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  1. Cool, you should def tell him that :wink:, 'cause I would try, but I would probably faint or something if I were to ever get close enough to him to tell him anything. ;) And yeah, I know they have to play the singles, it's just that here in America, for example with Radiohead, they play ONLY Creep on the radio...and I'm just thinking...man, if only they'd just play Karma Police or Jigsaw Falling into Place as well...:awesome: But then again, CP and RH have both got tons of fans, and true fans of course are gonna listen to their entire CD's anyway, so I suppose that's all that matters. :cheesy: We all get their greatness in it's entirety!! :wacky::thumbsup:

  2. Cool! CP and Muse are def my favs. :D Have you seen either of them live? I'm gonna get to see CP live for my first time on June 22nd and I am SO excited!! It's a dream come true. However seeing Muse live is still on my bucket list.:wideeyed:

  3. Yeah, I agree with you on all of that. :) And the music is pretty good on POC. Just not Rihanna. :P

  4. Yes, every time I hear "Synthy pop" CP, I just wanna scream out loud, "Chris, we wanna hear your NATURAL voice! ALWAYS. Please do not cover up your amazing voice with synthesizers!" So yeah...and I do SO hope that if CP does any more duets (which, hopefully they won't), they keep 'em on the b-side. But it always sorta gets me how the songs the radio chooses to play are always (well, typically at least), in my opinion, the lesser greats (ETIAW, for example). You know...why not U.F.O., or Up With the Birds or something? You know, the greatest of the greats? :D

  5. Yeah you're right...they had better know what we're talking about. ;) And yes, I totally agree...I LOOOVE Up With the Birds & U.F.O. SO much!! I just adore CP's more acoustic-type stuff (like "Now My Feet Won't Touch the Ground," etc. :wideeyed:) And yeah, I agree ETIAW & Paradise are their lesser great ones (and no offense if you like her, but I was rather disappointed that Rihanna was actually ON their album :confused:...I just think CP's plenty great without adding anyone else :P) on the album. However, I must admit I still think CP's lyrics are ALWAYS epic. Even on their songs I call their "lesser greats." :smug2:

  6. Sure! And thanks for accepting! :) And I'm doing great, thanks for asking. :D And you? And I assume by your username you're a Muse fan, as well...?? :wacky:

  7. Thanks! And yeah, ultimately he'll be okay...though at the time I was quite worried the damage was much worse when he whacked his head. :stunned: Luckily, things could have been much worse. But OMG yes I play some CP songs on repeat so much it's just crazy. Ooh and I LOVE Murder!! :D (Haha, though I'll bet if someone were to see this and didn't know that Murder is a song that comment may be rather frightening, lol). But right now I'm obsessed with Us Against the World and Up With the Birds, and I've got a playlist on my iPod where it just repeats those two songs over and over and OVER, and I've been listening to it ALL day. :lol:

  8. Cool. And I hope you get plenty of great pictures! My mom joked that it will probably be like Beatle Mania or something and I'll faint or something at the concert when I see Coldplay. :wink: She may be right! ;) I hope they play Us Against the World (I'm sure they will, but right now it's my favourite off of Mylo Xyloto :D).

  9. Hey thank ya for accepting my friend request. :-)

  10. Oh and please forgive me for forgetting to introduce myself in reply, Lovisa, my name is Heather. :) By the way your name is very pretty. :nice:

  11. Sure! And yes, I LOVE Muse! Sadly, I only recently discovered them, back in 2010. Now I have all their albums, even their b-sides, and they are in my top 3 most favourite bands EVER! :D I only wish I could have found them sooner...:( How long have you been listening to them? :)

  12. Yes, I totally agree!! You're the first person who is on the same page as me when it comes to Rihanna that I've talked to about it! She's alright, but anything with her should be like a b-side or something, in my opinion. Coldplay is plenty great without anyone else, and I really think it's too bad she had to be included in their otherwise perfect album. I really hope that Coldplay doesn't do anymore duets, and if they do, they need to keep them on the b-side. :P But other than that, I LOVE MX!! :D

  13. Hi! And I watched CP's NYE concert this year at the Austin City Limits on TV and it was SO awesome! :nice: I still cannot believe I'll get to see them live this year! I took the Christmas tree down this year with strange speed because taking down the tree represented that 2012 is here--the year of the CP concert! And Mylo Xyloto has been growing on me SO much lately--I always loved it but now I am just obsessed! :happy::D What do you think of MX? Oh and cool! Hope you like Broken Bells. :wacko:They haven't done a lot of music yet but what they've done so far I just love. :)

  14. Hey thank you! And you have a great day, too! Must say I envy you living in South Africa...it is SO beautiful there!! I do so hope to go there someday!! :)

  15. Yes, I think "Us Against the World" is my fav track as of right now off of MX. But I must agree with you on Charlie Brown and U.F.O. Ah man, and I also LOVE Up With the Birds...I guess in all actuality I cannot choose. I'm just SO thrilled by the greatness of the album though! :D

  16. Thanks! And oh cool I didn't know that. Initally I thought it was perhaps the name of a Radiohead song or something. But it's CP!...even better. :D

  17. Sure! So how long have you been a fan of CP & RH? :D

  18. Oh and thank you so much for joining my group "Coldplayers and Musers"!! So glad to have another member!! :D

  19. Hello and thank you for joining my group "Radioplayers" ;) :D! So glad to have a member! And I also noticed you're new here...so welcome to Coldplaying!! :D

  20. Hey thanks for accepting my friend request! :)

  21. Oh and forgot to add that I love your avatar!! :D

  22. Hello and thanks for accepting my friend request! :)

  23. Hey thanks for accepting my friend request! Also love your username. :D

  24. OMG I LOVE your avatar!! And also welcome here again! :D

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