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  1. Personally, except for Mylo Xyloto (I love that album), their new albums have been very 6-7/10 to me. Some songs are amazing and some are just great catchy tunes, though most of them just don't have that certain magic and emotion that I can just feel and connect with like Viva. I like new Coldplay a lot, but just not as much as "Oldplay." BUT I've seen them on every tour since Viva and I swear that when I'm standing there and they're play anything whether I love it or not on the records, all of the magic is there again. When I see Coldplay live it's really "them"; the same band I fell in love with. For their recent records, there is just so much more feeling in their performances than in the studio tracks.

  2. I just gotta say: fuck stargate.

    I really don't think there is anything impressive about the production of this album, and I honestly am not a fan of them being a hoop that the band had to jump through to get their ideas "approved." I would say let the band be unrestricted and make whatever comes out. If it's shit, they learn from it. If it's good, they don't need pop producers to tell them so. But right now it seems like the production held back potential.

  3. Though I am one of those people that enjoys the band's newer material as well as older, I am still happy that this album is some sort of ending point for them. As someone too young to have followed them all the way from parachutes, it will be exciting if/when in a handful of years I get to sort of follow the band from a beginning stage.

  4. Before AHFOD, Coldplay had released a song starting with every letter of the alphabet except J, K, Q, and Z. With the addition of Kaleidoscope, we can now cross K off that list

    What was the X song that isn't X marks the spot?

  5. (This is a reworked post from "rank the songs" thread so sorry if it's repetitive)


    Personal standard on a 100 point scale:

    Life in Technicolor ii and Politik (Live) are 10/10

    A Whisper is 1/10



    1. Up&Up 9/10

    Really good song, very human and not artificial. I love the guitar and choir. Some of the best lyrics of the album are in this one.


    2. Amazing Day 8.8/10

    Beautiful. Love the strings and floating guitar. What I've been waiting for since Strawberry Swing.


    3. Army of One 7.9/10

    Fantastic pop song. Chris sounds strong and the lyrics are great pop lyrics without seeming derivative.


    4. A Head Full of Dreams 7.7/10

    These guys are a band in wonderful sync right now and this proves it. Some good U2 and Springsteen vibes here, but it's their song through and through. Happy and musical, we will see how memorable it is though.


    5. Fun 7.5/10

    Tove Lo sounds sweet and a good contrast to Chris. The duet totally fits. Lyrically, this is a great country music (classic style) song that tells a story and and has a strong message and hopeful ending.


    6. Hymn for the Weekend 7/10

    More deserving of a "Feat. Beyoncé" than Fun deserves a "Feat. Tove Lo." Good club pop, but the rest of the band isn't entirely forgotten. Points for being an intentionally crafted single and not coming out bland and forgettable. It is manufactured to be a certain type of song and it fulfills that.


    7. Adventure of a Lifetime 6.9/10

    Good song. Nice real instruments. Fresh but not super unique.


    8. Birds 6.7/10

    Cool song. Very not the norm, will appeal to hipsters who prefer artsy album tracks over popular songs. Really only becomes great at the end with the cool build up.


    9. X Marks the Spot 5.510

    Not the worst Coldplay song ever at all. Lots of potential to be used in a "buckin" related romantic setting.


    10. Everglow 5/10

    It's got real emotions that I haven't seen from Coldplay in a while. Great lyrics and message and admirably heartfelt. Sort of musically uninteresting to me though.


    Kalaedisxoepoece and Color spectrum are cool but n/a as far as ranking songs, for me.


    Whole CD: 7.5/10. Maybe it will be an 9 next week or a 6 in two weeks but we'll see. It flows well and the production is "fine" on a scale of bad to perfect. Nothing here seems fake though. Even the pop songs seem crafted with intention and the band (mostly Chris) is transparent about what he wants those songs to be. Some good rock influences here and there and some very stadium friendly pieces. I really like it.

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