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  1. Oh that's cool. I'm planning to go to college when I'm 17. :) So you have the new Coldplay album? Me too! I just got it!! What do you think about it? :D

  2. Yeah, I'm in 10th grade and I currently do school at home. I actually quite like it. :) What about you?

  3. Thanks. :) And that sounds pretty interesting. :) I'd love to learn how to play more instruments someday, but haven't had the time lately. Or the money to buy any, haha.

  4. Yeah, it's the latest. Found a "The Best of Coldplay" sheet music book in a store recently and got it, but playing Coldplay's songs on a keyboard just could never compare to the sound of a real piano. So I started playing it on my harmonica instead. :) Sorta different, but I'm having a blast with it!! Do you play any instruments?

  5. I love the song Prospekt's March and Glass of Water is also a favorite. Also Life in Technicolor 2!! Just love it! :)

  6. Have you ever listened to the Coldplay EP Prospekt's March? A few fellow CP fans I've talked to haven't, and I was just wondering if you ever have. It contains some of my very most favorite Coldplay songs. :)

  7. Okay, I'm still getting the hang of all of this, haha. :)

  8. No, I don't have it quite yet. Been looking for it in stores...the songs I've heard have just been on the radio. And I don't have highspeed internet so I cannot download it off iTunes or anything from my house. :( Oh well, at least I still have it to look forward to! :D

  9. Yeah, I'm quite looking forward to hearing it for the first time. :) I've heard Every Tear Drop is a Waterfall and Paradise off of the album, and must say I think Paradise is really good. :D It sticks in my head a lot. lol. :)

  10. My name is Heather. :) And I'm 15, by the way. :)

  11. Cool! So glad to have you as my first friend. :)

  12. Sure!! I have accepted you as a friend. :)

  13. Just watched Coldplay's concert in Toronto, 2011. Simply AMAZING. By ALL means one of the best concerts I've EVER seen--and that says a LOT, 'cause I've seen a LOT of concerts. Anyone who hasn't seen that concert, I highly recommend it. Just...well, in all honesty, there are no words...:D

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