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  1. They're a pop band for fuck's sake not the GIGN! Let's look at the band and how they work/live in the grand scheme of things. Realistically they lead an extremely easy and sumptuous life and their effort-reward balance is ridiculous compared to lets say teachers or soldiers fighting terrorism. So if we're pragmatic about people's lives in the real world, it's not a miracle that a pop band have stayed together.


    They also don't "rock people's socks off"!! Coldplay have as much rock factor in them as a can of beans.


    "As a can of beans." Literally the funniest expression I have read in a while. I just loled in the middle of a car full of people and have no idea how to explain myself. Thank you.

  2. It always makes me happy to see real coldplayers get the tickets to special shows :) I was fortunate enough to see coldplay in a couple intimate venues. They are very kind and Chris is funny and talkative. I'd say there really isn't that much of a difference except the atmosphere is more inclusive and it feels like you're more there with them than just being one out of ten thousands. Have a wonderful time and post some pictures for us! ;D

  3. Alright so (obviously) just my opinion but this is the most fresh thing Coldplay has put out in years... It is actually significantly different from their other works. I feel like I could make a musical argument with real evidence about how this is experimentally and sonically new for the band where as in ghost stories I would have a hard time arguing that the album wasn't just a shallow repetition of their own sound. This is new and fresh and it gives off the vibe I got from Justin Timberlake, and Daft Punk, and Lady GaGa/Tony Bennet's most recent albums. The vibe being it seems "real" music is making a return with well written, musical, artful, experimental music in the mainstream.


    Pros: funky, guitar, Jonny, different, vocals are great, title isn't just the chorus, colorful, Will singing a bit, Guy dropping fresh bass, experimental but non-manufactured


    Cons: "woohoo" and saying "sing it out" as if to an audience on a studio track (like just why??)... no thanks, diamonds lyrics, weak ending IMO


    Overall, good step forward & fresh af. 7.9/10

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