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  1. Hi well i just enjoy law...perhaps it's my friend that brighten it up for me :) oh...i was sad that there's no Christmas break :( i wish you success in your exams!!! Merry Christmas!!!!

  2. I have a large family but unlike your family we are not really close :( it makes me sad but I guess there is just nothing I can do about it…. I really would have loved us to be close but it just doesn’t work. Presently I’m having some problems with my own family…it’s just sad and I get heart burn when I’m so preoccupied with the thoughts of our not being close. I wish we could get along even with my own family… but the more I try, the more I realize I just have to leave home. Do you have any ideas? Of course I’d love to know about the details :)

  3. sorry for the late reply... wow it's so awesome that you're having a christmas party to celebrate with the family!!! do you have a large family?

  4. thank you!!! i'm glad you like the avi....someone made it :) i'm so grateful to that person for making it!!! as at that time i was looking for a christmas avi and she came to the rescue!!! coldplayers are really really nice!!! all this christmas cheer is so exciting!!!

  5. hey! sorry for the late reply. don't worry...you know what? i think i'll get tumblr right now :) i'll add you and you'll be my first friend on tuimblr :) that's if you don't mind :D how have you been lately? what have you been up to?

  6. wow a freshman in college!!! that's great!!! i'm in my 4th year in college. i'm studying law :) how have lectures been? i hope all is going well. i'd love to know more about you :)

  7. i'm fine too!!! do you have twitter or facebook? here are mine http://www.facebook.com/vicky.law.566 and @VickyLawz

  8. nice to meet you Abby!!!! how are you? I hope your day has been great?

  9. hi how are you? my name is Mary. what's yours? :)

  10. hi!!! i also just got to use my computer too....sometimes i think that even though mobile phones make things easier there is nothing like using a computer :) i've been fine thanks and you?

  11. nice to meet you Yu-tong!!! i'm Mary... how are you?

  12. hi!!! i really had no idea we were online at the same time!!! how are you? the coldplaying board is really looking lovely :)

  13. Hi there!!!! Happy Birthday!!!! I wish you a lot of joy, peace, and happiness on this special day of yours!!!!! (i don't know if we've met before but my name is mary...what's yours?)

  14. wow zombie party? sounds fun!!!! :dance:

  15. well, i guess that's how school's like. hehe...so what have you been up to lately?

  16. oh ok! how's the homework going?

  17. hi there!!! How are you? my name is Mary by the way

  18. hi there!!! How are you? my name is Mary by the way!!

  19. hi Lisa!!! Nice to meet you!!! tell me about yourself! :)

  20. My name is Mary. how's school? :)

  21. My name is Mary. how's school? :)

  22. hello!!!! How are you? My name is Mary by the way :D

  23. awwww....that really put a smile on my face :D THANKSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *hugs* (i really love giving hugs...that's what i'm known for in school :D)

  24. hi there! how have you been? My name is Mary by the way, what's yours?

  25. hello!! My name is Mary, what's you name?

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