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  1. It always makes me happy to see real coldplayers get the tickets to special shows :) I was fortunate enough to see coldplay in a couple intimate venues. They are very kind and Chris is funny and talkative. I'd say there really isn't that much of a difference except the atmosphere is more inclusive and it feels like you're more there with them than just being one out of ten thousands. Have a wonderful time and post some pictures for us! ;D

  2. Alright so (obviously) just my opinion but this is the most fresh thing Coldplay has put out in years... It is actually significantly different from their other works. I feel like I could make a musical argument with real evidence about how this is experimentally and sonically new for the band where as in ghost stories I would have a hard time arguing that the album wasn't just a shallow repetition of their own sound. This is new and fresh and it gives off the vibe I got from Justin Timberlake, and Daft Punk, and Lady GaGa/Tony Bennet's most recent albums. The vibe being it seems "real" music is making a return with well written, musical, artful, experimental music in the mainstream.


    Pros: funky, guitar, Jonny, different, vocals are great, title isn't just the chorus, colorful, Will singing a bit, Guy dropping fresh bass, experimental but non-manufactured


    Cons: "woohoo" and saying "sing it out" as if to an audience on a studio track (like just why??)... no thanks, diamonds lyrics, weak ending IMO


    Overall, good step forward & fresh af. 7.9/10

  3. Thanks for the replies �� I'm glad people can see how special that moment really was. It certainly gives me feels every single time.


    On another note, it can't be denied those guys all love each other a ton. Especially it seems Chris and Jonny; not like in a romantic way but you can see those guys adore each other.

  4. I was rewatching White Shadows from Toronto in 2006...


    Chris and Jonny are just laying on the stage at the end with the crowd all around them and Chris says "We've come a long way man." How surreal that must have for those guys who were just college buddies a handful of years before, stopping and seeing where there were/how far they'd come.


    ...and to think it's even been almost ten years since that [emoji55]

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