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  1. 29 minutes ago, jphantom said:

    Does anyone know the meaning behind coloratura? It feels like it’s about someone who is in love with the idea and feels the need to go explore the universe but with today’s technology restraints they can’t do that and for now all they have is that person they love on the planet they’re on. What does everyone think?

    If you're talking about the word, it exists.


  2. Really happy that John Metcalfe co-wrote Coloratura.
    Loved the strings on Everyday Life and always thought that the song was too short...
    So, for a 10 minute finale, I'm in...

    Is it pure speculation that it's Music of the spheres- volume 1 ? I didn't find the infos about that.
    I bought the infinite cd and vinyl on their website, but I find the normal version much better looking...

  3. 2 hours ago, Coeurli said:

    Actually EL was a double album that they didn't want to promote much, whereas MOTS/LP9 is likely to be one big album that they want to promote for a while.

    So it makes sense that they would release 2 tracks from each side of EL as one release, and only one track to launch the MOTS/LP9 era. They're probaby going to release 1 single after the other, with a lot of space inbetween. Although maybe we could get a Higher Power EP in a little while! Afterall this 1 track CD was advertised as a limited edition only.



    Sure. I know that cd singles are long gone. But no instrumental ? no remix ? Just one track ?

    We have several remixes and versions available on Spotify or YouTube official channel that haven't got a physical version...

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