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  1. Yes, I totally agree. NO SYNTHESIZERS. Autotuning definitely takes away from their greatness. Chris Martin and Matthew Bellamy have what are my two most favourite voices in existence without a doubt, and they need NO thing. :D

  2. Thanks for accepting my friend request!! :)

  3. Thanks for accepting my friend request! :)

  4. Haha, it's alright--I accidentally mispell stuff all the time. And that's cool! Did you hear it off the CD then or what? :)

  5. Do you remember the first song you ever heard of theirs? I assume it was probably Yellow? :D And do you play any instruments? :)

  6. Well I'm so glad you discovered them! :D And yes, I agree, Parachutes and AROBTTH era is just absolutely amazing. :nod: However, I must also agree that I love all of their albums. One way in which CP is so unique is the fact that each of their CD's are so very different, therefore making it to where it is almost impossible to choose a favourite. :wacky:For me, at least. :cheesy: And I'll be seeing them live for my first time on June 22nd at the American Airlines Center in Dallas, TX. I've never been so excited about anything! It's literally a dream come true! :heart:Have you ever seen them live? :nice:

  7. Yeah, I know Chris got pretty out of tune in the end of "Yellow" on their ROBTTH 2003 concert, and then also in the chorus of "The Scientist" in their NYE concert at the Austin City Limits in Texas. However, to be honest, it always makes me feel better when he gets off, 'cause it makes me not feel quite as bad whenever I get off when singing. ;) But still I think Chris' voice is really awesome, because he can sing naturally, with no synthesizers or anything, and it can just be so beautiful. :D

  8. Yes, each performance truly is unique and brilliant. Each time I see them perform, I don't think it's possible they can top what they did last time, yet they do! They are just almost too amazing to even seem real!! But I know actually being there at the concert, actually hearing them live yourself, will just blow you away more than anything! It's SO exciting!! :D

  9. I literally cried just watching them perform Fix You in a concert on TV, so I know I'll cry when I see them play it live. It is just SO great!! And yes, Swallowed in the Sea is just awesome. Oh, and I'm glad to hear you got your tickets in the mail...and I know what you mean...I wouldn't allow myself to believe it was true until I actually saw the tickets with my own eyes. :D It's SO exciting! I'm trying to think of a really good design for a Coldplay tee shirt to wear to the concert because I love making my own clothes. Do you know what you'll wear? :)

  10. Thank you! And I am SO excited! :D I hope you get your hope of seeing them live sometime soon, as well. :) I literally cried because I was so happy when my sister surprised me with the tickets for Christmas. And they're playing in Dallas, TX at the American Airlines Center on June 22nd. :D

  11. Yes, they truly are amazing. And I've been a CP fan ever since I first heard Yellow on the radio around a decade ago, but I only became a HUGE fan about four years ago. I got their album A Rush of Blood to the Head, and fell in love. <3

  12. Oh well congrats on the July 9th show! And wow, that's a long time you've been a fan! :) Same here though...I was about 3 years old jammin' out to Yellow. :D It's very cool you're such a fan though! And by the way, I love your avatar! :)

  13. No, I've actually been a fan ever since they came out, but only became a HUGE fan a few years ago (X&Y era). Quite honestly, I just love all of their CD's so much, I could never really choose my favourite, so I just rotate my favourite on here every couple of weeks or so...'cause I just cannot choose. :D How long have you been a fan? :)

  14. Oh, just school and such. And I started working on a blog yesterday...I'm doing some CD reviews. I've never actually blogged before, but it's so fun! I'm not sure when I'll publish it, 'cause I want to make sure everything is just right. I'm going to go see CP live for my first time on June 22nd and that's a big part of my blog. :D Have you ever seen them live? And how long have you been a fan? :)

  15. Oh awesome, I know it will be SO amazing!! Every time I've seen them on TV or the internet performing live, I am always extremely impressed because they just sound SO good. Chris Martin's voice is just...beyond words AWESOME!! :D

  16. Yes, absolutely. :D And yeah, I cannot believe how great so many of their b-sides are!! :) Right now, I cannot stop listening to "Fix You." It was always a favourite, but seeing them perform it live on their New Year's Eve concert on TV just got me back totally obsessed with it. :D I've already watched that NYE concert on TV FOUR times!! Sign of obsession? ;)

  17. A couple of my favs of Pink Floyd's are "Comfortably Numb" and "On the Turning Away." (Actually had to make posters to advertise those songs in my room :D) and some of my favs from the Beatles are "Something" and the wonderfully quirky "Eleanor Rigby". Though I love dozens of songs from both these bands. I feel like I can hear quite a bit of Pink Floyd influence in RH (especially "Lucky" :D), and Beatle influence in some of CP. :awesome:But of course CP and RH are both entirely unique, as well, which makes them truly incomparable, as you well know. :cheesy: Sorta random, but I was just sorta curious if you play any instruments?:drummer:

  18. Love your username!! :awesome:

  19. Yeah, I wish we were more influenced by the Brits over here. :( To be honest, I don't like a lot of America's music. I think the UK's def got the best of the best. :D And always has...I'm also a massive fan of Pink Floyd and The Beatles. :happy: Are you a fan? : )

  20. Ah, that stinks they cancelled right when you got the tickets!! :sick: And at first I didn't think MX was as good as the rest, but seeing them actually perform it caused it to just grow on me so much lately. :awesome: To be honest, the only thing I dislike on it now is their duet with Rihanna. I just think CP is plenty great without adding anyone else. :P Their duet is called "Princess of China," known in short as "POC," which I honestly find quite fitting...I call it the one "poc mark" of MX. :anxious: But I hope that you seeing them live will help you like MX more. :fingersx: Oh, and I'm glad you think they have a cool sound. :wideeyed:

  21. Haha, same here. And yes, Talk is a favourite of mine also, and I do so wish that they would play it! I also adore Swallowed in the Sea, but have never seen them sing it live. :( Oh well, I love all of their music so much, I know I'll be happy with whatever they play. :D I know they play Fix You a lot, and that's one I'd LOVE to see them do!! :)

  22. Oh wow all of those must have just been SUCH amazing experiences!! I watched Muse's concert at Wembley Stadium on the internet and OMG it was SO awesome!! :D And yes, I'm SO excited...I'll be seeing CP at the American Airlines Center in Dallas, TX. :awesome:

  23. LOL. :laugh1: Well, sounds like you all get a little more Radiohead airplay over there than we do here in America. Literally the ONLY thing they play over here is Creep. I always loved Creep, but I never really looked any deeper into Radiohead for many years 'cause that was the only thing I ever heard. But then a few years ago when I realized that Coldplay was so hugely influenced by RH, I thought, "Man, I've just GOT to check them out more!" So I did. And I just absolutely COULD NOT believe how much awesome stuff they've done!! I've been obsessed ever since. :cheesy:

  24. Sort of new, yes. I just joined back in November. And man I don't know why I didn't join sooner! I've been a CP fan for so long, and Coldplaying is AWESOME!! :D

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