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  1. Thanks :nice: I'm surprised you've been taught about the French candidates! Do you know about Jacques Cheminade ? He wanted to make us go on Mars :awesome: :lol: Oh, and Philippe Poutou ? You know, his name is a synonym of a kiss :lol: Marine Le Pen has the same ideas as her dad (scary ideas :sick: ), but she looks better than him, and insults less, so that definitely helped her being more popular. Well, yeah, quite a lot, but every time a president runs for his reelection, in France, he always comes in first at the first round. It's the first time a current president came in second position. He's that unpopular. Several reasons: he didn't do much good as a president (though he had to struggle with the economic crisis, so that didn't help him much, but it's the only reason of why his mandate failed), he's unpopular because he's quite...bling-bling as we say in France...you know, big rolex, holidays in a big yacht just when he got elected, diner in the fanciest restaurant to start his 5 years..he's also accused of having divided French people. That's true. And, he didn't behave or speak properly as a president, I think. That's detail but seriously sometimes it's quite shocking. We have a certain idea of how a president should behave, and he totally changed everything. He wanted to be a "super-president", (because he doesn't know how to delegate stuff, but of course he'd never admit that). Which is a very dangerous management behavior. He just paid it. Funny, our politicians do the same! But I have to admit, maybe not as much as in the US. I was shocked by that video where it was told some candidate shouldn't be president because....HE SPEAKS FRENCH! (THE HORROR! :wreck: ) Our politicians prefer to invent debates & issues no one cares about, but for which they have solutions. Media buy it all the time. It's annoying.
  2. Our politicians should watch Politik from Live 2003. :|
  3. The thing is, Hollande didn't really win thanks to his ideas and everything. People hated Sarkozy, he was the least popular president we've ever had. Even extreme right didn't recommend to vote for Sarkozy. I don't know if outside of France people are aware of that, but we've completely lost trust in our politicians. On TV people are happy or mad, but in reality most of French are just: "meh :|" The campaign was a total joke, without any consideration for what people really care about. We're just scared about what's going to happen to us, because of the economic crisis and stuff. But we don't care about our politicians anymore. Now listening to Politik. :|
  4. I didn't vote :bomb: : we're allowed to vote at 18 years old....I turn 18 on May 21st. :| I would have been lost anyway: I didn't like our president much, but I don't really support left-wing politics (which François Hollande belongs to).
  5. ^:lol: I know. :shame: Please people, don't laugh at us (more than usual, I mean)
  6. Well :| François Hollande is now the new president of France. Not happy about it, but not sad. :| YES OUR NEW PRESIDENT'S NAME IS THE FRENCH WORD FOR HOLLAND, GET OVER IT!
  7. Nikola is my CPing best friend :awesome: Welcome! :D
  8. Well I just watched the video :| I don't see how it's "graphic", because it's just a guy talking, and it's not like he's giving a very graphic description of things. The story of when he was 10 and he was in a car with his mom is quite funny :lol: He gives good advice, imo. It's the kind of advice someone should give to teenagers, and the way he does it is fine. Though I'm not sure about his pants. I mean, I've seen that kind on sites and magazines, it is trendy, but I'm not sure it looks good on a guy. But that's not the topic... As for the subject, well, yeah, males are more expected to masturbate than girls, but it doesn't mean it's an evil thing to do. I think female sexuality is more tabou that male sexuality. For instance, in movies, people are waay less shocked about a guy who masturbates than a girl. I'd say it's a sociological issue, that has to do with the place of women in our society. As Alex says in the video, it gives girls more independence, they don't rely only on men to find pleasure. Men being traditionally in position of power in our society, I'd say they weren't quite found of the idea. But that was, like, ages ago. Society needs to move on, and apparently it is, since young people like us seem to feel it shouldn't be only for guys. :)
  9. :lol::lol: Exactly :nod:
  10. ^It's because you're the youngest :nod:
  11. :lol::lol: Maybe that's what Chris actually meant when he wrote the song :uhoh:... :lol:
  12. ^He's your brother, so if he realizes how important it is to you, I'm sure he'll go with you. :hug: You know, my sister likes to make fun of me because I'm a Coldplay fan (though it would be the same with any other artist, and maybe worse, it's actually the fact of being a fan that she makes fun of). But, last December, the day when the tickets went on sale for the gig in Paris, while my dad was trying to get one online, while I was nervous like never before at a Fnac store, she was, from her work place, on another website and she got one of her friends to help her too, in case she wouldn't grab any ticket (that friend works for some tickets company). And we grabbed some tickets. I was so surprised of her gesture, considering how often she was making fun of me. She did that because she knew how much it means to me. So keep on insisting, and fangirling about Coldplay, make sure he knows how bad you want to go, what it means to you, and, as your brother, I'm sure he'll go with you. :)
  13. ^oooh is it that cute Alex guy...he...sings....right ? you were talking about him months ago...I think I watched one of his videos once...:thinking: Is it the same guy ? I remember that he was cute, and the video too. edit: wait..thinking about it....his name wasn't Alex...I think...that must be an other guy :thinking:
  14. No it's just a video like thousands about celebrities. The story is true, he does suffer from tinnitus. He admitted it for an awareness campaign.
  15. ^ agony means that you suffer :( "Some might say it explains a lot about their music" ?!!! :angry:
  16. Welcome :D Wow you're lucky to have seen them! :awesome: Enjoy here :D
  17. ^ I am getting curious too :nod:
  18. :nod: The band would have been proud of us :D Well that's just cruel Chris :angry: He's a cruel murderer! First Hoppy, now these fans! Who's next ? :worried2:
  19. Wrong thread but: YKYATC when you can roughly estimate how tall people are based on such a photo with Chris :lol:
  20. Maaan the day I'll be this close....I'll be woken up by my alarm clock before I know it :|
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