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  1. OMG really?? :surprised: That would be so bloody amazing if Biffy Clyro did play Opposites in full as well as all its b-sides! It would be too awesome. :awesome: But back to your upcoming concert...TODAY'S THE DAY...:bomb: Hope you have a fantastic time!!!! :dance:

  2. Oh yeah and forgot to add that I also LOVE Muse, too. :D They are absolutely AMAZING. Have you ever seen them live?

  3. My Valentine's Day was good, thanks for asking. :) I thought it'd be a good day to re-watch CP's Live 2003 A Rush of Blood to the Head tour concert, so it was of course awesome, as always. :D And yes, I totally agree...I really hated to see Chris Brown on the Grammys at all because, to me, after what he's done in his past, it's really sad to me that he still has fans at all! :\ There's a line, and he crossed it when he did what he did to Rihanna. But, overall, the Grammys were good and I agree that that song Paul McCartney sang was really cool. :) I think it'd be really cool to see him live someday...to me it'd just be such an amazing thing because he was part of the Beatles!! :)

  4. Sorry I took awhile to reply. :P Ah, I'm glad to hear you like Radiohead. :D Can't believe I'll get to see them just next weekend! :D And same here...I have a pretty broad taste in music, as well, and quite honestly, I agree with all of those you just named off. Some of my very favourites are Muse, Broken Bells, Pink Floyd, Onerepublic, Keane, Snow Patrol, and The Shins. Muse is highest up there, though, next to CP and Radiohead. :cheesy:

  5. Basically impossible...:D And hmm...I really honestly don't think I could choose a favourite concert...every one I've seen has been so different and so brilliant. :D Do you have a favourite or favourites?? :D

  6. Well, to be entirely honest, I think driving will always be a little scary to me...experienced way too many almost-wrecks. :anxious: And I'll probably always avoid the highway at all costs. However, being able to go somewhere on my own without having to depend on someone else all the time will be quite nice. :happy: So how was your birthday? :nice:

  7. You're a Muse fan, too? :awesome:

  8. NOW do you see why I've been trying to get you to become a fan for SO long now?! Well, I'm glad you've finally come to your senses. ;) <3

  9. Well, now that I think about it, I really do more acoustic than anything, but I really like to experiment as much as possible, and I love Muse-esque genres most I think. I like doing a lot of piano rock and stuff like that, but I'd really love to get a little more skilled on the electric guitar and violin. But no, I've never actually been in a band. But I have played along in friends' bands from time to time, and I do hope to be part of a band someday for sure, 'cause music is just such a huge part of me. But OMG the RH concert was even better than I could have even imagined! They played There There, Airbag, 15 Step, Nude, Myxomatosis and tons of other favourites of mine, and ended with Paranoid Android! :D Undoubtedly, it was the absolute most amazing experience of my life! It literally changed my life. Next time they come through, I'm going to save up to go to more than one of their concerts, 'cause they are such an amazing live act, it would undoubtedly be worth it. :wacko:

  10. Yeah, I agree! I really like The Resistance, too. I can remember New Born, Blackout, Soldier's Poem, Unintended, & Sing for Absolution being the first songs that just totally pulled me in, and then the more I listened, the more I was like "OMG I bloody love this band!!" :lol: And my friends make fun of it and call it "nasally", but I also think Matt's voice is totally awesome. :wacko: And I love R.E.M.! I've loved them for ever since I can remember, really, thanks to my mom being a fan. However, I still need to check Mother Mother out more. What songs of theirs do you love the most? :)

  11. You have great taste in music--I love all of those you named off! :D This is a sort of random question, but since I know you love Muse, I was wondering if you have seen their HAARP 2007 concert? It is just SO awesome! Especially songs like New Born have so much extended guitar play and it is just so amazing. HAARP caused me to be an even bigger Muse fan than before! Oh and that's fine you haven't been able to reply for awhile--I've been busy lately, too. :P I'm sorry to hear school has been tough for you lately! Good luck with everything! I hope it gets easier for you! :nice:

  12. Hey sorry it took me forever to reply. :facepalm: I was out of town for a few days and when I finally got back on Coldplaying I had 8 notifications so it knocked your post down a little and I just now remembered, "Wait a minute...I never replied to that Coldplayer with that awesome 'Exo-Politik' user title..." :thinking: lol But I'm glad to hear you like those songs! That's a start in Radiohead fandom. :) I cannot believe that I'll actually get to see Radiohead just next Saturday! :awesome:

  13. Yeah, HAARP is basically the epitome of other-worldly awesome. :D And yeah, Muse is expected to release some new stuff this Autumn...maybe even October. :dance: And I know...I need to get a job, too. :lol: Thankfully, there's no definite tour dates near me quite yet, so I'll have some time to save up for at least somewhat decent seats (hopefully). For me, after Radiohead and Coldplay, they're the next thing I'd love so very much to see...:wacko: Plus, they're talking about taking their first real stretch of time off after this, so that just gives me that much more ambition to save up for them.

  14. I highly doubt I'll regret saying that once I see the weather there because I LOVE the rain, and where I live (near Dallas, TX) it gets up to 110+ degrees (which I think you calculate your temperatures in celsius so I'd have to calculate that out, but either way, it's deathly hot!! :P In fact, a friend of mine had a HEAT STROKE in my yard!!!!!! :o :stunned:) And yeah! Go to Belsize and get some pics!! :nod: xD Then show me!! :D :lol: Do you like living where you do? So much of England I just find so beautiful! But OMG how many awesome friends does your mum have?! I'd love to see Gwyneth Paltrow, too! :laugh3: So that same guy won two tickets but didn't want them so he gave them back?!?! What on earth is wrong with him?!?!?! :confused: :o But OMG how incredible that you have a copy of the register that Chris & Phil signed!! Chris Martin's and Phil Harvey's handwriting?! How epic. :wacko:

  15. Hello and welcome again! Hope you love it here as much as we all do!! :D

  16. Yeah, it's sort of sad. :| He's an adorable puppy though...a Schnauzer/Poodle mix (or a Schnoodle). As soon as I got my own dog (a Rat Terrier), I introduced her to Radiohead, and it's the coolest thing, because Nude is apparently her favourite song because she'll literally run up to where my iPod is playing and just sit and stare (like she's in total awe :wideeyed:) every single time I've played it for her (which I'd bet would be over 100 times). I introduced the Schnoodle to Radiohead since he's been staying here, but so far he doesn't seem to have as excellent of muscial tastes as my dog. :P I'm patiently working on him though, and he'll come around by the end of his stay here next week I'm sure...lol. :lol: :smug:

  17. Yay! I'm so looking forward to it!! And the new ones I've heard are Supremacy, Animals, Panic Station & Save Me (and part of Follow Me). So in actuality I've only got a few new ones to look forward to, but I'm still so excited I could die! :laugh3: OMG I can't believe I'll be getting my copy TOMORROW!! :freak:

  18. I'm assuming that all of the awesomeness just killed you...?? :laugh3: :awesome:

  19. Yeah, I know--they're so great! And yes, I love Black Holes and Revelations. Take a Bow has always been a fav. :D But lately Soldier's Poem and Hoodoo have been working their way into my ever-changing "very most favorite" Muse songs. :) Oh, and I'm from Texas, near Dallas. I've been to most every state as I used to travel a lot as a little kid, and I hope to move to Washington State soon. It was the state I fell in love with the most out of them all. :) Where do you live? :)

  20. Vous etes les bienvenus! I'm just so glad you finally love them!! I have no Kasabian friends :(, so it's great you're finally a fan!! :)

  21. I was always a fan of Yellow, but it wasn't until 2007 that I became a huge and obsessive fan of Coldplay, and then 2009 I found Radiohead. CP, Radiohead, and Muse are my three most favourites of all, and to tell you the truth I have no idea how I lived all those years of my life before finding them...:thinking: :lol: Do you like Radiohead? Most people I know aren't fans. :disappointed:

  22. Well, they change up their setlists quite a bit each concert typically, but here is the (awesome :D) setlist I got to experience: 1. Bloom, 2. Little By Little, 3. Weird Fishes/Arpeggi, 4. Morning Mr. Magpie, 5. The Gloaming, 6. 15 Step, 7. Codex, 8. Cut a Hole (new), 9. These Are My Twisted Words, 10. Airbag, 11. Identikit (also new), 12. Lotus Flower, 13. There There, 14. Feral, 15. Idioteque, 16. Reckoner, 17. Seperator, 18. All I Need, 19. Myxomatosis, 20. Everything In Its Right Place, 21. Give Up The Ghost, 22. Nude, 23. Paranoid Android :dance:

  23. Hey thanks for the add! :) You've been accepted. : )

  24. Oh my God I know, Yellow is AMAZING!! That's awesome how much that song means to you. Exactly everything you described with it having such an enormous impact on your life is like exactly what the song The Scientist does for me. That song just speaks to me so much. When a friend of mine was killed in a car accident, I just listened to that song on repeat for literally days and it was seriously what got me through it. That's something especially amazing about Coldplay, is their music is so meaningful and impactful, sometimes it feels almost as if certain songs are written especially for what you are feeling. And cool! Us Against the World is my fav track off of MX, too! I also ADORE Up With The Birds & U.F.O. OMG and Up in Flames. All the "U" ones, haha. :lol: I was really glad they played a bunch of old stuff, too! Next time they come, I'm saving up for at least two shows!! :D I CAN'T WAIT TO SEE THEM AGAIN!!!! :dance:

  25. Yeah, that was actually the first thing I said when someone else asked me what I thought of it, was that Matt's voice is extra, extra epic in it! :wideeyed: I mean, I always find Matt's voice so unspeakably awesome, but it is exceptionally epic in Madness! :D Undisclosed Desires is freaking awesome! I'm a weirdo though--usually the songs that turn out to be my absolute most favourites, I'm not crazy about at first! :surprised: Weird, huh? Like Time Is Running Out for instance, I wasn't crazy about at first, and now it's my most-played Muse song ever!! Micro Cuts is almost just as played as Time Is Running Out by me, and that was another I didn't just adore at first, but now I'm hopelessly obsessed with!! :laugh3: So, based on how weird I am about having to have things grow on me in the past, I have great faith I'll be greatly praising your birthday song soon! :lol: Oh and COME ON OCTOBER FOR THE 2ND LAW!! :dance:

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