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  1. Okay see you there !!

  2. Oh okay thanks !! I believe it's going to be crazy

  3. Oh okay thanks !! I believe it's going to be crazy :D

  4. Oh sorry to bother you again but i forgot to ask about the arena! Do you know at which gate do we have to queue ?

  5. Oh thank you so much that is so nice :) We booked an hostel somewhere in the city i don't know exactly where at :) By places to go to I just meant places to visit or chill out in :D Thank you anyway, really hope to see you thursday !!

  6. Okay then i'll try to be there with two other friends of mine around 10am :) (we couldn't get any tickets for Paris concerts :s ) Any suggestions about were we can go tomorrow night and after the concert ?

  7. Oh okay that's GREAT!! I am traveling tomorrow to cologne just for the gig :D When are you planning to start queuing, I got a standing tickets and I don't really know when do I have to be there ?

  8. Oh okay!! Good luck with u're thesis and have fun at the rotterdam gig :)

  9. Ah c'est dommage !! Ok merci beaucoup en tout cas :) Tres bon anglais sinon, bravo ;)

  10. Hello y'all !! I'am traveling to cologne tomorrow just for the gig! Any suggestions about places where to go on a wednesday night and after the concert ? And maybe you've already planned it but i don't understand german, so when are you planning to be there i got a standing ticket and I don't know when should I be there to start queuing ?
  11. Hello I'm sorry I don't speak german and I just guessed from the thread that you will be going to the concert in Cologne! Well i am gonna be there as well and think i would be great to know who is going ! First time for me and my friends in Germany and we're traveling just for the concert :)

  12. Hello !! I just saw on a post that you will be going to the concert on thursday is that right ? I'm traveling there just for the gig as well ....

  13. Heyy I just want to know if you will be at the concert on thursday ?

  14. Hello!! I see that u're from cologne, any chance that u'll be going to the concert on thursday ?

  15. Coucou je vois que tu es francaise j'ai remarque que tu poste pas mal souvent donc je veux juste savoir si t'allais au concert demain ?

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