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  1. Yo I had some plans fall through and now I have 2 extra vip tickets for coldplay Seattle I’m selling at no up charge. they were expensive but I reeeeally want them to go to a coldplay fan and not some random person. Honestly idgaf about making extra money off them. Anyone interested? Also u can check my twitter for more explanation and stuff @carsquids . Because of ID verification well have to meet up in person before the concert and you’d walk in with me 🙂  

  2. Hey folks,

    As we know, compassion love and justice are cornerstone themes of Coldplays music and identity as a group. Thus, I felt this appropriate for the main “Coldplay” section of the forum. I don’t know cping like the back of my hand, so if it is deemed this thread should be moved somewhere else, it’s all good. 


    I was thinking with Coldplay’s public support of BLM and positive social change for African Americans. A lot of folks are calling these past few days seminal moments in the modern civil rights movement, and people are calling for influential people to lend their voice and spread the message that Black Lives Matter. I think it would be great to encourage Coldplay themselves to say something or share links to relevant organizations on social media. I commented on Guy’s Instagram since his account is smaller and seems most likely for him to see it. He also briefly shared an image of George Floyd on his insta story a couple days ago.

    This is not me trying to guilt a band who have already been great allies!!! I simply think that fans and others would appreciate and be inspired by their give BLM some public support right now, considering the circumstances. I’ve seen similar sentiments in the comments of coldplays recent twitter posts, and I really love the tweets of awareness and encouragement posted by Coldplaying and ColdplayXtra. I believe that we as fans of this group all share a similar heart in that this bands music attracts people who believe in goodness and positivity. I encourage everyone to be vocal, whether online or in public or in the ballot box, about standing up for all people and tackling the many issues we still face as a country/countries and the world.  

    thanks for reading 💙💙 believe in love

  3. So the songs just okay to me. I love that it’s for a good cause, and I love that a group of people like Coldplay and Pharrell are collaborating with world artists and supporting diversity of culture in the mainstream.




    I made this username about 468 years ago and now it might actually be a thing. Heeeellllll yeah



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  4. This is great news, but will there be a live cd

    or audio of the soundtrack or any concerts?


    As of now, the only announced audio recordings will be three live tracks exclusively on amazon music. “Stayin alive” w former bee gees, “us against the world” new longer version, and “don’t panic” sung by will and Jonny (I think).



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  5. Guys. Guys.

    I just noticed something big.

    I think Kaleidescioscodpe is just backing track... It sounds the same every time. And Amazing Grace? The same every time, as well. I would even go as far as to suggest that Barack Obama isn't even there singing it at every concert.

    Truly shocking :( And to think I thought I trusted the Cold Play.

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  6. Up&Up. Though Birds, AHFOD, and Army of One are great live, too. It's a shame they gave up on the latter.

    I too loved this one, especially on the album. I feel lucky to have seen it live, but I honestly it just didn't seem quite grand enough and maybe should have been an A stage song with a heavier backing track. My favorite of the tour is definitely Birds as of now. I love the extended intro thing and the ending.

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