versions of all the images, here's a ZIP with all the resources/walls in it!:


    Here's some samples of some wallpapers I quickly made, they're just very basic right now:


    Full sized: http://i.imgur.com/ujXe7So.jpg


    Full sized: http://i.imgur.com/vfwvVg6.jpg


    Full sized: http://i.imgur.com/2MkgG7M.jpg

    What have you guys come up with?!? I want some more wallpapers :D

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  8. The more I've listened to it, the more and more I'm starting to really dig it now!

    I originally didn't care too much for it, but I've really come to enjoy it as of late,

    Is anyone else experiencing this?

  9. 4. O: I don't see why so many of you like it so much, I'm missing the highlight in this song (7/10)

    That makes me sad. The song is so beautiful imo. It doesn't need a highlight. It could be a purely piano song and it'd be great, even without changing much.

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  10. "I wanna live life, never be cruel,

    I wanna live life, be good to you.

    I wanna fly, never come down,

    Live my life, have friends around."

    Fly On... the more I listen, the more I feel connected with that "I wanna fly, never come down"; when sometimes, it is too heavy, falling down, wings broken, still gether the strength to fly on...the opening piano part is really like some classical music...a self-encouraging statement of Chris:"Let's all fly on, till home, to home, from all the sorrows or regrets or pains...cause that's the innate power of your soul" - also a reminder of the opening part of Sigur R贸s's S忙gl贸pur and Flying images of Gl贸s贸li MV.

    The fact that you're even relating Sigur R贸s to Coldplay is awesome! More people/everyone needs to have heard of Sigur R贸s lol

  11. Is there a rip of the video that is played along the album on itunes yet? I don't have ituned and I'd really like to see it :wacko:

    Someone posted this link:


    And it worked for me.

    If it doesn't work for you, I'm probably going to upload the video to another site so people can download it later on today, if someone else doesn't get to it first.

  12. Sorry to revive such an old thread, but does anyone have a working link (to the original big images)??

    All the links are dead :(

    Also, to add to the thread, here's an alternate Moving To Mars cover, modified from the original image in

    the background of the official YouTube video (



    Or, if you want just the background without any words, here's that version:


  13. Mmmm this is my opinion about ASFOS. First, I was so excited when I heard midnight which was different but lyrically deep and then came out magic which was average like all MX album. Later, we heard ocean and a bit of O. In general, all the songs we heard so far had very simple "in a bad way" lyrics (except midnight). I have read true love and it is as simple as just talking to a friend or chatting on with someone over the phone.

    Today, a sky full of stars came out and I wish it never came out. It is worse by light years than princess of china and waterfall. There is no creativity, nothing new at all, repetition repetition repetition. So stupid song maybe bieber or 3D direction could make it or make better than this.

    Remember people as Chris said it should be personal album with a lot of support from his band mate and family. If he thinks this is the most difficult time in his life and crying about it in the interview, and this as personal as he can get, he has problems. How come it is personal? while it is very shallow ( I don't say please reveal everything it is not my business, what I mean it should be emotional and more mature lyrics). Stop acting you don't needed too, people going to buy it no worries. When I heard the 1 hours and 1 min interview I was so confidence it is going to be emotional album full of lyrics that is to deep or at least deep enough that it came from difficult times. 16 years old girl/boy with broken heart from any life reasons can 100% write better lyrics than your whole GS album so far.

    My conclusion

    1- Chris stop crying and acting about your personal issues and it is all over this album which is not.

    2- you should have an Oscar on the performance of that interview with Zane, all the pause and silence and acting weird it is all a part of the acting your a doing.

    3- you gave 65% for X&Y. However, it is sooooo much better than MX and GS so far, and a lot of people love it.

    4- Wish someone else handle the talking instead of Chris.

    5- the only truth he said: he is a bieber and 1D fan which explains it all (dont tell me he is makeing fun of them, because he is not).

    Sweet jesus, I can feel my jimmies a rustlin' :D

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