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  1. Thanks! And yes, I LOVE Muse!! They're my third most favourite band after Coldplay and Radiohead. :) I don't think I could get through a day without listening to the music of at least one of those three bands. ;) And your English is actually really good!! :D

  2. Yeah, I know when CP came through a couple of years back, I wasn't able to get tickets, but I can remember talking to my friend on the night Coldplay was performing the concert and saying, "Just think...Coldplay is in the same state as we are right now!" Because I'm so insanely obsessed, just knowing they were in the same state as me was awesome, but now that I'll actually be able to be in the same exact place as Coldplay and actually SEE them in person...well that's just TOO awesome. :D And yes, seeing Coldplay and then Radiohead live would complete my life, as well. :) I'd also love to see Muse. Do you like them? They're my 3rd most favorite band. :D

  3. Hey sorry couldn't remember if I thanked you for accepting my friend request or not. Sorry I'm such a scatterbrain. :P Anyway, thanks!! :D

  4. Congrats on the April concert!! I was running around like a chicken with my head cut off trying to get my hands on CP tickets when my sister finally just blurted out, "Well, it's not gonna be much of a surprise now, but I got you Coldplay tickets..." I literally cried tears of joy. It still hasn't sunk in. I'm 15, and I've loved CP ever since I was 3 years old...so it's just beyond words AWESOME that I'll actually be able to see them live!! I called in to two radio stations trying to win tickets, and was really bummed when I didn't. However, it all worked out since now I will be going for sure! I've already driven everyone I know insane talking nonstop about the concert in June! :D I'd also love to see Radiohead live someday, and they're coming through my neck of the woods in March, but I'll be out of state. :( I just simply MUST see them live one day though too. Have you ever seem Radiohead live? :)

  5. Same here...Radiohead is certainly a nerdy obsession of mine. I have a 72-song-long playlist on my iPod of my absolute most favourite Radiohead songs...and if I meet someone who also loves R.H., I can talk to them for literally hours and never stray from the subject of the band, or, if I meet someone who is not a fan, I drive them crazy trying to convert them to "Radioheadism." ;) So yeah. :) However, Coldplay was my first fav band, so they're also an obsession. :D Gonna go see CP June 22nd 2012! So excited! It'll be the first time I'll ever see them live. :D

  6. Sure! Thanks for accepting my request! I just noticed that your location is "in the fake plastic earth" and immediately knew I should add you as a friend on here. ;) I LOVE Fake Plastic Trees. :)

  7. Thank you, Screenager Girl :D for joining my group "Coldplayers and Musers". :) It truly means alot. <3 See ya 'round here!! :D

  8. Hey I just now noticed it showed you to be a member of my group "Coldplayers and Musers". So sorry I'm SO late with the welcome!! There should be some sort of a notification for new members of groups. Once again, I apologize. And welcome! I'm Heather, by the way. :)

  9. Thanks for welcoming me to the Script group! And no worries about it being late...it seems like there should be a notification of new members. :P Cool group though. :)

  10. Heck yeah they are! Though I'm very thankful you are cool and intelligent and awesome enough to realize their greatness. ;) Many people whom I've said them aloud to have given me some very strange looks. Why?! ;)

  11. Hey Screenager Girl :D!! Thank you so much for the friend request! Also, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your username...Screenager's one of my very most favorite Muse songs EVERRRR!!!! Anyhow, welcome here! So glad to be friends with you! :D

  12. Sure! And thanks for accepting it!! :D I just joined this month and I must say, I am LOVING Coldplaying! It is awesome! :)

  13. Well, she's a brown and white Paint horse and she's got a bluish colour around her brown markings. People just started calling her "Bluegirl," and then it just ended up sticking. :D

  14. Thank you for accepting my friend request! :)

  15. Gracias! :) And by the way, I love your username...I have a horse named Bluegirl. :D

  16. Thanks for accepting my friend request! :D

  17. Thank you for accepting my friend request! :)

  18. I told two friends about your youtube cover and they are also fans of yours apparently and said they'd like to have your mp3 as well. :) Their emails are [email protected] & [email protected] :D

  19. Sure! Thanks for accepting my friend request. :) Just noticed some of your comments around the forum and you seemed pretty cool. ;) I am a HUGE Coldplay fan...not a day goes by without me listening to them on my iPod. :D Over the years, I've picked at the keyboard and guitar a bit and taught myself a few of Coldplay's songs. It's really an amazing feeling to play some of their music yourself. Recently, I've been playing it on my harmonica...sorta unconventional, but I must admit teaching myself CP songs on whatever instrument I have access to is sort of an obessive hobby of mine, and sometimes it is the most unlikely instruments it sounds the coolest from. :)

  20. Hello and welcome once again! My email address is [email protected] :)

  21. Thanks so much for accepting my friend request! It's so great to be amongst so many other Coldplayers! :D

  22. Thank you for accepting my friend request! :) Everyone here on Coldplaying is so nice! :D

  23. Sure and thanks for welcoming me!

  24. Thanks. And yes, I really do like the new album. I think it's rather different from a lot of Coldplay's other music, but it's still really good. :)

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