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  1. :eyes: :eyes: :eyes: :eyes:

  2. yo Bat! get yo ass to the slack Mods channel

  3. Still dazzled.

  4. A Head Full of Paper Cut-out Red Butterflies

  5. Waaat no way You can't see it when posting on the forums either??!!!

  6. Ohmygod your flag was picked up yes!! That must be the BEST feeling :awesome: Also good idea about the guitar we should do that next tour :wideeyed: "We know you definitely broke that guitar you kept throwing in the air so we thought we should get you a fake one that you can throw as much and as high as it pleases you" :awesome:

  7. :wacky: Yeah it's a bit mean of some people to say "why is no one protesting and marching for all those people who get killed in Africa". I mean, hold on, for once we're giving an appropriate answer to terrorism, we can't do EVERYTHING, let us have this one. And you know what about that pen? I saw the moment when it arrived on the square for the first time! I was near a café which is located on the opposite side of the square from the statue, when i saw several people carrying this giant pen over the crowd, and i saw it go all the way through the square and then up on the statue, as high as people could get! It was awesome! And then it made its way through the march and was brought all the way to the other square (Place de la Nation, which is where that picture was taken in the evening). Kinda felt like when i was at the stade de france to see Coldplay, when i arrived in the morning i saw some people working on a flag..which got picked by Chris on stage for ETIAW :awesome::lol:

  8. Hey! Yes I was :D God my back hurt haha! I live in Paris and arrived at the Place de la République at 1.30pm, there were so many people everywhere that we only got to move and start marching at around 4pm, and finished the whole path at around 6.30pm :sick: But it was worth it and i'm so proud of my country :awesome:

  9. I bought the album at HMV in the UK, and they had this extra thingy with the album :D Same price as the edition without it! I had no idea about it, i just saw that there was one thingy at the back of the album, i thought, eh might as well take it, and it turned out to be a pack of 4 postcards!! :D


  11. I havent managed to get a ticket, no :( I May have a shot as my dad is still trying and someone might sell me one, but so far it's unlikely :( Thank you!!!

  12. Thank you! :wacky: I try my best. I was handling the livestream last night and ohmy did I have fun on twitter :awesome::lol:

  13. Thank you! :awesome: I feel I just discovered a whole new world :wideeyed::lol:

  14. I'm happy it made it to you! I was starting to worry it wouldn't! I'm glad you enjoy the goodies :D x

  15. oh hey qthunter

  16. :lol::lol::lol: It's not my style but it is indeed catchy :surprised:

  17. Hi! It was a part of a joke last year, other members and I started to get similar "evil cats" avatars and it confused everyone :laugh3: And that's all. It's not a cat from a cartoon or anything like that. I like your avatar :awesome: (and I know where it comes from haha :lol: ) See you around! :nice:

  18. OMG!! :cheesy:

  19. I noticed that in a thread later!!! That's awesome!!! Congratulations!! :D

  20. omg my last previous message was "lollol". I think I say that too much.

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