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  1. Actually, I'll be college next school year. I'd be taking Political Science so I guess that must mean I'm going to be a lawyer but, I don't know. It's what I passed so I just go with the flow. :laugh3: Culinary School sounds awesome. I love to eat. I have no idea for cooking, though. :D I guess it's just one of the things I don't understand.

  2. Haha :P That's okay. Been pretty busy myself. But I'm on vacation now so no more studying!!!! For two months, at least. :laugh3:

  3. hey there! how are you?

  4. Hey, I feel great! You? Thanks for accepting my friendship request. :)

  5. Hey! Welcome to Coldplaying.com :D

  6. hi there! how are you?

  7. I used to know Japanese when I was 11 y/o but now, I can't even understand it. HAHAHA..:lol:

  8. I'll be college in less than 4 months. Coldplay music really is ageless and timeless. What course will you be taking?

  9. I'm great but I don't speak Portugese. I google translated your message. That's how i understood it. :D

  10. It is unusual for a Taiwanese to be so fluent in English. hehe :D

  11. No problem! How are you?

  12. No problem. Thanks.

  13. No, I don't know any Taiwanese and I have never met one.:embarrassed: Some people are really talented when it comes to languages. I know someone who can speak four different languages. LOL I can only speak two but I know a little bit of French. But I can only read it. I can't understand when they are speaking!:laugh3:

  14. Okay! Just made a petition for a Coldplay concert in Manila. Please do take time to sign it xD http://twitition.com/dndct

  15. Okay. I'm supposed to be studying right now but I love Coldplay and Coldplaying too much to do so. :D

  16. Thanks! How are you?

  17. That happens to me well enough. And when i'm writing i always end up making coldplay preferences. i just try to relate it to whatever is the theme of my composition. but i'll try to study better,cause if you never try you'll never know.

  18. Yeah and more importantly, if you love someone, let them know

  19. Yeah, I know i'm too young to be a Coldplayer. One of my friends even said that Coldplay was "oldies". But i don't care. They are still awesome. Are you on college?

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