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  1. Oh cool! I have a penpal in Sweden who lives close to Stockholm and she's a CP fan so I'll have to see if she's going to that one, as well. :) But yeah, the approaching concert this year is constantly on my mind! I'm going to have to make sure I have my camera fully charged with plenty of video cards so that I can tape the entire concert! :D

  2. Oh yeah I have heard of Avenged Sevenfold. And yeah, America does have some good bands. I enjoy Onerepublic and Broken Bells. They sorta stand out 'cause their genres are more unique. However, as of right now I can't stop listening to Mylo Xyloto long enough to listen to anything else. :D Right now I'm obsessed with "Us Against the World" and "Up in Flames." What do you think of CP's newest album? :)

  3. Oh yeah and forgot to add Snow Patrol. I LOVE Snow Patrol!! :)

  4. Not sure I know A7X or The Enemy...but I'll have to check them out. I love discovering new bands! :) And yes, I LOVE U2, The Killers, Breaking Benjamin and am a new fan of You Me At Six. :D To be honest, I think Britain is the home of the greatest bands there are. I mean CP, Muse, U2...SO much greatness!! And Radiohead has done SO much music, I know some of their stuff is rather strange and probably wouldn't appeal to a lot of people, but I'd recommend their albums the Bends and OK Computer if you ever did want to check them out more. Must admit, it took a little while for them to grow on me, but now they're one of my favourite bands ever. :D

  5. Haha, yeah, I felt I had to segue Muse into my username somehow. :D And no, I wish. Same here...I'm a sort of new fan of theirs, as well. They're certainly in my top three bands though now, along with CP and Radiohead. Do you like Radiohead? :)

  6. Oh yeah and forgot to add that I also LOVE Muse, too. :D They are absolutely AMAZING. Have you ever seen them live?

  7. Yes, it's SO exciting!! :D And I'm happy for you too!! And I'll be seeing them in Dallas Texas on June 22nd at the American Airlines Center. Where in Sweden will you be seeing them? :)

  8. Yes, the concert was awesome!! Oh that sounds like fun going to a party...my sister invited me to a party for NYE at a friend's house but my grandma passed away and my dad fell at the funeral home and broke and fractured his arm, whacked his head on a casket, and hurt his back right before the weekend, so, with so much going on, I felt I should stay home considering the circumstances. But it all worked out--seeing the ACL concert was a definite cheerer-upper. :D I needed some CP. :)

  9. Hey thanks for the friend request!! :)

  10. Oh well congratulations on being able to finally see them live. :) And no, I'll be seeing them live for my first time this year in June. I am TOO excited!! :D

  11. Thank you! And I'll be seeing them in Dallas Texas at the AAC. I've seen them many times perform on TV and such, and I know they are AMAZING. I still cannot believe I'll actually be able to see them live in person! It is definitely the highlight of 2012!

  12. Sure and thank you for accepting it! :) And I am doing fantastic. Thanks for asking. And you? I'm going to see CP live for my first time this year in June!! And I am TOO excited! :D Have you ever seen them live? :)

  13. Thanks for accepting the friend request! :)

  14. It's really cool. :D Have you ever seen Coldplay live? :)

  15. Cool! I just watched the Austin City Limits CP New Year's Eve concert on TV last night and it was SOOO awesome!! :thumbsup: There was certainly no better way I could have possibly brought in the new year!! Plus each time I see them perform their newest songs, the more I love their newest songs. :heart: I just cannot even believe the greatness of CP every time I hear or see them. :happy2: And I can't believe it's 2012--the year I'm gonna get to see them live!! :wacky: How was your NYE? :smiley:

  16. Oh thank you! And no problem! :) And I'm doing great. And you? I just watched the Austin City Limits Coldplay New Year's Eve concert on TV last night and brought in the new year the right way. :D It was truly amazing. Have you ever seen them live? I'm going to go see them live my first time in June!! :D

  17. Hello and welcome again! :D

  18. Hey thanks for the friend request!! :D

  19. Oh cool, I've been to that state. I thought it was just beautiful there. :)

  20. Oh, well I grew up in Texas, but I've been to most every state in America. I hope to move to Washington State. :) It's so beautiful and green there. :D

  21. Oh cool. :) I have the quirk of typically reading like 5 books at one time, so I'll start reading them as soon as I'm done with my current ones 'cause they look really good. :D

  22. Yes, 24 was my fav show and then I thought season 6 kind of stunk and then 7 I'd say was about 80% good and then yeah, 8 wasn't that great. :( I really did NOT like what they did with Tony's character! Almost just sacreligious in my book. :P However, I still can't help but love that show. Though I did like the exchange between Chloe and Jack in the end of 8. Pretty sweet. :)

  23. Thank you. :) I love your username...I assume you're a 24 fan? :D

  24. Well I'm glad to hear you had a good Christmas! :) Me too. I spent it with my sister and we brought my grandma up to stay with us for a few days (she lives far off) and I got to see some other family whom I usually don't see 'cause they live far off, as well. :) I got a new camera :D, some clothes, a beautiful green scarf, The Hunger Games Book series, $40 worth of iTunes gift cards, and a new purple purse. I think I'm happy. :)

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