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  1. I was rewatching White Shadows from Toronto in 2006...


    Chris and Jonny are just laying on the stage at the end with the crowd all around them and Chris says "We've come a long way man." How surreal that must have for those guys who were just college buddies a handful of years before, stopping and seeing where there were/how far they'd come.


    ...and to think it's even been almost ten years since that [emoji55]

  2. "God forbid" Chris have the freedom to let some religious or spiritual feelings influence a few lyrics lol... Having spirituality does not always equal creationist westboro baptist crazy people.

  3. After a single night of passionate love with a man named Chris, he left the next day and told me he had a band I should check out called Coldplay. I never saw him again, but when I listen to his voice it's as if every feeling I had that night comes alive again, like an eternal fire raging within my soul.

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  4. Though I literally cannot wait for this album, I always LOVE the excitement and anticipation around here. X&Y was the first cd I ever owned and I remember reading on the forums before Viva and MX before joining. I always love the excitement in this community, the guessing, speculating, being awake at unnatural hours just to hear something new, it's amazing.

  5. This is hard but...

    Blue room: see you soon

    Parachutes: shiver

    Rush of blood: clocks

    X&Y: til kingdom come

    Viva: strawberry swing

    Prospekts March: now my feet won't touch the ground

    MX: hurts like heaven

    Ghost stories: always in my head

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