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  1. I personally love all of their albums. Most of the songs they play live besides the ones from mx are probably from viva. The setlist is usually the same from night to night as far as I know. I'm sure you'll have fun no matter what. You can't go wrong with a coldplay concert! :D

  2. I'm sure that it will be great... But do you think that it will influence the release of Charlie Brown?


    They might want to put out PoC first after this and after the Brits (if they play it there). Plus the sudden lack of CB news. Who knows? Either way I like both songs and they will definitely be singles eventually.

  3. I was in elementary when I first heard a song that really got my attention. It wouldn't be but few years later that I got my first iPod. That song was the scientist and I played it non stop for like a month and then I looked intovtheir other music, like the recently released X&Y and found that song speed of sound, which I had always heard my older sister play on her stereo because it was as she said "Coldplay's only good song." Then later on I bought the first cd I had ever owned ever, X&Y, and in turn decided to get that viva la vida album every one was talking about. Two albums in and I was hooked. Then I saw my very first concert on the viva la vida tour and it was the greatest performance I have ever seen. I've seen them a couple times since then, bought the rest of the albums, picked up a few singles, and the rest is history. Great band, definitely up their (imho) with U2, The Beatles, The Nappies, etc.

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    Wow that was long. :shocked2: lol

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