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  1. No more "Superfitz"? :( :laugh3:

  2. No kidding? Haha, I love Grumpy Cat so I just couldn't resist using her pic as my avatar. :lol: You know, I've probably seen that friend of yours in the Muse forum, I'm on there, too! :D It's quite awesome that you too are a Muser as well as a Coldplayer, I must say. :nod: I'm actually seeing Muse next month and I'm far too excited for words! :dance: And it is nice to meet you, too. :nice: I'm Glyn, btw. :)

  3. Hello there! I see you're new here! Welcome to Coldplaying!! :nice: Hope you have lots of fun here. :dance: Oh and I love your avatar, btw. :lol:

  4. Hey! I'm really sorry I haven't talked to you in so long. I'm pretty good, thanks. Just stressing over school a little. :P But yeah, overall things are good. :) I don't think we've even talked since Christmas! :o So how was yours? Mine was quite awesome, actually. :dance: Had a great New Year's Eve, too, but then had the flu for almost all of January. :( But I'm finally over it now, thankfully. :) Although, during the time I had the flu, my band mates started clashing and there was all this drama which, to make a long story short, resulted in two of the members "not being willing to be around each other." :rolleyes: So basically there went my band. But oh well, I guess I can put music off for a little while and focus on school and work instead. :blank: So anyway, that's a bit of what's been going on. :lol: But, on a very grand note, the Muse concert is only a month away!! :D So what about you? How've you been? :)

  5. Sure!! :nice: And I love your avatar, by the way!! It's one of my favourite Coldplay photos. :wacky:

  6. Hey there and thank you for the friend request!! :awesome:

  7. Hey sorry for the VERY late reply once again. Flu and school have been keeping me from doing much else lately. :P But oh wow...2 jobs! Very impressive. :nod: So now that you've started University, how is it? I'm going to be applying soon and I'm painfully nervous. :rolleyes: Oh but my Christmas was fantastic! I got tons of cash, iTunes gift cards, clothes, a new iPod player, some new CD's, some books I'd been wanting for awhile, a new guitar, and "Muse money" (which was the only thing I asked for...I needed some money to spend at the concert :D) Speaking of Muse, your show is coming up SO soon! You must be so excited!! :dance: Also, after they announced their Dallas show, several of my friends decided to go and my dad wants to go too, so I'm going to get to see them TWICE!! :shocked2: :bliss:

  8. Oh, good luck with converting that friend into a Muser!! :laugh3: So far this year I have been working on one friend, and I FINALLY got her to listen to Origin of Symmetry in full, and she said she "likes" it, so that's a start. :D I was extremely proud of myself in 2012 though, because I turned two friends into Musers, and not just pretty big Musers, but the obsessive kind of Musers who know every song and every lyric and talk nonstop about them. :dance: :lol: It's been quite easy to turn most of my friends into Coldplayers, pretty easy to turn most into Musers, but sadly I've had virtually no luck in turning any of them into Radioheadheads... :(

  9. Yeah, you're right. Well I'm sorry you probably won't be able to go. :\ You'll get your chance to see Muse though! :) And you've already had the honour of seeing Blur, so that's something. :nod: :D

  10. I'm freaking out!! :dance: I mean, when I went to see Coldplay and Radiohead, it was as if I wasn't even able to really fully feel like I was actually there until it was almost the end of the concert. But to see two concerts...that's really going to be TOO awesome!! I'm really going to be able to take in the full experience the 2nd time. :D I was wondering if you might consider seeing the War Child gig. So if you could get tickets would there be any way you could postpone the appointment?

  11. OMG YOU'RE SEEING KEANE?!?!?!? :shocked2: Congratulations!! :dance: That is SUCH epic news! OMG!! :D You must be freaking out with excitement! And TOMORROW?!?! :stunned: OMG. I CAN'T STOP USING CAPS LOCK OR SAYING "OMG"!! xD That is the ultimate in epic news, Jordan! :awesome: Thanks for sharing it with me! :) I hope to hear ALL about it afterwards! I won't even allow myself to look at your setlist...I'll let you have the honour of telling me all about it! :D Can't wait to hear! Have a bloody blast! (well, not literally :laugh3:) Allow me to word that better: HAVE THE TIME OF YOUR LIFE!! :D

  12. Well I FINALLY got around to checking out Judge Jury and the Executioner and I really did like it! In fact, I think it might end up being one of my favourite Atoms For Peace songs! :D I've been listening to Stereophonics more and I think that Superman & Live 'n Love are my new favourites! They're a band I'm definitely going to be spending some of my iTunes gift cards on (which, that's really quite a compliment to the band, because I only put music on my iPod that I find exceptionally worthy :laugh3:) I really hope that you get to see them with your brother despite the difficulties. Judging by the live videos I've seen on YouTube, they seem to be quite epic live! :wacky: Speaking of concerts...when Muse announced their Dallas date, several people I know decided to buy tickets and because my dad is a fan of them but didn't get a ticket for their Tulsa show like I did, he mentioned wanting to go see them in Dallas, and now I'm going to get to see them TWICE!! :o :dance:

  13. I've heard they've been playing Sunburn, Falling Down & Part 3 of Exogenesis Symphony. I had a series of mini heart attacks when I heard that! :loveshower: Falling Down is among my favourite tracks ever, but Sunburn is just extra, extra special to me (I just can't explain it--it's another one of my "soul songs" :heart:), so if I can experience it live at one of my shows...OMG I'll probably seriously die! :lol: Certainly one more thing will be checked off my bucket list. :nod: Oh and speaking of Sunburn, I noticed your new user title thing being "I'll hide from the world." :laugh3: Sunburn's lyrics are SO GREAT. :D And haha, yeah it's seriously crazy how much we talk! :lol: But yeah, I doubt we'll ever run out of things to talk about because we're music twins! :D :laugh3: So have you made any New Year's Resolutions for 2013? I agree with you that 2013 hasn't been too epic so far, but we still have our concerts...so IT WILL BE EPIC!! :dance:

  14. One of the biggest reasons I'm obsessed with making such an effort in 2013 is because I've got OCD and I only like certain numbers, and 3 is one of my "bad" numbers, so I always try to make an extra effort to make anything with a 3 in it "good." I'm insanely weird, I know. :laugh3: So basically, 2013 is destined to be a bad year in my eyes because it has a 3 in it, but really, I'm just crazy. :lol: But wow, that's so awesome how big a Muse fan your dad is! Can you believe how close our concerts are?!?! OMG! :bliss: Oh but I have some extra freakin' epic news...I'm going to have the opportunity to see Muse TWICE. :shocked2: Once they announced their Dallas date, several people I know decided to see them, so I (somehow) managed to get my parents to get me tickets to see them in Dallas, too! I'm so endlessly grateful to my parents. They didn't have to do this for me, but they did! :) Right now I think I'm in shock or something. :stunned: :lol:

  15. But yes, I'm SO happy with all of my Christmas gifts!! :) It was a great rest of 2012 for me. :D But wow! A Mew snow globe and a Mew keychain? That's SOOOO awesome!! Your keychain collection sounds totally epic and I'll bet that snow globe is amazing! :wacky: And OMG how awesome! That is SO COOL that you've seen 2 guys in your school wearing Muse t-shirts! It's so rare I ever see anyone in a Muse t-shirt, but any time I ever do, it certainly works to restore my faith in humanity!! :lol: Ah, I understand what you mean. It was hard for me to get into the Christmasy mood in 2012, too. :\ And hardly anyone I know was really able to get into it, either, so I just tried to fake it, but your Christmas Lights reference is quite accurate! There was just something missing. I mean, my Christmas was awesome, but it was missing that Christmas feeling though. :( I'm DETERMINED to make 2013 the best Christmas ever though with tons of Christmas cheer! :D

  16. Hey! Sorry for the super late reply! Things have been crazy and I've hardly been able to be online in ages. :P But the good news is, (besides the fact that "she can't have babies and won't accept gifts from me"...sorry, I always have to reference Megalomania after saying "the good news is..." :laugh3:) is that I'm FINALLY officially over the flu! :dance: Unfortunately I now have a sinus infection that the doctor told me I won't be over for 3-4 weeks though. :shocked2: But I don't care, I'm just so happy to be over the flu!! :D But OMG yes, I have seen the photos of Muse in Japan! Their outfits were so epically funky!! :lol: And same here! I hardly ever wear (or have any idea, for that matter) what's "in style" but even though I know the red skinny jeans are super popular right now, I still wear them all the time because they immediately make me think of Matt. :laugh3: And awesome! I'll bet that Keane DVD is AMAZING! :wacko:

  17. Hey! :) And thanks. I'm FINALLY over the flu. I feel so hyper now after being so beaten down for weeks! I'm so tired of being tired so now I'm so happy to be over it! :laugh3: OMG congrats on going to England this summer! I'm jealous!! :D Glad to hear your Christmas was good! Mine was fantastic, I got a new guitar also, iTunes gift cards, tons of clothes, a new iPod player, a blu ray player, some new CD's and some books I'd been wanting, and some cash. :D Also, I'm going to have the opportunity to see Muse TWICE in March!! :shocked2: :dance: And yes, I do have some New Year's Resolutions. Some of them are: to be more outgoing and hopefully make lots of new friends this year, to eat healthier, to officially find my culinary school, and to write a handwritten letter of appreciation to everyone who has ever helped me. Someone did that for me once and it meant so much I think it'd be nice to do for others, too! :nice: Have you made any resolutions? :)

  18. Oh it's all right, I really haven't been following the tour too closely, either. I've only allowed myself to watch one video so far, which was Save Me. :wideeyed: I kind of don't want to follow it too closely because I hope to be surprised as much as possible when I see them live. :D Of course, I've heard a little about it though and seen some pictures, and it certainly seems totally epic so far! :wacko: Oh yeah, and I'm going to have the opportunity to see them twice!! :dance: So are there any songs you're hoping for in particular? :)

  19. Hey I'm really sorry for taking forever to reply! Things have been really crazy this past couple of weeks and I've hardly been online at all. :P But yeah, I really do like Alt-J! As for Stereophonics, the ones I've been enjoying most lately are Dakota, The Bartender and the Thief & Maybe Tomorrow, although I've really honestly liked everything I've heard from them so far!! Which songs of theirs are your favourites? :) Oh, I love Broken Bells! I can't really think of anyone to compare them to, but they just have this unique Indie sort of experimental sound that I think is really cool. Some of my favourites of theirs are Sailing to Nowhere, The High Road, Citizen, October & Vaporize, if you'd ever like to check them out. :) But OMG I actually haven't had the chance yet to check out the new Atoms for Peace!! Shame on me! :o :laugh3: I shall go check it out now. :D Have you heard it yet? If so, what's your opinion on it?

  20. OMG congrats!! :surprised: :awesome: Can't wait to hear all about your latest Coldplay concert experience!! :loveshower:

  21. Until January 1st...which was when I woke up sick. :P At least 2012 was fun while it lasted, haha! :laugh3: But oh! I checked out that song Tessellate like you suggested and I really liked it! I liked it enough to go ahead and check out the rest of the "An Awesome Wave" album. I think their sound is really cool and could see them becoming a band I really like! :D Oh and this might make you happy--I've started listening to Stereophonics more! I like them a lot, too. One thing about me having the flu, I've had plenty of time to check out awesome music! :dance: Thanks for the suggestions. Speaking of music, I'm sorry I can't remember if I've asked you if you like Broken Bells? They're one of my favourites. :) And oh, the anonymous source was your mum? Well, the whole mysterious source thing seemed interesting enough while it lasted. :laugh3:

  22. Yeah, having the flu is horrid. Yesterday was the worst day so far but thankfully today I'm feeling a bit better. :) That big gathering on the 30th sounds like fun! Sounds like a momentous occassion indeed with family including people's boyfriends and girlfriends and pets! :lol: Glad to hear you had a great time and met some cool people! :) Sorry to hear about your uncle though. Flu is bad enough as it is, but when you come all that way to be with family only to have to spend the whole time in bed with the flu, that's terrible! :( Ah, my New Year's was fantastic!! Went to a party on the Eve of New Year's Eve (wow that's a lot to say :laugh3:) which was a blast! I met some really cool people too and actually made some new friends. :) Then on actual NYE we just had a small party. We had tons of good food & loads of good music! :cool: So yeah, it was a lot of fun! :D

  23. Haha, it's so funny to me how we always have to reply to each other in 3 visitor messages!! :awesome: Although this (total) spam post here makes it 4 for me...:laugh3: Spamming is extra fun when you have the flu (and therefore no energy to do much else) though! :lol:

  24. Plus I've still got the late Christmas party on the 18th of this month, which my sister and I are throwing, as several family members weren't able to spend Christmas together but they'll finally get their chance to all be together that day (hopefully I'll be all completely better by then!) and so I'll be getting some more Christmas gifts yet. It was funny because when Christmas began, my parents and I were trying to be all "Christmasy" and have Christmas music on. It soon just turned into Christmas Lights on repeat. And then it ended up turning into just Muse ALL day!! :laugh3: It was so epic. I'm so glad my parents are Musers, too, because Muse taking up the vast majority of the music played on Christmas was really awesome!! :dance: So how was your New Year's Eve? And how has 2013 been so far? So far for me, just being sick the entire time, has been no fun, but hey--Muse in 3 months!! :bliss: :dead:

  25. OMG your Christmas gifts are totally AWESOME!!!! :dance: All those shirts sound insanely epic and wow a Keane DVD?! Which concert is it? :surprised: :D Have those other things that hadn't quite been delivered to your house yet arrived now? If so, what'd you get? :wideeyed: My Christmas was truly amazing!! I got tons of cash, iTunes gift cards (can't ever have enough of those!!), a blu ray player, TONS of clothes, an iPod/CD player that also has this little built-in HD DVD player so I can watch all my concert DVDs on it, the entire Lord of the Rings bookset and also a copy of Tuesdays With Morrie, which is one of my all-time most favourite books, some CD's (a couple of Nirvana CD's I'd been wanting for awhile and an Incubus CD) and some art supplies I'd been needing for awhile so I can draw more. :D So yeah, my Christmas was just great!!

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