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  1. Hello! And welcome. :) Radiohead is my second favorite band after Coldplay. They are just AMAZING! OK Computer and The Bends have been played on my iPod so many times it's not even funny. Lol. But Radiohead came out long before Coldplay, so I've gotta give them a big loud cheer for their inspiration to Coldplay, as Coldplay would most likely not be Coldplay as we know them without RH. :D
  2. Very well put *Peace* ;)
  3. Thank you to Brightspacegirl, aswell--my first welcomer from the UK. ;)
  4. Perhaps Rush of Blood, but really just can't choose. Coldplay's just got too much great music! However, must say I think Viva La Vida's "B" side "Prospekt's March/Poppyfields" contains some of my most favorite music EVER by the band--the songs "Life in Techicolor 2" and "Prospekt's March" are two of them off of there. :D
  5. Hello *Peace*! Welcome! I'm new here, too. And I also am not really used to messageboards, though they seem to be easy enough to use so far. :) Good to hear you "really, really, really (really again?) appreciate Coldplay!" :D So do I. And I should say they deserve it. :) So, do you have a favourite album by the band?
  6. "You make me SICK...because I adore you so!!";) --Muse, Space Dementia (and one of my fav Muse songs EVER, aswell.) :D
  7. Hello Claire! My name's Heather, and I'm also 15. I live in America. And, of course, I ADORE Coldplay. :D (Which I suppose is rather obvious or I wouldn't be a member on here, now would I? lol) But anyhow, I just joined today, so I'm new here aswell. But welcome! I suppose we will be finding our way around here at the same time. :) Cheers from America! :D
  8. The Scientist...Chris Martin's voice is just SO rich and haunting...LOVE THAT BLOODY SONG!! :D
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