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  1. I just asked and one of my friends has the complete box set and said I could borrow it. :D I'll start watching it soon and let you know what I think. :) Oh yeah and I'm listening to Stereophonics' new album right now. I'm really liking it. :nod: OH!!!! And did you hear (I'm sure you did) that Radiohead is going to start recording a new album this Fall?! :dance:

  2. I've heard a lot of people say that show is really awesome! I'll probably watch it at some point then. Maybe one of my friends has the DVDS. :) How many seasons were there, btw? I really will try to watch it, but my friends are pretty much forcing me to watch Justified and Boardwalk Empire right now and I'm also watching that new show The Following so I'm kinda overloaded with shows to watch at the moment. :laugh3:

  3. I LOVE Lost!! :D Doctor Who is also fantastic, but I've only seen a few episodes of Heroes, but it seemed pretty cool. :) I'd have to say that Six Feet Under, though I didn't care too much for it at first, ultimately became my all-time most favourite show. :heart: But I must say, it's quite emotional. I'll never forget watching the last episode with my sister and brother-in-law and we were ALL crying. :laugh3: I had never ever seen my brother-in-law be emotional at all, but that show was freaking gripping. :nod: Breaking Bad is my next favourite. :wacko: Lost is seriously fantastic though! I could watch it all again right now. Though you don't watch a lot of TV right now, do you have an all-time favourite TV show? :)

  4. Yay!! I'm so glad you're a fan of The Walking Dead, too! :D And haha, don't worry, I won't give you any spoilers even if I wanted to because I've only just finished watching Season 2 :lol: But everyone I've talked to about it says that 3 is even better than 2, which is extremely exciting to me because I thought 2 was absolutely amazing. :wacky: But yeah, The Walking Dead is probably in my top 4 TV shows right now, along with Breaking Bad, Six Feet Under & American Horror Story. Do you know any of those? :)

  5. Oh and this is an insanely random question which has nothing to do with anything we've been talking about, but do you happen to watch The Walking Dead? :wideeyed:

  6. Oh, I know! I'm so endlessly thankful just to see them once, but to see them twice...OMG. :loveshower: Glad your copy of Amok finally arrived! I've only listened to it once, but Ingenue is actually my favourite so far, too! :D Sorry it took forever to arrive though. :angry: Usually any time I ever order anything, it's weeks late. :disappointed: But I was thrilled to no end because the Muse shirts I ordered arrived JUST IN TIME for the concert, which I really didn't think would happen. :dance: It's funny because I only very recently got into Biffy, too! And oh yes, I love Opposites! My favourite song of theirs I think would have to be Many of Horror, which was the first song I ever heard by them. It's just so simple and haunting and beautiful and something about the guitar on the acoustic versions reminds me of See You Soon by Coldplay. :heart: I'm jealous you'll get to see them at Reading! THAT'S SO AWESOME!! :awesome:

  7. Hey it's no problem! :) And thank you! :nice: Yeah, I just randomly remembered how you said you were seeing them on the 6th so I thought I'd ask you about it. :happy: I'm going to my first concert in 3 days, and then my 2nd gig's on the 13th! Seeing Coldplay, Radiohead & Muse live were the top 3 things on my bucket list so once I see Muse the top 3 things can be marked off! :laugh3: So yeah, I'm insanely excited! Wow, that's awesome you got Stockholm Syndrome! I'm really, really hoping for either that or New Born at one of my shows, but I'll be happy with whatever. But if I could get Stockholm Syndrome, I might seriously die of happiness. :lol: Oh and I was wondering, have you listened to Atoms For Peaces' new album Amok? :wideeyed:

  8. And it won't be long at all until you'll be seeing Muse, as well! :dance: Sorry once again it took me SO long to reply to your last messages. :P But I promise to send you a very detailed report of my Muse concerts afterwards! :D Also, I feel really bad because I haven't been on Muse.mu in the forum part in, like, months...so I haven't replied to your sister in forever, either. :disappointed: I feel awful for my ridiculously late replies. :blank: But anyway, I hope all is well with you! :) SOON WE WILL BOTH BE LIVING OUR DREAMS OF SEEING MUSE!! :loveshower:

  9. I know! I'm still so jealous of my British friend! I CANNOT BELIEVE that he got to experience the War Child gig. Holy cow. But haha, yeah! Matt jumped all over a piano and Dom was indeed wearing a horse head. xD Hahaha!!!! "Dom wearing a Dom head" was the best typo ever since "Matt wore Matt" on w.a.s.t.e. awhile back. xD Did I ever tell you about the "Muse ketchup" typo I made? It was so insane. I wasn't used to autocorrect on my phone, and when I typed "Oh my gosh! I can't believe all of the awesome Muse merch to choose from!" autocorrect changed it to "Oh my fish! I can't believe all of the awesome Muse ketchup to choose from!" :lol: I was cracking up so hard. :laugh3: But oh yes, to answer your question, the War Child gig is on YouTube (in full!) :D Oh and also, have you seen the Supremacy music video? If so, what do you think of it? I CAN'T BELIEVE I'LL SEE MUSE IN 4 DAYS. I KEEP RANDOMLY CRYING. I'M PRETTY SURE I'M GOING TO DIE OF A "HAPPY HEART ATTACK" BEFORE LONG. :nod: xD

  10. OMG their War Child gig was SOOOO amazing!! I especially got excited during Knights of Cydonia. They did the "Man With a Harmonica" intro that time, which to me is very powerful and I just find it so epic as a part of the song. :wacky: Also speaking of Muse, did you see the Brit Awards? (Sorry, I may have already asked you that...I can't remember xD) Their performance of Supremacy on there totally had me in tears!! And their War Child gig made me so hopeful that Dead Star will be added to future setlists. I won't get my hopes too high, but I can't help but be optimistic about it. :D How epic would that be to get Dead Star?!?! My other friend just experienced their Florida gig and they had to choose between Stockholm Syndrome & New Born! They ended up playing New Born, but I'm super duper hopeful you'll get Stockholm Syndrome at your concert! My fingers are certainly crossed for you! Something tells me you'll get it though. :D

  11. I'm still so happy about your Keane concert! I just can't believe it! :dance: So how was your Ed Kowalczyk concert?! That's SO awesome you got to see him! :o Plus, it's EXTRA awesome that the concert happened to fall on Chris Martin's birthday. :D I celebrated Chris' birthday by listening to all of Coldplay's albums, including b-sides. xD That's also super awesome that the Ed Kowalczyk concert is just 20 minutes from where you live and you got to be so close! I can't wait to hear about it! :) And oh! I'm sorry I still haven't sent you the picture of that t-shirt yet! I actually made two. I swear I'll send you pictures! I seriously meant to days ago, I just keep forgetting. BUT I do FINALLY have a cell phone now, with an epic camera, so I can email you the pics straight from it! :D I also ordered THREE amazing Muse shirts from the Muse.mu shop, which were sent to me straight from the UK just in time for the concert! I'll send you some pics of them, too! THEY'RE SO BEAUTIFUL. :wacko:

  12. Yay! I finally have some free time. I shall begin replying to your messages now...:D

  13. Hey didn't you see Muse on the 6th of February? :dance:

  14. I WOULD GIVE ANYTHING FOR DEAD STAR. I'm not going to count on it, but if I got that, it would surely cause me to die of happiness. :laugh3: And no, I don't have long at all! Just FOUR MORE DAYS UNTIL MY 1ST CONCERT!! :shocked2: Then my 2nd one is on the 13th. :wacky: (Sorry, I know I'm probably even more obnoxious than usual with writing in all caps, but I'm just so excited I can't help it) :lol: And thank you! :) Yes, I just recently listened to Amok. I really like it! :D I hope you get it soon so I can hear your opinion on it. So how is Stereophonics' new album? I've been meaning to listen to it, but I keep forgetting. :bomb: I will definitely check it out SOON though. :nod: And yes, I have not only heard of Biffy Clyro, but I'm a fan! What do you think of their music? JUST 4 MORE DAYS TILL THE 3RD MOST IMPORTANT THING ON MY BUCKLET LIST WILL BE MARKED OFF. :bliss:

  15. Hey Jordan! I'm SO sorry that I still haven't replied to your last messages!! So much has been going on lately, it's just been crazy! :freak: BUT IN LESS THAN A WEEK I WILL BE SEEING MUSE!! That's right, just 6 MORE DAYS!! :o :dance: I'm so excited I could never even begin to describe it! I can't even sleep at night I'm so excited! It's gonna be the most epic experience ever!! :D I promise to reply to your last messages SOON. Once again, sorry for not talking to you in forever! So how have you been? :)

  16. I know! Seriously! Those people were ridiculously lucky to get Dead Star! :nod: Maybe they'll play it again...like next month or something. ;) :lol: And sadly, due to storms the stupid electricity was off basically ALL day so I had to miss the BRIT Awards!! :cry: But thankfully, I still had my phone to check Twitter and facebook to see what was going on. :laugh3: I'm SO proud of Coldplay! They so deserved it! :heart: My heart hurts knowing I missed Muse's performance, but I will definitely check that out ASAP!! And Damon made an apperanace?! :o Sounds like one epic awards show to me! :D And I heard Matt had said they'd play some old stuff at Emirates...I really hope they decide to keep playing some older stuff throughout the tour! I'll be thrilled just to see them anyway of course, but if I could get some certain older songs, I'd be one happy Glyn. :laugh3:

  17. You're so welcome! It's nice to meet you, Lucy. :) My name is Glyn, btw. :nice:

  18. Why yes, I was lucky enough to experience the amazing War Child gig awesomeness!! :D It was absolutely, beyond-words amazing!! :dance: I can't believe they played Dead Star, Sunburn & USoE! :shocked2: That bloody ridiculously lucky crowd! :P But my concerts are coming up soon on the 10th & 13th!! Can't wait!! :wacky: And my, your new avi is intriguing. :inquisitive: :laugh3:

  19. You have a totally awesome avatar! Sorry, I just couldn't help but stop by your page to say that. :wacky:

  20. So anyway, CONGRATS once again on your Keane concert!! And thanks for telling me all about it and sharing pictures!! :D And now it won't be long for Muse!! Oh!!!! And I was just talking to another Radioheadhead who randomly started talking to me when he noticed my Radiohead t-shirt and he said something about how they're releasing a new album this year! I didn't even know that! So I looked it up, and it's true! They're recording another album THIS SUMMER!!!!! :o Oh yeah, and have you heard the new Atoms for Peace stuff? I actually really like it! :heart: And thank you for suggesting that other band to me! I shall go check them out ASAP and tell you what I think! Thanks again! :wacky:

  21. Oh! And did you know about the whole #askmuse thing on Twitter? Basically, for like half and hour, they were actually answering questions from fans on Twitter! :shocked2: I felt so ridiculous, because I seriously couldn't think of a witty thing to ask them so spur-of-the-moment, so I just asked what Matt's biggest musical influence is at the moment, but of course was not answered. But I was SO pwoud though because one of my Musey "frengers" (I guess would be the best term to use--in between strangers and friends xD) asked Muse a question and GOT A REPLY!! FROM MUSE!! I was so happy for her! :dance: I can't wait for another #askmuse on Twitter. I SHALL THINK OF SOMETHING AWESOME to ask them for the next one! :D :D If I could get a Muse reply on there, my life would seriously be complete. :laugh3: Oh and speaking of awesome, I LOVE your new avatar!! :wacky:

  22. And now for Muse...my concerts are now obviously less than a month away and I already cannot sleep at night!! :wacko: And your concert isn't too far away, either!! I've finally finished my t-shirt I'm going to wear to the first one (I'm still not sure what I'm going to wear to the 2nd one, but I can email you a pic of the one I made for the first concert. :D) And speaking of Muse, did you stream the War Child gig? OMG it was TOO AWESOME FOR WORDS!! Undoubtedly one of their most epic concerts so far! They were so crazy!! xD AND they played Dead Star, Sunburn & USoE! I swear I'd kill for Sunburn! :laugh3: But dang that crowd was lucky! A lot of them got to shake their hands, Dom gave several fans his drum sticks...ah, that crowd was just so freakin' lucky!! :D And you know my British friend who I told you about that I met at that ice show that time? WELL HE GOT TO GO TO THAT GIG!! I'll eternally envy him! :P

  23. Hey!! :D Firstly, no worries about the late reply. I've been quite busy lately, too, so I totally understand! :nice: But thank you so much for sharing those pictures with me!! I can't believe how close you got to be to them! Those were some really epic pics! And OMG THE SETLIST!!!! :shocked2: I was just totally stunned at its brilliance. I'm so happy you got to see Keane!! :dance: Plus, that's so awesome that you got to go with your best friend and got to go all the way up to beautiful Maine just to see them! Sounds like your experience was just absolutely perfect! And life-changing!! :cheesy: I can imagine that your PCD (post-concert depression) must be pretty fierce after such an amazing experience, but then again, like you say, your life is changed and you're left with those amazing memories forever!! :wacky:

  24. I figured that was you on there! :laugh3: And oh, I totally understand...I spend the majority of my time on the internet, too. :uhoh: Sorry your weekend is a bit boring. :/ Good luck on all that tedious work! If it makes you feel any better, I did almost have a nervous breakdown the other day on my math test. :lol: But I got through it. And if I got through that, you can get through whatever work you're doing. :) I've been listening to a lot of random Blur lately, too! :) Music always helps me through whatever it is I'm doing. Especially homework! :D

  25. Ah, I see. :lol: Well just using your name works anyway. :) But speaking of Superfitz, whenever I check setlists on setlist.fm sometimes I'll see someone with the username Superfitz on there. Is that you, too? :o Oh and thank you! :D I just love Grumpy Cat so much, and with the whole cat group on here and everything, I thought it'd be appropriate. Although I'm not actually officially one of you awesome special cats in that group! :lol: So, how's your weekend going? Mine's been busy, but good. :) Oh and I'm already having sleepless nights because I'm so excited for my Muse concerts coming up in less than a month! :bliss:

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