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  1. a diploma course is a 2 year course on a particular course... where are you planning to study? yeah, french is not really difficult but i'm not really confident in speaking it... i guess that's why i had trouble with it....perhaps i have to work on it more but i don't know where to start... i feel like i've done lesson 1 over a thousand times!

  2. awwww....that really put a smile on my face :D THANKSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *hugs* (i really love giving hugs...that's what i'm known for in school :D)

  3. cool choice of places!!! i wonder what is the cure for language procastination :/

  4. cool that you have fb. here's mine on fb if you feel like adding http://www.facebook.com/vicky.law.566 . well for me law is ok but yeah, there can be some challenging times but aren't there always challenges? some people usually go for a diploma course in law but i didn't do that, i just went straight in....so you're in france....how's france like? i've been trying to perfect my french for years buit i don't think that i'm that good...

  5. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! How are you? i saw it was your birthday so i thought i'd drop a PM.... enjoy this special day of yours!!

  6. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! How are you? i hope you'll enjoy your special day!!!

  7. hello!! How are you? My name is Mary. how has your day been?

  8. hello!! My name is Mary, what's you name?

  9. hello!!!! How are you? My name is Mary by the way :D

  10. hey! sorry for the late reply. don't worry...you know what? i think i'll get tumblr right now :) i'll add you and you'll be my first friend on tuimblr :) that's if you don't mind :D how have you been lately? what have you been up to?

  11. hey! you're welcome!!! hm... studio classes? what do you study? by the way, my name is Mary, what's yours?

  12. hi My day has been fine thanks!! you know what? i think you're really cool!!! So what do you like?

  13. hi thanks for the link! i've added you already! well i'm still working on playing the guitar better so i thought i'd start with the basics which to me was the classic guitar but i'm going to get an electric guitar soon coz i'm more interested in playing guitar riffs and power chords. I love a variety of books um....i think i mostly like books like Harry Potter, i love thriller novels, detective novels and i think i've started developing a likeness for action novels....i'm a law student so i love reading law stuff too :D it's so great to meet someone who is equally passionate about people...hey we could be like a power team lol :D not many people understand that side of me. sometimes people think it's weird but i'm so passionate about it that i don't care what they think! you know what? i'm so glad to have you as my friend already!!

  14. Hi well i just enjoy law...perhaps it's my friend that brighten it up for me :) oh...i was sad that there's no Christmas break :( i wish you success in your exams!!! Merry Christmas!!!!

  15. Hi you seem sooooo talented!! um... well, i like playing my guitar...reading books, music, funny vids....i also love talking to people. Talking to people has been a great passion of mine...i just love people (it may sound strange but i just do!) Well i'm 20 years old and how about you? How has your day been? I hope that all is fine! um... do you have facebook? I'd really love to talk to you there!

  16. hi how are you? i just thought i'd say hi.

  17. Hi i really love your name... it sounds quite lovely.. well unfortunately i was unable to get my hands on muse's new album...but i'm pretty sure the songs are great!...they are really quite creative! Well i'm from 2 countries...so i'm quite an interesting mix :D So how has your day been?

  18. hi Brooke! it's nice to meet you! wow...you're course of study sounds fun! i'm in my fourth year in college...i'm studying law...but i really love all these artsy stuff :D so what have you been up to lately?

  19. hi how are you? my name is Mary. what's yours? :)

  20. hi james! nice name! my name is mary. what are you up to?

  21. hi Lisa!!! Nice to meet you!!! tell me about yourself! :)

  22. hi taameen! How are you? I hope all is well! thought i'd just drop you a message....take care!

  23. hi there! How are you?

  24. hi there! how have you been? My name is Mary by the way, what's yours?

  25. hi there!!! How are you? my name is Mary by the way!!

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