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  1. :) Hey I'm sorry it took me a little while to reply, there was some family visiting over the weekend so I was a little busy. But did you watch the Grammy's? If so, what did you think? Oh, and btw Happy Valentine's Day. :)

  2. :awesome: Holy cow I envy you!!!! You're so lucky!! :D Thanks so much for sharing the video!! Us Against the World is definitely one of my absolute most favourites off MX, so I can't even imagine getting to see them perform it so close! Did you have a favourite song on the setlist? (It looked pretty epic) But yay! I'm so excited about seeing them soon! :happy: And so glad you had such a great experience!! :happy2:

  3. :lol: Well I'm glad my insane, impossible-to-comprehend frozen yogurt streaming up my arm story made you laugh! :D Haha! Yeah, that happens to me, too! I'm always so distracted by everyone and everything around me, I always overflow my soda from the soda machine, too!! xD My mom always rolls her eyes when I go to get a drink, 'cause she knows I'm gonna overflow it (wow, before I corrected it, I typed "My mom always rolls my eyes"...now that's weird to think about! :confused: :lol:) I'll never forget getting a drink and this guy I liked at the time walked in and I was all freaking out trying to hurry up and get back to my table before I did something goofy, and I ended up overflowing my drink, clumsily cleaning that up, then ended up trying 3 different lids before I found the one that fit, then I grabbed a straw and ran off, only to realize I'd grabbed a coffee stirrer instead. It was chaos, and my friend was rolling in the floor laughing. :rolleyes: So yeah, that's me. xD

  4. ...And I just ran over the character limit again. :rolleyes: Anyway, emerald is my favourite gem, so I just adore my new ring. :D Plus, my mom already told me that she'll allow me a "little Muse.mu shopping spree" for Christmas, so I couldn't be happier!! :D MUSE MERCH!!!!!!!!!!!!! :bliss: :loveshower: I can't believe this weekend is almost here!! Are you celebrating it this weekend or the actual day of? :) Oh and merry early Christmas!! :dance:

  5. (Sorry for taking awhile to reply) Right now for some reason I can't quit listening to Fifty On Our Foreheads and Farewell to the Fairground...however, I'm loving basically everything I hear of theirs!

  6. *Dude, it's a BRAINBOW!! :lol: :wacky:

  7. *Oh, and I forgot to add, I thought Jennifer Hudson did a good job on the tribute to Whitney Houston.

  8. *Oh, and I just joined your Green Day Appreciation group, btw. :D

  9. 7 times?! So lucky! :laugh3: And they'd better tour again! My music happiness depends on it! :lol: Though I'd be more than willing to travel to see them again if I must...:nod:

  10. A couple of my favs of Pink Floyd's are "Comfortably Numb" and "On the Turning Away." (Actually had to make posters to advertise those songs in my room :D) and some of my favs from the Beatles are "Something" and the wonderfully quirky "Eleanor Rigby". Though I love dozens of songs from both these bands. I feel like I can hear quite a bit of Pink Floyd influence in RH (especially "Lucky" :D), and Beatle influence in some of CP. :awesome:But of course CP and RH are both entirely unique, as well, which makes them truly incomparable, as you well know. :cheesy: Sorta random, but I was just sorta curious if you play any instruments?:drummer:

  11. A friend of mine who lives around Bury St Edmunds was telling me about Upper Sixth Form & we decided the rough US equivalent would be the senior year of highschool, but really our school systems don't match up enough for there to be an exact equivalent. Sorry to hear you're not much looking forward to the year ahead. That stinks. And sorry your timetable is horrid. :( Best of luck in it all though! : ) Oh wow maths is your strength? Maths was always my weakest spot in school. English, History, Geography & Chemistry were my strongest points, but sadly I've never been any good at all with maths. I somehow did manage to finish highschool 2 years early though and am going to culinary school next year as it's my ultimate goal to open my own restaurant someday. :wacko: Well hope this school year goes as smooth as it can for you! :)

  12. ABSOLUTELY. As in "Black Hole" of course. :D I love Muse to death! :) I really needed to find some way to segue Muse into my CP username. ;)

  13. Actually yes, I LOVE Sherlock Holmes!! And I love the stories! I only recently starting watching the new one, and I love it, but growing up my favourite show was the Sherlock Holmes with Jeremy Brett as Sherlock Holmes. Have you ever seen anything of Sherlock Holmes besides the movie? :D

  14. After writing my 2nd concert PM, I feel the need to apologize yet again for the insane length of it! I really hope you don't mind!! : )

  15. Agreed. It's not something I'd intentionally ever re-watch. :| Sorta off the subject, but did you see those Blobfish pics on the "Spirit Animal" or whatever thread? :laugh2:

  16. Ah okay, so it's from Halo. :nod: My brother-in-law is obsessed with that game and I've played it a couple times, but I just always ended up killing the wrong guys and going in the wrong direction...:blank: :lol: But cool! Now I'm no longer oblivious to the origin of your new avatar. :laugh3: So I assume you're a big Halo fan then?

  17. Ah that's fantastic (and soon!!)!!! :D New songs for the first time in 10 years?! You lucky person, I'm jealous!! :lol: Really though, that sounds so awesome! And yes, all of their stuff is totally brilliant but for some reason This Is a Low is just quite special to me. ...Random, but I'm getting so antsy for Muse to announce tour dates. I recently got a job specifically TO save money for when they come so I am READY. :laugh3: Also cannot wait for their new album. Have you heard anything more about it? :wacko:

  18. Ah yes, I totally agree that all of those are SO GREAT!! Sort of off the subject, but Muse is supposed to tour near me late this year...I really need to start saving up for them. :D Having been able to see Radiohead already, and going to see Coldplay in June, if I could just see Muse...all my dreams will have come true. :D

  19. Ah yes, I was one of the lucky ones who got to see it in theaters. :heart: I'll not lie, I cried all throughout. :cry: :lol: I've always had the utmost respect for the band, yet somehow I always end up with even more for them. :) Can't wait to get it on DVD. :D

  20. Ah yes, life can be great. :D And to answer your question...no, I don't really have any friends with the same musical tastes as me. I don't know anyone who likes Coldplay :( and I know absolutely NO Radiohead fans! :( I do have one friend who somewhat likes Muse, though, which is nice. Though I'm constantly trying to get everyone I know to listen to these bands, so far none of them get it. What about you? Do your friends have the same musical tastes as you? :)

  21. Ah yes, RH namedropping is a definite requirement from us crazy fans. ;) :D And thank you! I still cannot believe it!! I'll be the crazy one in the back screaming and singing and crying. :wacko: And I've made my mom and sister "uncomfortable" because I'm making a We Suck Young Blood tee shirt to wear to the concert. :laugh3: They asked me to make something "less disturbing" but I insisted on We Suck Young Blood. It's only appropriate, after all. :smug: And it's one of my absolute favourite songs of theirs. :pleased:

  22. Ah yes! I've finally finished highschool and it's so exciting! However, it's also a bit stressful thinking about college though, as well. :P But oh my goodness YES, I am SO excited for The 2nd Law!! It is going to be SO awesome, I just know it!! :D I'm seriously going to throw a party on it's release date!! :dance: Oh but I'm sort of obsessing with Coldplay right now because I got to see them last Friday!! Best. Concert. EVER!! They played so many of my favourite songs and it was just such a beautiful show I just don't know how to describe it. :D I'm still in a daze. :wacko: Oooh but I'm so anxious for Muse to accounce US tour dates!! Are you going to see them this tour? : )

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