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  1. Yes, I love his eyes. :) I love dark eyes and hair. :D

  2. Oh cool! Yes, Muse is definitely a favourite band of mine. :) And nice to meet you! I'm Heather. :)

  3. Aw thank you! And I grew up on a farm! Really enjoyed it, 'cause I love all animals. :) And my name is Heather. Nice to meet you. :)

  4. Yeah, I went in the summer. The weather seemed pretty nice though. :) And yeah, same here...my parents are CP fans, so that certainly helped in me being able to go next year! :D Oh, that's cool we're the same age. :) Oh, and I'm Heather btw. Sorta random, but Broken Bells is another fav band of mine. Have you heard of them? They're somewhat small-known I think, but they're in my top 5 favs for sure. :D

  5. Oh, cool. :) And yes, it is of me. I got a new puppy (a little Rat Terrier) in October, and snapped a picture of us two to remember the first day I got her. :) Do you have any pets?

  6. Love your profile pic too, btw. :D

  7. Thanks for accepting the friend request!! :D

  8. Oh cool! I've been to NJ. I really liked it there. But I've never been much of a fan of unpredictable weather and Texas is like the state OF unpredictable weather, so I'd love to move somewhere where there are actual seasons, and snow and stuff. :D Plus, I LOVE trees and Texas has nothing compared to Washington. :D But yeah, I don't know any other people who are big enough Muse fans to go with me to a concert any time they come through, and I'm only 15, so I can't drive yet, so I've been out of luck so far in being able to see them. :( But I'll be okay--I'm gonna get to see CP! And I know I'll see Muse someday, too. :D

  9. Love your profile pic!! :D

  10. Thank you! And I did have a lovely holiday! I cannot believe that 2012 is so close! 2011 was a great year though. :) I got an iTunes gift card for Christmas...I shall be getting some new Radiohead songs with it. :D I have almost everything Radiohead has ever done, except for a few b-sides and such. But their b-sides can be great too! Do you have favourites of Radiohead? :)

  11. Yeah, I know--they're so great! And yes, I love Black Holes and Revelations. Take a Bow has always been a fav. :D But lately Soldier's Poem and Hoodoo have been working their way into my ever-changing "very most favorite" Muse songs. :) Oh, and I'm from Texas, near Dallas. I've been to most every state as I used to travel a lot as a little kid, and I hope to move to Washington State soon. It was the state I fell in love with the most out of them all. :) Where do you live? :)

  12. You're welcome! Oh, and I hope you had a great holiday!! :)

  13. Thank you! And yes, I did have an awesome Christmas! Hope you did, too. :) What did you get? Whilst opening gifts we were listening to Pandora "Indie Christmas Music" and Christmas Lights by Coldplay came on and it was just...AWESOME. I've already heard it like a million times just this month on my iPod, but to just hear it come on unexpectedly was even better. Wow, I'm a CP nerd. :D

  14. OMG that is SO awesome!! That must have been SO amazing to see live!! :D Wow. And yeah, same here, I think Origin of Symmetry is probably their best, but Absolution is probably my fav as well. All of their albums are quite different, yet they still always keep their awesome uniquely Muse sound, so it's pretty cool. :) I just MUST see them live one day! :D

  15. Yes, I've spent more time on youtube than I might like to admit. :O ;) And yeah, same here...this will be my first CP concert too. And man that Muse concert must have been AMAZING!! I LOVE Citizen Erased!! Especially the ending. Well, all of it actually. ;) Really, EVERY thing on Origin of Symmetry is just ridiculously awesome, in my opinion. :D Muse is fantastic.

  16. Haha, yes I love them. :) And no, I wish I could have seen them live, but I haven't yet. :( Though I have watched what probably adds up to days worth of hours of Muse concerts and music videos on the TV and internet. :D However, I am going to go see CP June 22nd. And I am TOO excited!! Now if I could just see Muse and Radiohead live...all my dreams will have come true. ;) What about you? Have you seen them live? :)

  17. Yes, the CP 2003 ROBTTH tour is truly awesome. I also really quite liked the "tour diary" documentary CP did during that time. It always makes me feel so good to see members of a great band just being themselves and they're actually humble and down-to-earth. CP has the right to be just as arrogant as any band with all their greatness, yet they're very refreshingly down-to-earth. It's so cool. Oh and my name's Heather. :)

  18. Oh yeah Glastonbury 2003 is totally awesome. :) There's also a performance they did at Bonnaroo (this music festival in Tenessee) that I've watched quite a few times as well. Have you ever seen CP's Rush of Blood to the Head tour 2003? My friend bought it for me on DVD for Christmas last year and it is SO insanely awesome. I watch at least a few songs from it several times a week. ;) But seriously. Also Muse's perfomance from Whimbley Stadium is truly amazing. :D And here's hoping you get all their CD's for Christmas which you asked for...every single album so far is ridiculously awesome! The only one I have yet to get is Showbiz, their 1st album. But they certainly never disappoint. :) I'm spending Christmas with my sister this weekend and we always sing karaoke...Speed of Sound is the only CP song the karaoke game has, but it's awfully fun to sing. :D I'm looking forward to Xmas. :) Speaking of, Merry Christmas to you!! :)

  19. ABSOLUTELY. As in "Black Hole" of course. :D I love Muse to death! :) I really needed to find some way to segue Muse into my CP username. ;)

  20. English is supposed to be one of the hardest languages to learn, so I think your English is really pretty good! I still have a lot of learning of French and Spanish to do, but I can speak and understand a good bit of both. :) Spanish is really good to learn in America because there are so many people coming here from Mexico speaking Spanish. It is good to be able to understand and communicate with them. :)

  21. Yes, I live in America. In Texas actually. Although I'd really love to live in Washington State someday. I do not like Texas weather. :P And I only speak some Spanish. I'm not fluent. I'm currently learning French but I would love to someday become fluent in French and in Spanish. :) They're both beautiful languages.

  22. Yes, yes...we quite apparently do have existence's most incomparable music tastes. ;) I'm always so overwhelmed because Radiohead has just done SO much music...I've still got a ton to get. Ah well, gives me something to look forward to having someday. :) I just got my hands on Muse's 2nd album "Origin of Symmetry" which I searched for (ceaselessly) for many months only to find it was virtually impossible to find in the states. Then very recently I was finally able to get it through a friend of mine from England. Absolution was always my fav album of Muse, but now I think Origin of Symmetry is my fav. It is SO great. As far as RH, I really don't think I can choose a fav album, but if I had to I'd probably have to say OK Computer. I'm totally OBSESSED with Paranoid Android, Karma Police, No Surprises, and Lucky. :D The playcount of those songs on my iPod...well it is really rather mind-boggling how high it is, lol. :)

  23. Yes, I love The Killers, too. :) And yes, I absolutely agree...Britain is the home of most of the greatest bands ever! :D I should have been born British. ;) I'd love to go to England someday. :) So far the only other country I've been to outside of America is Mexico. I went to Cozumel a few years back and it was beautiful. Have you ever been anywhere outside of your country? :)

  24. Yes, I totally agree no other bands could ever compare to CP and RH! :D That's so awesome they're your top 2, as well!! Sadly, I only discovered Radiohead back in 2009 (Oh, what I was missing for all those years!!) I'd heard of them and everything, but I just took a shot and put OK Computer on my iPod and just absolutely COULD NOT believe how totally great they were! Then I got The Bends (which was also just song after song of greatness!!) and then after that I ended up with My Iron Lung EP, Hail to the Thief, Kid A, Pablo Honey, In Rainbows, and The King of Limbs. Also have their song "I Want None of This" off of "Help: A Day in the Life". LOVE that song! I got 200 and some odd songs worth of iTunes gift cards for my b-day this year & used a good bit of them to get new RH songs. They certainly never disappoint!! :D

  25. Yeah, same here. I'm going with my sister and cousin, but neither of them are very big Coldplay fans. I've been working on them both for a couple years now, and they can at least name off a few of CP's songs...but yeah, I only know like two other people in the whole world personally who are even remotely as big of fans as I am. That's why I love Coldplaying--everyone is so passionate about CP on here. :D Plus, I know that's going to be something REALLY awesome about the concert too...you know, to be amongst so many other true Coldplayers in person. :) So yeah, that's gonna be the event of 2012 for me. :D But yes, I love Muse. :) However, I discovered them after Radiohead and way after Coldplay, so they're stuck in 3rd, 'cause nobody could ever knock Coldplay and Radiohead out of my two absolute favs. :D

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