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  1. I'm gonna reply to your previous messages asap, but for right now I just wanted to say how amazing all of your Muse pictures are!! :wacky: I'll try to continue replying to your other messages later tonight, after homework and stuff. :nice:

  2. OH MY GOSH those pictures you got are absolutely AMAZING!!!!!!! :stunned: Your favourite (the Knights of Cydonia pic) was one of the best photos I've ever seen of the stage!! I also especially loved the "M-M-M-M-Matt-Mattness" picture!! :lol: Awesome caption, by the way!! :D What I really loved about it was the fact that, at first, all I saw was the awesome "finally" lyric on the screen, only to look down and see Matt with his amazing glasses! :awesome: The one you got during Survival was so epic, too! Could you believe how amazing the lightshow was during that song? I loved the snapping finger and the stomping foot! xD And then the little choir people!! :lol: The pic after the pyramid "consumed" them was super epic (I LOVE ALL THOSE TV SCREENS OMG) and then I love how the last pic, as they're walking off, has Dom on the screen. :heart: ALL OF THE PICTURES WERE SO COOL!! :cool: Thanks for showing them to me! :nice:

  3. To be honest, I've never freaked out over anything in my entire life like I did when they played Sunburn. I've always dreamed of getting something off the Showbiz album live, but I never thought I actually would! I thought I might faint! xD And yeah...I would have loved so much to have gotten New Born (as it is my favourite) but Stockholm Syndrome was an honour to experience live, too, so I'm happy. Maybe...just maybe they'll play New Born for me next tour. I can always hope. :wacky: Glad to hear you've been good! :) I've been good, too. Just busy with school and trying to make some money and I've been doing some volunteer work lately, too. I'm excited for summer! I suppose I should go look for a REAL job though instead of just my usual making and selling t-shirts and dog training. :lol: This is totally off subject, but have you seen the new Panic Station video? Muse is so crazy! :laugh3:

  4. Hi! :) I'm glad the gig went well. :D The venue sounds awesome!! :awesome: So how'd the gig go on Thursday? Have you uploaded some new stuff yet? I'd like to hear your stuff sometime. :happy: Good to hear you had a good birthday!! And oh yes, the concerts were too much! :loveshower: Knights Of Cydonia had the most epic lightshow I've ever seen, and I must say they just give the best overall live performance I've ever experienced (and that says a LOT, 'cause I've seen Radiohead :laugh3:) So yeah, they're great. Thankfully, I'm getting out of the writer's block. I've been writing quite a bit, more music than lyrics at the moment, which is a nice change! :) Good luck on exams! Summer is coming soon! :D I'm about to start applying at culinary schools, and then after graduating from there I'm planning on moving to England for a bit. :D

  5. So your dream came true!!!! :D :cheesy: I'm SO glad they played Stockholm!! :dance: You must have had a happy heart attack!! xD So is your life changed forever now? :wideeyed: YOU JUST SAW MUSE!! :bliss:

  6. JORDAN!! IT'S APRIL 12TH!!! :awesome: TODAY'S THE DAY!!!! :o :dance: YOU ARE GOING TO SEE MUSE LIVE!! :loveshower: Get ready for the best day of your life so far!!!!!!! :bliss:

  7. Hello there, I see that you're somewhat new and just wanted to say welcome. :nice:

  8. Hey! :D Firstly, it's no problem about the late reply. :nice: I'm just sorry that I took so long to reply this time! :P As for what kind of guitar I play, I play acoustic, as well! However, I'm saving up for an electric guitar because I would absolutely love getting extra skilled on some epic electric guitar riffs. :guitarist: OMG I went to go see another favorite band, Muse, TWICE last month! The concerts seriously changed my life! OMG. :cheesy: Oh cool, you ordered a 2nd Mylo sweatshirt?! Awesome! I have a Mylo t-shirt & a Life In Technicolor II t-shirt, and I really need to go on another Coldplay shopping spree. :nod: :laugh3: So how've you been lately? Great, I hope!! :happy: I shall leave you with one of my favorite Coldplaying emoticons...the elephant: :elephant: :D Anyway, I'll talk to ya later! :D

  9. Oh my gosh the story behind that drawing is so awesome!! :lol: But yeah, the finale aired on Easter night!! They were showing every episode of season 3 from Saturday to Sunday, so I decided to try to watch them all so that I could be officially caught up and watch the finale live and hopefully avoid spoilers. Well THAT MORNING a storm comes and fries our TV receiver (what are the bloody odds?! :confused:) so we were unable to record them, which meant I had to watch all 16 hours live over the weekend, and so I was rushing around during commercial breaks because I couldn't rewind or anything. :laugh3: It was totally worth it though! Plus, there's a certain character in Season 3 who is super cool. I never really had a favourite character in the show but now I do! :nod: And OMG is your Muse concert really just in two months?! :o I can't believe June is coming up so quick. :stunned: You must be quite excited. :dance:

  10. I think that when you have to erase it before syncing, all of your progress will be erased. I'm not entirely positive, but I'm pretty sure. Sorry I don't know more about technological stuff! :\ Good luck with it all! :nice:

  11. Oh and thank you for complimenting the Muse photos I got. :nice: The stage was just absolutely breathtaking!! Speaking of epic pictures, I love your current Matt avatar on here! :wacko: I seriously cannot believe that April is already here! :o I am feeling a bit sad though because all month in March any time I ever went to the store, they were playing that Muse March Madness commercial on the TV displays and now that March is over the commercial will stop being played. :cry: It was the one thing that made me look forward to going to the store! :lol: I did have a blast on April Fool's Day though. :wacky: I pranked A LOT of people and had them pretty freaked out. It was a very successful April 1st. :laugh3: Speaking of, are you much of prankster? Oh and one more thing, and this has nothing to do with anything we've been talking about so sorry, but do you happen to watch The Walking Dead? :cheesy:

  12. Oh, nice! :cheesy: So is she trying to begin a new sort of "theme" of avatars on here, or is she just doing random sketches for those who ask or what? :) Oh! And I just watched Season 3 of The Walking Dead over the weekend (yep, 16 whole hours of Walking Dead in one weekend...holy crap I have a problem!! :o :lol:) and I just have to say that it is BY FAR the best season yet! If you loved the others, you will be absolutely amazed by this season. :nod: Every single episode is just so ridiculously awesome! :wacky:

  13. I also felt like I seriously got a workout after the concerts...it's pretty much so impossible not to dance during the vast majority of it. :lol: And guess what?! It's now officially ONLY TEN DAYS and you'll be seeing Muse!! :o Can you believe it?! I just can't wait for you to experience your first Muse concert, because it is absolutely, completely and totally life-changing! :D It's like the very moment you hear the first note of the first song played, everything that ever stressed you out or made you sad before in your whole life just disappears. And then afterwards you're so inspired by their awesomeness, it just consumes your mind totally!! :wacky: OMG you sound just like me though! I said the very same thing, that I refuse to die until I see Muse! :laugh3: Now I've seen them, and it's like: "Well, my life is now complete. Where to go from here?" :lol:

  14. Thanks for reading my insanely long email! I know that it seriously was INSANELY long!! :laugh3: Haha, it's funny because I had been thinking the very same thing--that you'll probably get New Born since I got your "soul song" twice. :lol: But, the great thing about Muse is that it seriously doesn't matter what they're playing, you're just going to be standing there in total awe of their ridiculous awesomeness. :wideeyed: :heart: I really do hope that you do end up getting Stockholm Syndrome live though. It is so stunningly epic live, you just won't even be able to believe it!! Just try not to die if you do get it! :laugh3: When Sunburn came on, I started jumping up and down like such a maniac and I actually really did something to hurt my neck (how, I DO NOT know)!! :stunned: But it happened because Sunburn came on, so ultimately it's all good! :laugh3:

  15. No, I don't. Sorry. I haven't even upgraded from The Sims 2 yet, if that gives you any idea how behind in the times I am! Haha. :lol:

  16. You've got a new avatar. :inquisitive:

  17. Okay, I've just finished the email of the 2 Muse concert reports! :D I must say, this is probably the longest thing I've ever written in my life, so I do apologize in advance for that, please forgive me! :laugh3: I'll send it to you in just a moment; I'm just correcting a couple of typos I've noticed, and I also apologize in advance for any bad grammar, etc. that you might see in the email, I typed it all so fast and it's SO long, I'm bound to overlook some typos and such. :rolleyes:

  18. Sorry for yet another extremely late reply! :disappointed: So how'd that gig at the book release last month go? Great, I hope! :cheesy: And I'm also sorry that I missed your birthday. :shame: Hope you had a fantastic day! So how's it feel to be 18? :D My Muse concerts were on the 10th and 13th and they were too amazing for words! The best concerts I've ever been to, hands down! They played Stockholm Syndrome, Sunburn & Knights Of Cydonia, which were some of the highlights for me, especially Sunburn, which is one of my all-time favorites. :wacky: And thanks. I've been so wanting to focus on music again! It's just been killing me lately. I've been playing as much as I can, but as far as writing goes nothing exceptionally special has come to me lately. :( I hope to get on a good writing spree again soon! :D So how are things with you? :)

  19. Okay, so I ended up with more homework than I thought, so I probably won't be able to finish that email until tomorrow. I'll finish up on the 2nd concert report ASAP though!! But oh my, this Muse concert report email is looking QUITE long!! :o :laugh3: Oh and I was going to send you some of the pictures I got during the concerts in the email, but I couldn't add them all as attachments, so I just put them all in an album here on Coldplaying instead. The album is "My Muse Concerts!!" if you wanna check it out. :D It's got several pictures I took during the concert and also a pic of the Muse Tshirt that I made to wear to the 1st gig. :dance: The pictures I got could never do justice for just how epic the lightshow really was, but some of the pics I got are pretty cool nevertheless! :happy: I will DEFINITELY send you that email tomorrow then!! :)

  20. OMG those Muse concerts seriously changed my life. :wacky: I got Sunburn at my 2nd concert, which truly completed my life, as it's among my very most favourite songs by them of all time. :heart: And yeah, I had the same Roulette Wheel thing at my concert where we would either get Stockholm Syndrome or New Born. It landed on Stockholm Syndrome at both shows. I adore Stockholm Syndrome, so I was insanely thrilled to get it! However, New Born is one of my all-time favourites as well, so I was really hoping for it, too, but it's all right, I enjoyed every single song completely and totally! :dance: I enjoyed every song even better the 2nd time, too!! Seeing Muse twice were definitely two of the four greatest days of my life (the other two being when I got to see Radiohead & Coldplay! :D) So yeah, I now have a whole new love and respect for the band! They are too awesome! :wacko: So how've you been? :nice:

  21. Thank you so much for understanding! :) I've recently begun writing you an email, and I'm almost done with the report of my first Muse concert! :D I'm going to include a report of my 2nd concert in the email though as well, so, just as a warning, this is probably going to be the longest message I've ever sent you in the history of our long messages! :laugh3: I'm going to try to finish it tonight, depending on how fast I can finish my homework. If I can't finish it all tonight, then I'll definitely finish and send it to you tomorrow!! :dance: Oh! And I'll include some pictures that I got from the concerts, too!! :wacky: I'll definitely make up for my late reply with a very long and detailed email, telling you all about both concerts!! :cheesy:

  22. Hey Jordan! I'm SO SORRY that I still haven't told you all about my Muse concerts yet! This week has just been so busy, and I didn't want to start telling you about them until I really had the time to sit down and write in detail about both experiences! I DO PROMISE to make time to tell you all about them as soon as I possibly can! All I'll say right now is, is just that my life is seriously changed!! My Muse concerts are THE BEST concerts I've ever been to and I've never been so amazed or inspired by anything ever! :cry: :loveshower: I HAVE SO MUCH TO TELL YOU!! I'm dying to tell you, and I'll start writing you an email or PM as soon as I have the time to sit down and really tell you all the details! :D Sorry once again for my lateness, I hope you understand!! :)

  23. Hey! I'm SO sorry that I've taken FOREVER to tell you about my concerts! It's just been so insanely busy all week, and I haven't had the chance to get on the actual computer in forever! I've finally written you a PM telling you about my first Muse concert, and I PROMISE to send you a 2nd PM to tell you about my 2nd concert very soon! I feel really bad for how long it's taking me to tell you about them both, I hope you understand! :)

  24. After writing my 2nd concert PM, I feel the need to apologize yet again for the insane length of it! I really hope you don't mind!! : )

  25. Okay, so I wrote you a detailed report of my first Muse concert in a PM! Sorry it's so long!! But Muse is just so amazing live I could seriously just go on forever and ever without stopping. :laugh3: I'll tell you about my 2nd Muse concert, too, but I'll try to keep it shorter than the last PM I sent you. :) Oh my God, my life is seriously changed by these concerts! I LOVE MUSE SO MUCH!! :heart: Oh and sorry for any typos or misspellings or anything of that sort in my typing...I typed it all so fast and I may have made some mistakes. :rolleyes:

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